Hornsey Grove

Memories of Hornsey Grove

Memories of Mr H Boughton

Hornsey Road 1948

My father’s mum, Hannah Boughton lived in Hornsey Grove, off Hornsey Road. I think number 7. Perhaps someone will remember their family. Their son Peter and daughter Margaret, known as Maggie lived there also.



  1. We moved to number 11, Hornsey road in 1964 from Milton street, Aston. I can remember looking out of the back of the removal van when it was driving up the hill on Kingstanding road. Which was then a single carriageway upto crossway lane and thinking! I’d never seen so much green. Then moving into the house in Hornsey road, which was directly opposite the main gate into Kings Rise school. I said to my mother, I’m not going to that school I want to go back to Cowper Street school. I did go back there a couple of times, but Mom talked me into going to Kings Rise. I liked it, “eventually” and did so up until I left in 1970.

    I enjoyed playing in the cricket team, and won a sow on badge for my school blazer. I also swam for the school in a Gala, which was held near my old roots back in Aston, Victoria road Baths. came second in my first race, but didn’t bother swimming for the school again, when I was getting out of the pool after my race a teacher said to me “you were too slow Cookie” during Cricket practice in the tennis Courts, I was the only one to bowl out our cricket teacher. I can remember one coach’s name. Mr Lancaster!

    • My mum, Ellen McCormack, alongside her husband + 3 children: Billy, Caroline + Madeline (she was pregnant with me at the time) moved into 97 Hornsey road in february 1963. Really severe winter and all the pipes flooded when she moved in, resulting in ‘floating lino!’ She sadly passed away on 4th August and i wondered if you you knew her?

      • Sorry! Can’t recollect Ellen McCormack.

      • Mr. Lancaster is my 2nd cousin, he is alive and well in his 80s now 🙂

      • Hello I lived at 89 im Steve Morton yes I remember you all , Billy Beresford lived just a few doors down , do you remember me at all ? I’ve just returned from Spain having lived there for 2years now back in my home town Dawlish

      • Hello Helen don’t know if you remember me Steve Morton I lived at 89 next to the Bricknalls , Mr & Mrs Homes @ 91 then the Harpers, I used to knock about with Billy , I think your dad worked in the motor trade . Today a friend of mine Christeen lives at 85 . My family purchaced 89, i now live in Dawlish, My sister are still in Birmingham

    • Your name rings a bell,maybe you know me and jog my memory

      • Yes Geoff I remember you, are you still driving an ambulance. I’m still living in Hornsey by the way.

      • Sorry Geoff, I was getting you mixed up with Geoff Williams. You’d be the brother of Brendan I guess.?

  2. Hi Helen,
    As you lived at no97, I wonder if you Knew the Bricknalls. I think they were at no85 or 87. Not sure when they moved in, must have been 1960s as kids went to Kings Rise juniors & seniors.


  3. Hi Helen, I.ve been looking at your post for about 4 days, & wondering how I know your name,then the penny dropped! Your older brother, Billy. We were in the same year group, but not in the same class, & as we had a different circle of friends we didn’t know each other,other than name. At that time I would’ve been better known as Alfie, why? I dont know!! I was also going out with Sue Bricknall who lived a few doors away.

  4. hello we lived at 48 hornsey rd next door but one to the school my maiden name then was denny had 2 brothers richard and tom 5 sisters eileen doreen sylvia patty and gail patty and i were twins my name is judy we were friends with the cowleys

  5. Hello I lived at 89 Hornsey Rd next to the Bricknalls I remember Eileen and the old man , he used to have the most dreadful bonfires , he also kept a chicken wich he murderd with an axe he cut the chickens head off it kept running , my mate was Billy McCormac I carnt remember his sisters , also Billy Beresford we used to build trollies plank of wood and pram wheeles
    and race them, Fishing in Sutton Park, collecting frogs tadpoles, playing football in the street great memories!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Steve, I’m Steve Howell, I used to go out with Sue who lived at no.87.I think you were a few years older than us, as you had a car, but this was the mid 70’s and car security wasn’t then what it is now, needless to say you only had to get too close to your car and the alarm would go off, not very funny for you if Sue & myself had had a late night.

    Did your mom have a caravan in Devon?

  7. Third tree up on the right is where we moved to in 1964, 11 Hornsey road, from Milton street Aston, right opposite the main gate of Kings Rise school which is where I didn’t want to go initially. But my dear old Ma talked me into it I don’t think she could have afforded the bus fare back to Cowper street school for me everyday anyway.

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