Kingstanding Territorial Army Drill Hall

Memories of Kingstanding Territorial Army Drill Hall

Search light training at Kingstanding Territorial Army VR 1938. Kingstanding Library.



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Hi I am searching for any old mate’s and pictures of Kinstanding Rd Drill hall from 1956 to 1963 when my husband Jeff was in the army cadets and then TA. Friends include Brian Morgan Gordon Bennet, Johnny Jones, Derek Gardner and his ex wife Mary, would like to hear from anyone who nows any of them.

Memories of Maurice Sellars

Remember the dairy next door to the barracks on Kingstanding road, there was about 10 or more magnificent clydesdales they pulled the carts loaded wth milk that was delivered all over the area. When there was snow or frost on the ground the drvers had to have two horses on to get the cart up the hill onto Hawthorn road. I can remember fully laden carts going full gallop down the Warren Farm hill (Ernie was not a patch on these drivers) One of the dares in those days was to walk beneath the horse when it was stationary eating his chaff. Sadly with the advent of electric milk carts these horse were all sent to the knackers yard or after a big outcry to the home for old horses down south.

I can remember the barracks just after the war, the yard along the side had many trailers with radar tracking disc’s on top. I think the T A that was there was Royal Artillery.At the side of Goodway road was Ropers hill, who was Roper? Further over Greenholme road-Aldridge road was a rubbish tip, a mail sorting center was built on it when it was full up. When we were kids we used to go scavenging on this tip and our first bikes were made up of bits we found there. The bikes were called A S Ps (all spare parts). Next to the barracks was more waste land further in was a sand pit. I was buried alive here one day when the sand face collapsed my mates dragged me out and took me to the dispensary at the top of Dyas road. I escaped with a broken wrist and leg. The waste land was also used as a shallow tip, I can remember digging up spent 303 bullet cases. We also found the odd live one, we prised of the tip and set fire to the cordite that was inside, luckily I still have all my fingers. There was a fair held on this land fairly regularly. Later a government office was built on the site. I remember Dunedin road, a few roads in that area were named after places in New Zealand.


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