Memories form 1960

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Memories of Janet Crowe

Year photo from the 1960’s. Copyright Janet Crowe

Class photo

Lessons were good with Mrs Rawson and all the other Teachers, she was a Music Teacher too and I was in the choir , she entered us into The Bournville Festival where we sang Kumbaya can’t remember how we did tho!!



  1. I was born in 1968 & went to kings Rise school from nursery to when I left in 1983/84. Are there any school photos available from these years?

    Angela Cook

  2. Who remembers mrs cole?

    • yeah mrs cole class 7 I was in her class

      • I remember Mrs Cole very well. She terrified the life out of me. I was in her class around 1969/70

  3. 1966 onwards. Anyone got info for these years?? Lived on finchley. Bloxham head of infants, Phillips in jnrs and Upton in snrs, then of course Laney was deputy. Photos and info please.

    • When I left in 1974, Mr Phillips was still Head Teacher od the Juniors and Mr Winterman was Deputy.

  4. I went to warren farm girls school and left there in 1969,, mrs snoxall was deputy and miss green was head,im susan heath,

  5. I attended King’s Rise from 1967 – 1974. I remember Mrs Bloxham, Mrs Cole, Mrs Cooper, Mr Antcliffe, Mr Waters, Mr Winterman, Mrs Rawson.

  6. i was in Iona O neils class 4r left in1963 at warren farm girls school

    • nee Williams

    • does any one remember miss Iona Oneil in the 4th year

      • I’m surprised no one mentioned head teacher Mr Ward ( AKA ) Batman! Always wore his Morter board and Cape. Had the stick off him a few times.

  7. I was born in 1939, started Peckham road in 1944 and left in summer 1954. Teachers I remember in the infants are Miss Boot,Miss Bracey, I think there was a Miss Gibson, Miss Bloxham. Junior school teachers were Miss allen (ugh!) Mr Richards (ugh!) Miss Woodford Or was it Woodfield?) Mr Eagles. Mr Evans (with missing fingers) Miss Tinson (aahhh lovely). Senior teachers were Mr Hughes,Mr Franklin,Mr Norris, Mr Mc Vittie,Mr Burrell, Mr Pengelly, Mr Payne and Mr Clarke (Science) Cant think of the 2 woodwork teachers. I can see faces but not the names. Does ANYONE remember me??

  8. I was in the juniors in 1965. Phillips was the headmaster. went on to Marsh Hill Grammar

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