The winter of ’63



  1. Of course ‘I remember it well’ It snowed heaven’s hard as my Father used to say. My Father had to dig the snow from our front door.I was married at St.Lukes Church on the 16th February 1963 and my bridesmaid fell over in the snow wearing her 3inch stilleto’s. Our 3 day honeymoon was spent in Bridgnorth, Shropshire where we travelled by Midland Red bus.

  2. The winter of 62/63. It started snowing on boxing night; the freeze continued until March. Cranbourne Road like most others would deep freeze and then the snow would drift in dunes to the top of the privet hedges. Somehow the school stayed open and Mr Alderwick would throw salt on our slides.. Boooo! Unlike today, things didn’t seize up, we just carried on. We made an Igloo in the back garden then put our wet freezing gloves on the fireguard. Windows froze up inside but we kept warm somehow. We were toughened kids bought up on the wild hills of kingstanding.

  3. I was at Warren farm girls school and had to deliver food parcels to the old people in the snow – it was cold but good fun in the snow.

  4. never forgot the winter of 1963 snow up to my knees making sledges out of cardboard boxes coulnt afford proper sledges back in the day sitting in school with our coats on has it was freezing cold can remember the icicles hanging from my moms house roof has no central heatimg back in the day loved that winter can remember standing in front of my moms coal fire crying cos i had come in from outside playing in the snow and my feet had got chilblains really happy days xxx

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