Perry Common Recreation Ground



  1. Still after thinking, talking to my self, Wembley, Perry Common fields and nothing on there.

    My parents lived on the cross roads Witton Lodge and Dovedale Road their house is still standing looking across those roads was the entrance to Perry Common playing fields which ran down to Perry common road and Witton Lakes. As lads we would play football and cricket there, one Sunday a large crowd of lads got off the bus approached us and asked if they could join us for a game, we would be about 12-13yrs these lads from Summer Lane Aston would be late teens, thinking we would be beat up and have the ball pinched if refused we said yes, any way they turned out to be a marvellous bunch and joined us for many weeks, until suddenly they stopped comming.
    Called up for National service perhaps, we never found out.

    Driving down Dovedale rd recently I noticed a large building site with a security man on the gate so to find out what is happening to our Wembley footee ground I asked him what is happening, building houses mate, was the reply, I nearly said you cant do that, but held back. So I told him about the bridge further up Dovedale Rd built by the German POWs, Germans never, dont know what your talking about, Germans xxxx the lot.

    And so another slice of history as gone.

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