June 27th Girlswon the Aston school sports

Sept 11th Pre-nursing course began


Girls won the Aston Sports for the 7th consecutive year


May 23rd School closed for coronation celebrations

Oct 28th 20 boys visited Swinden Farm for the first time.


July Mr Dolphon retired

September 8th Mrs Probert joined the staff and Mr Eynon became headmaster.

Memories of David Mitchell

Mr Porter and David Mitchell (left of Mr Porter) durting a maths lesson ca 1955

Memories of Clement Watt

I used to be David Groutage’s side kick. I was his best mate we went out every where together with our mates. Mayfair picture house, Orient, Odeons Birchfield plaza we used to do the rounds David used to live oppisit Dr Simons corner of Sailsbury rd David married my sister and now is devorsed he lives at the top of Hurlingham Rd now.

Im Clemmy Watts from 1950 till 1954. My last teacher was Mr Porter. What about his long legs. I dont know why he left us on our own but he used to go up stairs and we could hear him coming back thump thump thump on the ceiling so we all sat there nose in our work like good boys lol lol lol. 4th year do you remember Barry Watts David Groutage Richard Black Raymnd Busby and Collin Fellows and lots of others and big Louis Humpfris.

Remember happy harry who was it with the black tape all the way down his cane? Was mr willis the music teacher ? Mr Drew was my science teacher.

i wagged it from school one day and walked up to the dears leap and then up doe lane is it then i went on the farm spud picking it brock my back almost lol then the tractor came round and ran over my bucket i got 5 shilling thou.

Those where the days i had a paper round on the ring by the swimming baths warrenfarm rd i remember who you meen i used to go with my mom to the post office

Memories of John Hall

I lived in Epping Grove. I was in Porters class . Also in my class Fred Hall. When the register was called it was J Hall then F Hall. I can still hear the class laughs now. I had the cane of Porter a few times. But we never told our parents did we?. class 4a 1955 in my year here is a few name Fred Ward Danny Higgins Bob Carrolin David Bourne George Welch Keith Gibbs Peter Short. David Bourne and I ice skated on the boy play ground .That’s when winters were winters. Does anyone remember the metal work class where we all had the slipper?

Dulwich Road Boys prefects, 1955. Copyright John Hall

Photo of male prefects in 1955

Memories of Dorothy Capewell

Forgot, Mr Dugarde, he passed suddenly( heart attack). I remember it vividly. Miss Lark, or was it Slark. Miss Goodall. Oh! junior school Mrs Snoxall. She lost her son in a bicycle accident. Mr Collis, a great man.

Class photo from around 1956

Memories of Frank Burton on the class photo from 1956

Back row from left to right:- Harvey Pool, Andrew Guck, John Howkins, John Booton, David Robbie, Frank Burton (thats me!) and Robert Hodson.

          Third row, left to right, starting with the small girl:- don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, Pamela Broad, Joyce Davies, don’t know, Alan Morris.
          Second row, left to right:- Keith Cartwright, don’t know, Laurence Liddle, don’t know, don’t know, Colin Noakes, Geraldine Hill, Jimmy Bishop, Pamela Siviter? don’t know, don’t know, Robin Sully.
          Front row, left to right:- Gillian Langford? Avril Jarvis, don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, Lionel Jones, Sandra Lee and don’t know.
          There are a few others I remember but not sure which are which. There were:- Joseph Clowes, Joan Manison, John Willetts, Wendy Sheldon (I would have recognised her, she was very pretty), Robert Gill, Johnny Tomkinson, gosh I could go on forever, there were a lot.

I remember Mr. Dolphin. He retired whilst I was there and was replaced by Mr. Eynon as Headmaster. I left in 1961 and my last teacher was Mr. Frankham. Before that, I was also at the Infants and Junior Schools from the age of 4 (started 1950). Who remembers Mr. Bourne, Mr. Bond, Mr. Kay, Mr. Yeomans, Mr. Dodd, Mr Howe, Mr. Porter, Mr Williams or the scissor throwing Mr.Evans in the seniors. In the juniors Mr. Dugarde (Headmaster) Miss Cooling, Miss Dyer, Miss Lark (Headmistress for the Infants) and Miss Goodhall. Fell in love with one teacher at the age of 7, she married and became Mrs. Seargent (broke my heart). I can remember so many of the childrens names and I’d love to hear of some of them. See what they did with their lives and compare experiences. My name is Frank Burton and I used to live at Halsbury Grove. Just around the corner from the School. Happy days!

Memoriesof Geoffrey Elliker

I lived at 11 halsbury grove and I remember Geoffrey Evans,Graham Stevens,John Flether,Alan Brookshaw,Alan Turner,Bernice Room.

Copyright Andrew Guck

Harvest festival Dulwich Road school from the 1950’s. Copyright Andrew Guck

Memories of Avril Purvis

I lived on College Road by the College Arms pub . Left school 1961. Remember our teachers: Head was Miss Green, Miss Ford,Sports – Mrs Hume, Art -Miss Smith, music – Miss Williams, domestic Science, Miss Harper, Science, Mrs Light, Religious Instruction. Miss Smallwood.

Memories of Charles Southam
I also went to Cranborne Road & Dulwich Road which I left in April 1949 to start work at Fort Dunlop.I lived in the bungalow next door to the Hare & Hounds pub. As you say a long walk to school. I married a girl,Kathleen Thomas in 1961 who lived a few doors down from the girls school in Dulwich Road. I still meet up with my old school pal Len Cotterill who lived by the caretakers house.None of us had much during the war years but we had happy times. By the way we always called Mr Vicaridge ‘baldy’. 

I also did potato picking three years running. I think the farm was somewhere along the Chester Rd.


Memories of Ray Griffiths

Yes I do remember the Greenhouse on the old airraid shelterwhich back on to the Woodwork class Mr. Yeomans & Dodd were the teachers a very well equipt workshop.

Only “C” classes used to work in them the upper classes didn’t do gardening etc.



  1. Prefects 1955.john hall.geoge welch.mick james

    • cheers john cannot remember this photo being taken ,danny higgigs is in canada brings back memories

  2. prefect 1955 on photo.top row all lt to rt,john hall george welch mick james mid row. danny higgins david michell david insull robert carrolin bott row kieth gibbs f hall fred ward john collins kieth gibbs

    • the last kieth gibbs was in fact named gibson cannot remember his first name thats bottom row right hand side

  3. […] Mitchell has passed on a photograph from his school days at Dulwich road School. Read more … Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  4. […] of the metal work room and the consequences (for a boy) of looking into the girl’s school. Read more… Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  5. I remember Mr. Porter the Maths teacher he was a great teacher, myself and mate got so far a head, he allowed us to to his night school class for Pre National Exams.
    Other Teachers :- Mr. Wilkins Drama, Mr. Bourne Music, Mr. Yeomans Woodwork, Mr. Howe class 4A, Mr. Jones, Mr. Counsil, Mr.Critchley, Mr Vickery Art, he was a terror, Mr Dolphin was head.
    I left 1st April 1953, I was prefect in Oscott the yellow badge, Martin Reynolds was the Head Boy.

    • hi ray im clemmy watts i was in mr porters class from 1954 untill august 1955 when i left school he too was a good teacher … i like all the teachers as i understood them it was hard work for them with us lot lol lol

    • I attended Dulwich Road Sec. until April 1953, when I started work as apprentice at GEC Witton.
      Some of the class names I remember are as follows :- Lenny Bacon, John Southern,Terry May, Martin Reynolds, Brian (Spuddy) Taylor, Kenny Tredwell, Ronnie Jordan, Graeme Warton, Roy Parish, Brian Morris, Derek Boxley, John Harris,

      • Hello Ray, just came across this web sight, you mention names, Boxley, Tredwell who I knew from football, Boxley was a mate at school have you heard any thing of lads Ginger Bradley, B/ham schools sprint champ, Ken Ware, Aston Boys and school goal
        I did stop in Hawthorn Rd way back in the 80S I no longer lived around there then,there was a newsagent shop that I went in and a voice shouted hello rookie he may have owned or managed the shop but he was very busy no chance for a chat his name John Sherlock there was many more decent lads.
        So you made prefect if you remember we all sat in the hall
        while the teachers wallked around us with pen and paper marking down the ones they wanted as prefects, I was not one marked
        down, but a few days later I was walking down the stairs, and Mr Council was about to go up, he stopped me smiled and said sorry Rooke you only got one vote that was mine,
        I used to have many chats with him about football, under that frosty exterior he was okay.
        How I know god knows, lads that I heard about over the years not all mates, Ginger Watts Tony Dally ( swimmer ) Bob Let all died
        You was in Oscott house, so was I it was juggled around by the teachers because one house Yenton always came out on top
        well as it turned out most of the footballers and runners finished in
        Oscott and we won most things if not all.
        Any way All the best

    • Apoliges I wasn’t a prefect in Oscott it Yenton he yellow badge

  6. Looking for any one who knows the OLDAKER family.

  7. Brings back many memories :- some of the names I remember from class 4 a .
    Frankie Beckett , Dennis Youlden, John Paton, Bobby Cooper, Alan Lester,
    plus the names already mentioned by Clem Watts, I remeember Clem from his impersonations of Mario Lanza, Glad to see you are still about.

  8. every body must be well in our 70ts but hopefully still here Im 79 and live in poole dorset my name is john hall Ileft in 1955

  9. I notice that there is very little about the successes of the boys side of Dulwich sec mod maybe those lads have all passed on or not interested 1949
    winners of all schools cricket docker shield, final at Warwick county ground
    1950 winners of all Aston schools football league. No I was not old enough
    or good enough, but such success should be remembered.

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