Warren farm Road

Memories of Warren farm Road

Memories of Ann Jones (Yeomans)

I remember bradfords the baker, and the Co-op milkman, and all the Co-op numbers for the divvy written on the wall by the front door, so the milkman read it when he came for his money on a Friday. I remember Tommy Clayton the local window cleaner for Cranbourne road, Tansley etc, and all the families were big in those days, mine was the Yeoman’s. I remember the Swains, Tunacliffes, Cocharans, Sheldons, and the Bardsleys on the Tansley road, oh those were the days!

I only remember Graham Sheldon, and Brian, they lived in Hurlingham road, I had good days in Sutton Park, those days you had to pay to get in, but we used to sneak over the fence, and try and hide from the park keeper, those were the days!

Memories of Maurice Sellars

The shops on Warren Farm road, next to baths was a chip shop later it was a milk bar with a juke box. Next to that was Hilton’s grocery shop, further round was the Home and Colonial grocery shop. In those days 1940s to mid 50s every item ie cheese, butter, sugar and biscuits were cut up and weighed no repack in those days and of course you had to have the coupons to cover your purchaser’s. This was then packed into a home made Hessian bag and carried home. Nowadays people go to the supermarket and go home with a trolley full. Next door to the H and C was brown’s the newsagent, sweet and tobacco shop. I had a newspaper round from here for a few months, I delivered to the length of Hurlingham road, I had this humongous bag and twice a day before and after school I delivered the daily papers. Mornings and Sunday was the worst because of the many different copy’s of papers. One man threatened me with all manner of punishments because  I kept leaving him the Sunday People and he should have had the News of the World



  1. In the afternoons, buses in repair and on test would park for a while by the clinic. The mechanics would have a fag before heading back to perry barr garage.
    I would try and ask them about the bus and what they were doing. Some would grunt snd some would not. I left school and started work as a boy trainee corporation bus mechanic. I thought it must be an easy life
    Warren farm road on a quiet afternoon talking to relaxing bus mechanics had me well and truely conned.
    And so we learm…

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