Sundridge primary school

Sundridge Primary School

Your memories of Sundridge primary school.

Memories of Walter Boyle

‘Reworked picture of 1944. Gas mask boxes carried by children. Air raid shelters on the right. I am standing at the classroom entrance left.I do not recall the air raid shelters being used.’

Sundridge School Playground in the 1940’s

The school opened in 1940 and I was there until 1945. I was at the school from it’s onset in 1940 until 1945 when I started at Handsworth Grammar School. Sundridge Road School became the source of many good memories. I remember a boy called Roy Benwell who live in Sundridge Road itself and a girl called Betty Clifford.

Memories of John Griffiths

Sundridge School trip to London, 1953. Copyright John Griffiths

Sundridge School in 1953. Copyright Ann Parker

Sundridge School in 1953. Copyright Ann Parker

Memories of Diane Stringer (Maiden name)

Sundridge school's celebration of the 'Festival of Britain'

Sundridge Road school’s celebration of the ‘Festival of Britain’

my name is Diane Stringer and I was part of the Queen Elizabeth the 1st group second from the right as you look at the picture. I was I think about 8 yrs old, I also remember going to London to The Festival of Britain.,and being terrified on the underground escalator. The nominated person for my group was our dinner lady a Mrs Robey, I remember her as a plump jolly lady who guided us through our adventure in London. I lived in Queslett Road and if I remember rightly Angela Richardson lived next door.

My first teachers name when I started was Miss Smith,my mom tells me that as I had a lisp then it came out as mith  mith. !! thatwould have been in 1947/8



  1. […] from WW2 and the 1940′s. Former and current residents have recalled air raid shelters at Sundridge school and wearing gas masks. We have also had several recollections of American soldiers at a camp in […]

  2. I have fond memories of Sundridge Rd, i was there from 1956-1961, i remember Mrs. Bilton, Mr. Kelly who taught us Irish dancing, Mr.Poole. I remember the old toilets at the bottom of the yard…old friends were Angela Copson, Yvonne Woodroffe, Rita Harrod, Christopher Dallaway…….

    • Gosh,I remember the toilets in the yard when I was there in1947/48
      I left when we moved to a new estate called Shard End in 1952

    • I have fond memories of Sundridge Rd School. I was there from 1956 – 1961 ish. Some names that spring to mind was George Turvey Stephen Floyd, Stephen Humpheries, Christopher Sullivan.and Rita Harrod. I lived in sundridge road at the top by the playing fields. Until we moved to Kitts 1963

      • I too remember Rita Harrod, she had red hair and i think she lived in Sundridge road, i remember the old toilets at the bottom of the playground. the cloakrooms between the classrooms with sinks with the strong smelling red soap !
        Margaret Potter ( Kocon)

  3. As a pupil from 1941 I remember it with much nostalgia. Living through a war and rationing was a trial, and those short trousers in the winter was appalling! However, there were happy times. I remember playing the part of “Toad of Toad Hall”! Happy days.

  4. I too have very happy memories from my days at sundridge.1961to1967 my best mate was Colin butlin. Brenda green and Ruth Crotten were there at the same time. My sister Kim was there too.

    • I also remember Mrs Bilton as my first teacher, Mr Kelly was head. Brenda Green was also a friend of mine along with Robert Broad & Keith Baker. In 1969 we gathered in the TV room to watch – in black & white – the Moon landing. Mr & Mrs Green, Mrs Baker along with my Mom still live on Sundridge Road.

  5. I have a photo somewhere of my self taking part in a pagent,I remember I was one of Queen Elizabeth 1st. courtiers must find it to add to the collection

  6. […] Diane Stringer has kindly donated this news paper cutting on her school’s celebration of the ‘Festival of Britain’ year. Read more… […]

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