Kingstanding Police Station

Memories of Kingstanding Police Station

Kingstanding Police Station today

Memories of Ted Ilsley





  1. We lived on the corner of Cooksey Lane and Esher Rd. One day I was playing outside and a truck came down Esher Rd and turned the corner onto Cooksey Lane and as it did a bag rolled off the back onto the street.The driver didn’t know so I picked it up and carried it to our back yard,it was like an Army Kit Bag, round and about 48 inches long.When my Dad got home from work I told him about it and he said,”Take it down to the Police Station”. So the next day I threw it over my shoulder and carried it all the way down the Kingstanding Hill to the Police Station and told them what happened. They took my name and address and said they would let me know what happened,but that was the last of it, I never new what happened to it.
    Then there was the time I had Diptheria and was in Little Bromwich Hospital for 3mths. The Police station had a notice board outside and what was called the Danger List was on it and your name would be listed if you were in danger of dieing. My mother told me that my name was on it for Three Weeks when I was in hospital.While I was there other chidren were brought in and died over night in the bed next to mine just because their parents did not get them into the hospital sooner….

    Have a nice Day, Wally.

  2. I remember we found a big dog on our doorstep one christmas eve, we lived in Abney Grove, off Bendall road, we kept the dog over the xmas period & fed him, but our parents made us take him to kingstanding police station after, we were all very sad to leave him there, we cried walking back home down the kings road, then low & behold the dog came running up behind us, he had escaped from the police, after that we took him back home & advertised in the evening mail, then his rightful owner turned up and claimed him, That was back in the sixties, and i can still see that lovely dog’s kind face.

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