The Mount

Memories of the Mount and the site before the pub




  1. I have never been to the Mount Pub but belive that a close friend of my Family used it as his local pub. Does anyone know Alf Harvey !! he lives in Parkestont Crescent and worked for many years as a window cleaner. I dont know if he is still living in the area, but if anyone knows him and reads my comments please let me know.

    • I knew Alf (we used to call him Alfie). He must have lived at something like number115, at the top of the ‘hill’, (I lived at 79). I did a bit of window cleaning too in the late 50’s and even sold Alfie a 25 cwt Austin three way van. In the 40’s his Mom used to sell home made Toffee Apples. You knocked on the Window and she wouid serve you through it. If he is still alive he will be pushing 80. Incidentally,before the Mount became a Pub it was a Coal Yard, I think the name was Kings, but I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on that

  2. Hello Ron im Val .
    Yes you are exactly right ! Alfie lived in parkestont Crescent, stayed in the house after mom died, think all the kids in the area were partial to her toffee Apples. He was a true character of the area,and was a regular at the mount pub for many years. he knew and went to school with my Dad and his Brothers,they also lived in the crescent. their name was Buck.
    Thanks for your replie Ron.

  3. Marie Hill

  4. I lived at 215 Parkeston Crescent from 1969 cant remember when we left all grown up mom and dad divorced. I ran the Mount pub quite recently some good times at the Mount some hard times too. I went to Twickeham road school with Barbara Edwards, Linda Southall Wendy Hare Sylvia White and many others I remember with love

  5. My mom & dad both worked behind the bar at the mount, you had to go up loads of steps to it i seem to remember, and i can remember sitting in the outdoor on a stool while my mom worked it was great as i used to get free packets of crisps and bottles of pop to keep me quiet i think the landlords names were mr & mrs finch.

  6. Hello Val! I’m Graham, i lived at 48 Tottenham Crescent. & yes i recall a window cleaner called Harvey, not sure if his name was Alf but they lived at the top of Tottenham, towards the Charlie. Also, i do recall him driving a VW camper style van, & some times he’d be on a push bike with a ladder on his shoulder. Also i drank in the Mount for a few years but when they pulled it down & rebuilt, it was never the same. I can’t recall seeing the window cleaner in there, though he may have used the bar. Would it be the same chap, i knew the name Harvey because i was at school with his daughter Mary, at twickenham rd in the 60s…

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