Halsbury Grove

Memories of Frank Burton

Hi Geoff I was 4 or 5 years younger than you, which was like a different generation almost in those days. I remember you, you lived close to the Smiths who made the toffee apples. I lived at number 43 next to Bruckshaws at the bottom of the grove. Geoffrey Evans is the older brother of Chris, who was my mate during childhood. Around your age must be Geoffrey Clark. Johnny Fletcher. Bobby Batchelor. Ann Graves. Linda Morton. Mary Cantillion and my dear late sister Freda Burton.

You were one of the few families that left the grove during my childhood days. Along with the Parkers (do you remember Jimmy Parker and his sister Joy? )

Memories of Geoffrey Elliker

I remember now the Smiths and the toffee apples…I can now place where you lived and it would be close to Johnny Fletcher…I can’t place Bobby Batchelor or Mary Cantillion…I can vaguely remember Freda Burton ….I suppose a few have not made it to our ages….I don’t remember Jimmy Parker or Joy….I do remember at the top of the grove was Graham Stevens and round the corner was the Suttons…do you remember them? everyone was as you say…the salt of the earth…didn’t have much but all of us were like one big family.My sisters Pauline Elliker and Audrey Elliker…Pauline was an albino.

I do remember going to a clinic



  1. Hello my names Val and i actualy lived at num 43 Halsbury grove many years after you mr Elliker. I knew Chris Evans sadly he died whilst still young, i knew floss fletcher, and the cantillion family carol was nearer to my age.I felt i had to comment floss was john and sids mom ! she lived to be a ripe old age and her boys looked after her. frank and dolly cantillion were friends of my parents who were Doug and edna Buck,sadly they have all gone now and i live in redditch, but still miss the grove there have been some good folk live there over the years. oh and i remember the old school clinic as well and its still there.

    • Hi Valerie I dont think you will know me but it is lovely to read your fond memories of John and Sid Fletcher. Sid was our lifelong friend. I was at his 18th birthday (in Halsbury grove) and his wedding to my schoolfriend Sylvia and have never lost touch even though my husband and me moved to his home in northumberland in 1966. Before we all got married we all went everywhere together along with Sids pal from the grove Ron Graves who had a sister Ann. We went to the Mayfair the Empress, Sutton Park, on our bikes to Tamworth outdoor swimming pool and shared our childrens christenings etc. Sadly Ron Graves and his lovely wife Sybil have left us quite a while ago and Sid died suddenly in January this year after wishing me a happy new year the day before. I miss Kingstanding so much, being widowed l5 years but I still see my few school friends and a few cousins, I was down just three weeks ago on the 33 and 907 buses. Is Redditch as nice as it used to be. Thanks for bringing back som e good memories. I was Shirley Bartram and lived in Twickenham Road. Bye Valerie!

      • Hi Shirley thanks for your responce its good to hear from you.
        I did not really know John and sid fletcher untill their later years when they would come to visit their mom floss.she lived a door up from us.Twickenham road brings back memmories of the dreaded playing feilds !! i went to Kings Rise secondary school
        and we got marched up to the feilds every week to play Hockey !!
        even when it was freezing cold. yuc !
        My dads was born in Parkestont Crescent think thats how you spell it ! he came from a big family name BUCK ! does anyone remember them ?
        His bros were Percy, Jack, Lionel, Jim and Reg oh my dad was Dougie !! sadly only Reg is still with us now, but sisters Marj maureen Joyce and rose are still alive
        what a family!
        Anyone know Alfie and Harry Harvey Window cleaners also from the crescent.
        Oh Shirley to answer your question Yes redditch is still nice
        and ive never regreted coming to live here.
        Bye Shirley

    • Hi Val,
      You say you lived at 43 Halsbury Grove?
      I left there in 1967 and my Mom (Dorothy Burton (Dolly) in 1968.
      You must have moved in after this time (between Brookshaws and Mrs Davies, with Fletchers being next to Mrs Davies).
      Mary Cantillion (Frank & Dolly’s eldest daughter), coincidently moved close to where I moved on to in Burntwood near Lichfield, so, I saw her from time to time right up to the mid eighties. She used to fill me in as to life in the Grove after the Burtons had left No 43.
      To think you lived there afterwards is wonderful. What did you think of it? I thought the people of the Grove were in the main, very friendly and everyone passed the time of day. I loved my childhood days there.
      You have saddened me greatly that Chrissy Evans died at a young age. I didn’t know that. As young boys in the fifties, we were inseparable friends. Do you know what happened to him? How old was he when he died? I’m amazed that Mary Cantillion didn’t tell me that sad news.
      Once Mom left no. 43, I never went back to the Grove, having lived in Burntwood, Lichfield, Cannock and now in Telford (for the last 22 years) I’ve lived here in Priorslee longer than anywhere else, including Halsbury Grove.
      My bedroom at 43 was the larger back one, facing the poplar trees at the angled side at the rear of the back garden. Which one was your room?
      Would you know if any of the original families are still there from those days?. I guess not.
      If you look at Dulwich Road school on this site, I am actually on a school photo, (sent in by Andrew Guck) back in 1956, I’m second from the right at the back at the ripe old age of 10 years. I haven’t changed a bit ~ (ha-ha!).
      Still healthy though and I’ve seen a lot of the World. Two lovely daughters, one from my dear late wife and one (much younger) from my second wife.
      I’d love to hear more Val of your time at no 43 Halsbury Grove, Kingstanding, Birmingham 22c
      Hope to hear from you very soon!

      Kindest regards
      Frank Burton

  2. Hi Valerie, Im here again and I see you are up quite late like me, Im really interested in all the comments Im reading but Im quite new to my lap top and being one of the older voices of Kingstanding dont always get a response so it was to see yours. I am sorry I dont recognise any of the names from Parkeston Crescent but had great friends in the crescent, the Gouldingays Margaret Iris and Julie and my aunt Jean Jones and the Atkins family. I think also Valerie you are younger than me as I think your school as I knew it was Peckham Road, my first love went to that school as he lived in Hartley Road, where did you live, the boys from Halsbury grove went to Dulwich school. I married at Trinity Rd church Boxing Day 1950 and my children were born in Birmingham, we moved in 1966 to my husbands home in northumberland, like you I have never regretted it but being widowed for 15 years miss my hometown and kingstanding especially although I have never lost touch as I have 2 or 3 school friends and several younger cousins. Redditch was a place my husband and I motorcycled to in the 50s.Bye for now Shirley!

  3. Hello Mr Burton its Val here, yes we lived at 43 Halsbury grove.
    My parents moved into the grove when i was 12 yrs old so that would have been way back in 1975. I remember certain neighbours
    such as the cantilions, Janet and Mary were alot older than me of course, their younger sister Carol was nearer my age.I remember their parents Frank and Dolly very well. I remeber the Morton family
    and of course Mrs Fletcher, again her family were all grown up when we moved to the grove. I certainly remember your dear friend Chris Evans, he was a tall skinny friendly guy who always had a big grin on his face ! I belive he suffered a heart attack but dont know any other details. its been a long time ago now.
    I had that back room as my bedroom too ! the church on Brackenberry rd was knocked down, and a care Home was built on the grounds called Ralph Barlow Gardens,Chris Evans Mom actualy moved there after suffering a severe Stroke many years later. and she died later while still living there.My dad died last year , we finaly emptied the house and handed the keys back almost a year to this day ! its sad to think i wont visit that old happy house again i just hope another family will enjoy living there as much as you and i did .
    Thanks Mr Burton for helping me share my memories !

  4. Hello its Val again.
    I wonder if anyone who visits this site was a pupil at my old school which was Kings Rise I started in the infants school in peckham rd and went straight through to the senior school as well.
    Hello to anyone who may have been a fellow pupil

  5. Hi all, i have been doing a bit of research for my dad peter oldaker who grew up at number 2 halsbury grove with his mom dad brother john and sister Mary. Sadly i lost my uncle John may this year to a number of illnesses. It would be great if any of you knew my dad or other relations. Hope to read your responses.

    • I remember Peter, and his family.We lived at 28 and I was closer to Mary in age although she was a couple of years older than me, I have fond memories of everyone in the grove .

  6. Hi Val,
    Thanks for letting me know about Chris and his Mom (Nelly Evans). I find it so sad. Mrs Evans was so good to me when we were kids. Do you know if Chris’s older brother Jeff is still around. He would be around 69 by now. If he’s still around, I’d really like to hear from him and catch up on the Evans family.

    Hi Laura,
    Yes , I knew the Oldakers at the top right corner of the entrance to the Grove. Close to Dr. Simon’s surgery, which was in Aylesbury Crescent. They kept themselves very much to themselves and I do think it was John who occasionally played with us kids in the Grove. I remember that they had quite a big front garden, being a corner plot. Sorry to hear about your Uncle John. i guess he would have been about 65 by now if still with us,

    Good luck with finding someone who lived a bit closer, as I lived at the opposite end of the Grove at no, 43.

    Kind regards
    Frank Burton

    • Hi frank thank you for your reply, yes my uncle john was 67 on march 28 as we lost him 24th may,One of johns friends called Michael fitzpatrick came to his funeral who lived round the corner. I told my dad your reply and he got upset to know that i am looking for people he used to know, He also told me Chris Evans who lived on the grove was his best friend.

  7. Val, Laura,
    These are the neighbours of Halsbury Grove during my time there (from birth until 1967) Can’t remember all of them but here goes:-
    Starting from top right and all houses to top left:-
    Oldakers, Pagans, Rooms, don’t know, Kibblers, Roberts, Clutterbucks, dont know, Tarrys, Mortons, Lockleys, Lees, Appletons, Wilkes, Newtons, Durhams, Neals, Hides, Evans, Caines, Fletchers, Davies, Burtons, Brookshaws, Pithams, Cantillions, Parkers(Goldings), Graves, Boddingtons(Davies), Hays,Cotters, Richardsons, Clarks, Batchelors, Rumbles, dont know, dont know,Brookes, (Ellikers), Smiths, Stevens .
    You mentioned Evans, Mortons and Cantillions, Val, Do you recognise any of the other names?
    Laura, of course, mentioned her Oldaker family at the top of the Grove.
    If you know any of the others, please let me know.

    Many thanks
    Frank Burton

  8. Hi Frank, Laura, I certainly do remember the Oldaker fmily, but only Mary and her son Simon ! i knew the Mortons and hides oh and Appletons Frank would that have been Jessie ? she had married and lived in her moms old house !! I loved mr and mrs Cotter, they were always very friendly. Yes Frank Mrs Lockley lived next to the Mortons, i remember her also.
    Sorry frank cant help place chris evans bro,never knew him, i think he may have gone to live in Wales many years ago.

    • Hi Val,
      So, Jessie Appleton eventually got married.
      Well, thats good news.
      In my time there she was always courting, but, never seemed to find her “Mr. Right”, even into quite a mature age for those days. I remember her Mom & Dad were very pleasant people.
      I’m so pleased you recognised some of the neighbours from my time, in your time. If you see what I mean.
      Are there any of them still around, do you know?

      If you knew the Cotters, did you know their children?

      Mick was around my age and Shirley was about 4 years older. A very nice family.

      All the best Val
      Frank Burton

  9. Hi Val, Laura and Frank it does my heart good to read all yourr memories of Kingstanding and especially Halsbury Grove. I wish I had known you all but I can honestly say I spent some very very happy times in the grove. I was at Ron Graves 18th birthday, I remember he was doing his national service, I was also at Sid Fletchers 18th and my two best friends married the two lads, we shared everything weddiings, christening and I was at Sid & Sylvias golden wedding 2 years ago. I remember after Ron Graves 18th all thosse who were at the party went to the Mayfair on the Sunday (we filled up 2 rows) another lovely lad was with us Dougie Lee, my other lovely school friend Iris was Dougies girlfriend for a while. My lovely husband was a geordie and he loved Birmingham and and the lads from the grove. We moved to his home in the north in 1966 and although Im a widow of 15 years I love it here (just 3 miles from the very cold north sea). I was talking to my friend Iris (she lives by Banners gate) today annd talking to Sylvia who lives on the Pheasey estate yesterday and I will be seeing them in October for my birthday (79) so you see I think you Val and Laura especially will be a good bit my junior, maybe Frank as well! sadly the last of the lovely boys from the grove Sid Fletcher died Jan 2012 just hours after wishing me a happy new year but he lived life to the full. kind regards to you all, shall read any more memories you put on. Bye Shirley from Twickenham Rd.

    • I am Doug’s youngest sister, Wendy, born in 54.Doug married and was in RAF while I was still a baby, I have very fond memories of the grove.

  10. Hi Shirley,
    Yes, I should have said. I’m 66 this year but remember Sid Fletcher from my very young days. John (his brother) was about 3 years older than me. I think it was their daughter, but, I remember a Joan Wellard used to live with them (or may be visit them a lot). She had a son Melvyn who I used to play football with in the grove. He would be around my age.
    Here is something you would know about Sid. I remember Mom telling me that on his wedding day, he came round to our house to apologise to Mom for always kicking the ball over the garden when he was a kid. Mom loved her garden and often used to tell him off for fetching the ball without asking. Mom often spoke of Sid’s wedding morning for many years after, saying how much she respected him for his apology. You know Shirley, its amazing what you remember of things that your mom said when growing up.
    Sorry to hear of Sid’s demise.

    Ron Graves had a sister Ann, who I remember well. She was a school friend of my late sister Freda, so she would be around 70 by now.

    Good to hear from you Shirley
    All the very best
    Frank Burton

  11. Its Val here again.
    Frank im glad you knew Jessie Appleton, she became a good friend of my parents in later life.She never left the Grove, she lived in her parents House with her Husband Melvin he was a gentle soul who died in his late 50s. early 60s, cant really be specific.Jess was always happy go lucky and hard working and was well respected in the Grove.Sadly she died of cancer roughly around 10 yrs ago, and was one of the last remaining Residents that i can remember. Mr Cotter died many yrs ago, and i belive his wife went to live with her family.both Frank and Dolly Cantillion had passed away prior to Jessie.all new families moved in Frank ! its a diferent place now, not as friendly but im afaraid nothing stays the same. such is life !

    My dad died just over 12 months ago and all these memories are priceless to me, Halsbury Grove was were i grew up and it was a big part of who i am and i will never forget my years there.

  12. Hi Val,
    These recollections can be very sad when you think back to your younger days and then find that all those lovely people have passed away. I thank you for sharing them with me Val.
    Just think though, we both slept in the same room for many, many years, albeit at different periods. We awoke to the same sites and sounds every day. We share something that we both were fond of. That is no.43 Halsbury Grove and all that went with it.
    We,ve never met Val, but, we’ve shared a lot.

    Thanks for the memories
    Frank Burton

  13. hi my name is mary parr.(OLDAKER i remember the grove very well the pagans .rooms smarts.kipplers .clutterbucks i think an ex boaty who,s name i cannot recall then i remember mr.morton who took me peter &john to watch a panto the trip was from his works then i think the lees were next then i remember jessie appleton .someone called susan who lived with her dad i used to play with .chrissie evans peter used to play with they were best pals mrs fletcher mom was always chatting to her i think they was one of the earlier tenants .then there was brookshaws cantillions then at aloss till boddingtons hazel i played with i think her brother robert got killed on his motor byke then i think michael cotter is next then shirley rumble then a man i detested he aways accused of our peter for a lot of window braking and it was never him he was only a small man whos name i cannot recall mr brookes was next mrs smith the toffee apple lady i used to fetch all the sugar for those treacle dabs she used to do then there was mrs stevens and the suttons round the corner i remember the coronation party we had 1953. we had silver cups each with our names on i still have mine i have a good photo of the event .my niece laura as filled you in on the event of john passing away as he still lived in the property if i could turn back the clock i would live there again as it was happy times but in those years not now hope we have some more replys as i stumbled on this site by accident and one other thing the dances at christ the king the place was called the crib i dont remember it but the name i do from parents talking about it thats all for now that i can remember but something will crop up the grey cells have not quite ceased up yet until then thank you for your input it was a lovely read.

    • Hi Mary, I remember you and your family well, my name was Wendy Lee, I think you were closer to my sister Sandra’s age than mine, we lived at number 28 , had some happy times there xx

      • Hi Wendy, You won’t remember me, as you were just a little girl when I left Halsbury Grove. Have you looked on the Coronation Day page. It shows the kids of 53 in fancy dress on that day.
        Your sister Sandra is on the picture and she won the fancy dress competition. I remember your Mom & Dad, Dougy, Beryl, Sandra and you. A lovely family.
        We lived on the opposite side of the Grove at no. 43. The Burtons.
        Frank Burton

  14. Hi Mary Parr,
    With regard the Coronation, I too have a picture. I was just seven at that time, but, remember it well enough.
    Girl named Sandra Lee won the fancy dress (she came as a doll in a box) my sister Freda won second prize. We had sports in the grove and had a party in the metal works buildings on Warren Farm Road.
    I have a group photo of everyone who attended in their fancy dress (are you on it I wonder?)
    All the families you mention, I remember from my time there.
    Not sure who the nasty man was who accused your brother of breaking his windows.
    The girl named Susan who lived with her Dad was Susan Neal.
    My best mates at that time were Chrissy Evans and Mickey Cotter.
    Still have fond memories of my childhood.

    Nice to hear from yet another “Halsbury Grover!”
    Frank Burton

  15. Hi frank, val; laura and mary, Im thinking that Halsbury grove was a very good place to grow up in, I know that thhe three young men who were a huge part of mine and my geordie husbands life, Ron Graves, Sid Fletcher and Dougie Lee were 3 of the best. I spoke to Sids wife lasst week and mentioned your moms comments about his apology about the ball kicking and believe it or not she recalls Sid talking about it, no not on their wedding day but shortly after. I will be seeing her and my friend Iris on October 19th for m,y birthday, my 79th so you see Frank you would be only 6 when we were dancing to l2th street rag and Johnny Ray at Sids for his 18th birthday. I know Ann Graves well and she was in good health last time I saw her at her brother Rons funeral. I think we could write a book about the grove! I would read it Look for me on the 29a bus soon, Sids family up from what was The Trees pub not far from where theGIs were, I remember being too scared to ask Have you got any gum chum when I went to my aunts near the horns of queslett (that doesnt look right) Kind regards to you all again. Shirley a Kingstanding girl from Northumberland.My family still go to see Villa when the magpies are playing.

  16. Hi Halsbury Grovers,
    Check out the Halsbury Grove kids on Coronation Day June 2nd 1953. Its under Coronation on the site. I was in my 7th year,
    Keep coming back and if any of those kids happen to see the photo, I’d be thrilled to hear from you.
    Heres hoping,
    Frank Burton

  17. Hello to Mary Parr, are you simons mum by any chance ? do you remember me Mary ? Val who lived at num 43, you permed my moms hair once !! she was Edna our surname was Buck. sadly she died in 2009, followed by dad in 20011 i left the grove many years ago and settled in redditch after getting married. hope ive got the right Mary ! we lived next to Anthony Johnson and Ann and Robert Tyler.

  18. hi val do not remember you I permed that many peoples hair its hard to remember everybody .can you give me a bit more to go on? simon is 45 this year which makes me feel very old he has twin girls a son and one other daughter and lives near me in leigh Lancashire a very small town to what I am used too. hope to hear from you.xx

  19. I am not sure if you are still following this thread but I am Joan Wellards (nee Fletcher) youngest son with Melvyn being the oldest of seven! My Aunty Sylva (Unle Sids wife) still lives in Great Barr and s as beautiful as ever, and my Uncle John lives in Tamworth. Unfortunately my mom Joan passed away a few years ago now but I have fond memories of the grove and clearly remember my family talking about all these names on here. I gave my Aunty Sylvia a lovely photo of Ronnie Graves? That he sent to Uncle Sid when Ron was in the forces.

  20. hi frank lovely to read the history of our little grove did you remember pagans next door to us then the rooms there was Bernice and john a few others too mrs smart was next the nasty man I recall now was mr warfield I think you were moor our johns age but he never played with us he had Michael Fitzpatrick round corner in warren farm can you remember mr hollis who did tattoos opposite us in the crescent all the lads on motor bykes parked outside ours and mom used to go mad always wanting a glass of water or to use toilet my mom politely told them where to go I will have another burst of memory soon I hope will chat soon

  21. My Nan was Florence Fletcher who lived at 46. My Mom was her daughter Joan.

    • Hi Neil, I used to play football in the grove with Melvin. Obviously I knew your nan and Johnny Fletcher (who was a bit older). On Coronation Day 1953, Johnny dressed up as a girl in the fancy dress. He was always a lot of fun. I remember Sid Fletcher and Joan Wellard and didn’t Melvin have a younger sister? Fascinating to look back isn’t it! I lived at No 43 (two doors away from the Fletchers)
      Frank Burton

  22. Hi Frank,

    Melvyn is my oldest brother and had a sister at the time, there are now 7 of us with me being the youngest of Joan’s children. Sadly, George, Sid and my Mom have all departed but my Uncle John is still going strong, although he has given up the cross dressing now :-). I will get a message to him and Melvyn.

  23. Hello Frank, I remember your mom very well, she lived next door to Mrs Fletcher didn’t she?

    • Hi Wendy this is your cousin Bob in Australia came across this site and you popped up how are you the last time we saw you was years and years ago Carol and I was with cousin Mandy in town on holiday that must 30 yrs ago. I also remember all the people in your grove I went to school with most of them great friends with Johnny Fletcher,Geoffrey Evans also sat at the same desk with Linda Morton. left warren farm road school 1956 when we moved to south London then in 1971 we left their for Australia. Just wanted to say hello. Bob & Carol Cooper x

      • Hi Bob,
        Great to hear from the Voices of Kingstanding again, it’s been a while since the last contact. I take it you didn’t actually live in Halsbury Grove, or, I am sure to have remembered you. If you remember the terrace of 6 houses at the bottom of the Grove, from left to right were the Evans (Geoffrey and Chris), then Frances Cane who lived alone, then the Fletchers (with John and Melvyn Wellard who was Joan’s son), then Mrs Davies who lived alone, then us the Burtons, thats Mom (Dolly) Sheila, Freda (who was best friends of Linda Morton), me Frank Burton who, having left WF School in 1961 must have been about 5 years younger than you Geoff and John, and finally at the right end of the terrace were the Bruckshaws. Happy Days!
        Don’t mention The Ashes!!
        Frank burton

      • Hi Bob, it’s fantastic to hear from you!!! Of course I remember you all, and hope that you and all the family are well, are you still in Adelaide? I remember mom coming to see you with Aunt Nell, not long after my dad died , and telling me all about your son throwing a yabi ( ?) at her !!! i am in touch with Mandy and Gary and Linda on Facebook , please keep in touch , how is Bill and family? xxxx

  24. Hi Wendy,
    Next door but one to Mrs Fletcher. We were between Bruckshaws to the right and Mrs Davies to the left with Mrs Fletcher to the left of Mrs Davies. I believe that your family lived between the Lockleys and Appletons. Hope you and the (Lee) family are all keeping well.
    Kind regards Frank Burton

  25. Hi Wendy That was so quick, I only sent the message less than 24 hours ago and fantastic to hear from you, yes we are still living in Adelaide and Bill is fine in fact we will be back to the uk the end of July staying with Billy and we will be calling in on Birmingham for a couple of days to say hello. We do remember when Mom and aunt Lil came over and yes we all remember Robert throwing the yabbi at your Mom, we did see your Mom before she passed when she was living in a nursing home in the country somewhere I walked into the reception area their asking to see your Mom and your Mom shouted down is that you Bobby Cooper she was so pleased, I don’t think she liked it their very much but we had a good laugh. How is Sandra and Beryl and how is your family. As I said I did spend a lot of time in your grove because most of the kids went to Dulwich road school then on to the seniors school and at the back of your home you had the brook which you had a tunnel that connected to the bottom of our grove being Ellswick Grove, I used to go through the tunnel and go scrumping in your back garded uncle George was ok with it but aunt Lil used shout and screem saying I know its you Bobby Cooper [ good times ] Bob xxx

    • Ah Bob, it’s lovely to hear you have so many memories of the grove, that’s lovely xxx my husband is sure he knows you, he went to Dulwich rd too, his name is Mick Sheppard , he had loads of brothers and sisters ……he was born 1940 so don’t know how that compares to you? xxxxxxx

      • Hi Wendy, no I don’t remember Mick I was born 1942 and my last class was 4a, 4b, or 4c last teacher I think Mr Baker that was 1956, that summer we moved to London to finish school that xmas I missed all my mates Graham Jones came with us and stayed until school started so that made it easier for me, that reminds me your Dougie came to Croydon to work on some shop fronts for a couple of weeks bless his sole he stayed with us that was nice, he tried to teach me carpentry but it did not work for me we had a good laugh. So Mick where did you live did you go to the Mayfair, the pimple, Sutton Park, Kingstanding baths, bike ride to Tamworth, and the 33 bus to town.By the way Wendy we are not on face book my e mail is bob@therealestatecompany.com.au Talk to you again soon Bob & Carol xxx

  26. Are you on facebook?xxxxxxx

  27. Hi Frank Bob Cooper here thanks for the reply, nice to hear from you I did not live in your grove I lived in Elswick Grove but spent a lot of time in Halsbury Grove I can not remember you but I do remember the Burtons maybe older brothers I was born 1942, but I do remember most of the names mentioned on this site, did you know the Davises on Warren Farm Road Michael could be your age he and his brothers John and Tony were mad on football I heard they may have played for Aston Villa but not sure. Frank you will remember the Suttons on the corner of the grove she was the lady with one leg she had relatives on Warren Farm Road the Stantons being Dennis,Stephen and Carol, maybe Carol would be your age. If you bump into anybody who was in the 4th year of Warrn Farm seniors in1955/6 could you please ask if they remember me if so please say a BIG HELLO nice talk to you Frank regards Bob Cooper

  28. Hi Bob,
    Nice to hear from you.
    I was the only boy in the Burton household, but, I had 4 wonderful older sisters (all passed now I’m afraid) My sister Freda was born in 1942 also and her friends in Halsbury Grove were Linda Morton, Mary Cantillion and Ann Graves. My other older sisters were Dorothy, Sylvia and Sheila.

    I knew the Lees, who were a lovely family.
    I think Dougie was their eldest, followed by the lovely Beryl, then there was Sandra, who was my age and Wendy, who was just a little girl when I lived there. The Lees were like the Burtons in reverse with Dougie being the only boy who was the eldest and me being the only boy who was the youngest.
    Mr & Mrs Lee were lovely people, always cheerful and pleasant.

    My Grove mates were Chrissie Evans (thats Geoffs younger brother) Melvyn Wellard, who was Mrs Fletcher’s grandson and Mickey Cotter.
    No one was all that financially well off in those days, but, we were all the richer as a community and togetherness. My days at Halsbury Grove were very happy days.

    Always nice to talk about the Halsbury Grovers.

    Not sure what mid winter in Adelaide is like, but, mid summer in Shropshire is wonderful.

    By the way, of course I remember the Suttons.

    Kind regards
    Frank Burton

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