Dormington Road

Memories of Barry Floyd



  1. I was born in this house in January 1957,
    47 Dormington Road Kingstanding B44 was where my gran lived from approx 1932 to 1991. My mum Olive (Peggy) was 5yrs old when they moved there.
    I have many fond memories of staying with my gran, Mrs May Butler.
    I enjoyed the walks we had but not the horse muck she would collect off the road for her roses.
    The Circle had lots of good browsing shops although my gran would only visit shops she had interests in, like the post office, Newsagents to pay her papers and that trusted Coop that she always shopped at for her butter etc and those lovely crusty loaves.
    We often played in the alley at the back of the house it was such good fun to run in and out playing hide and seek etc, Its all locked up now.
    My mum planted an oak tree in the garden, when she was a small child. It was growing well while I was visiting my grans. My mums 85 now. I wonder if its still there by the little back garden gate?
    Mrs Cowley lived next door. She was a helpful lady. I remember she had 3 sons, all grown up and married by the time I was born. Mrs Ray lived the other side I think she was a Jehovah’s witness. Mrs Ray was quiet and a very polite lady.
    I remember Dormington Road with great pleasure and happy memories which I have passed onto my children.

  2. Hi,,Dont think ”you” personally would remember us the Pearsalls we lived at 43,,we all left in 1958,,and yes remember the Cowleys and the Rays,,i have i have exchanged messages with one of the Rays on ,,Kingstanding 50s onwards” site,,think she was born the same year as you….Would your mom remember us or any others in your family by any chance..Our mother Doris died at 43 in 1956,,i was the oldest of 5 kids,,yes remember playing ”up your entry” and in the Rays big garden..Seem to remember someone at your house used to drive a big lorry as indeed our father,,and Jacky Ray,,,there was a time when there were 3 big lorries parked along that small stretch outside our houses..Hope you’ve found something of interest in this message and perhaps we could exchange other memories sometime,,Keep in touch Tony Pearsall…..

  3. Hi many thanks for your message. I will ask mum today to see if she has memories for me. I would of been 1 yr old in 1958.
    My older brothers were David and Peter they to would of been infants to 3 & 4.
    Dad drove a John Hudson ‘Grey’ coal lorry maybe this was the one outside grans house ( 47 ).
    He used to visit gran sometimes when he was in the area up until late 60’s. We lived with gran until 1958.
    Thanks again for writing.
    I will be in touch very soon hopefully with some information.
    Regards Marie

  4. Hi ,,Thankyou for reply,,Yes that sounds about right,, some sort of ”fuel”lorry as i remember,,Jacky Ray drove for labro’s,, our Father drove for an indipendant co’..I hope your Ma can remember something would be good to hear good or bad hah..As i said in previous message one of the Ray family [girl] must have been born around the same time as can find out more on the ”Kingstanding 50s onwards” site..Look foreward to hearing from you ,,regards Tony Pearsall..

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