Scott’s Blacksmiths

Memories of Bernie Ryman

Looking  at the map you sent me I would say that Texaco service station is now were Scots was 80 years ago. We lived three houses up from there .  There was a drive down  into there property on the left was a very old house and opposite the work shop, We often went down and watched  them shoeing horses etc.  They also hired out flat top hand cart,s  On the opposite side of the road there was Ryan’s.  He used to grow roses and sell them from a shed .



  1. […] Scott’s Blacksmith, where the Texico garage is now, has it’s own page. Follow the link […]

  2. I remember Scotts garage, a BP petrol station in the 1960’s. The owner “Scottie” seemed a dour chap who always wore a flat cap. He repaired and mot’d cars and had a small shop selling service parts, oil etc. Scottie was ok once he got to know you and gave us young lads valuable tips on mending our Austin Cambridges and mini’s.

    • Hello Jeff yes I remember Scott’s garage he had a daughter about my age as I recall

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