Kingstanding Library

Your memories of Kingstanding library

Copyright Ron Jameson

The library in the 1960’s

Copyright Ron Jameson



  1. Does any one know if Hazel Freeman still
    works at Kingstanding Library

    • yes she dos i go there every thursday

      • I went to School with Hazel I wonder if she remembers me steve Morton funny enough my 2 daughters did work in our Library in Dawlish and Exeter , I’m on facebook if wants to get in touch

      • Please say hello from me Stephen Morton im on facebook living in Dawlish if she would like to get in touch
        Sorry for the late reply been living in Spain

  2. oh! we so loved to climb that honeycombe wall as children, it was the place to be with all the activities in the summer hols! i still think and miss it now when i pass by going to Iceland. i must go and make a visit inside to see how much it has change in the last 28 years xx

  3. Before the present library was built the library facilities for Kingstanding were housed in the Methodist Church Building on the corner of Kings Road and Carshalton Road. I walked there nearly every Saturday afternoon in the mid 1950s. The large room had big windows with big window sills on which you could sit and read for hours and hours, and I did. The same building was also used as an annexe for a few classrooms from Kings Rise School round the corner in Hornsey Road.

    • Remember the old library at the Methodist church, it had the most wonderful smell.I used to get mainly books on birds and animals, still a passion after 60 years. Very happy memories

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