June 1st 1931 School opens as Twickenham Road senior school

September 13th 1931 school moves to huts on Dulwich Road

1932 School reopens in permanent building

August 22nd 1932 School split into separate boys and girls school

April 24th 1936 Murals presented to the school

1938 One class of boys moved toHawthorn Road School. Two classes of girls moved to St Lukes Church Hall

September 30th Closure for possible evacuation

October 5th School opens voluntarily

Memories of Keith Allen

Dulwich Road School, 1932

My mother Carmen Attwell is in the pigtails in the second row

Class photo

Copyright Kingstanding Leisure Centre

Memories of Mrs Christine Mullard, Great Barr

When I went to live inNorbiton Road on what was then Warren Farm estate, in March 1930, Dulwich Road school was not built.

I went into the Senior Girls school aged 10 and a half. Miss Deakin was my class teacher. I remember she was very fond of tapping knuckles and heads with a ruler! Discipline was strict and bad behaviour and manners were punished.

When we left school aged fourteen , we could read, write, do arithmetic, and talk properly – shame the same can’t be said of some of today’s pupils.

It was lovely to watch the mural being painted in the hall – Miss Wallace, our headmistress with girls from different years and classes.

When my daughter went to pre-nursing courses in 1961, it was still there. And we both think it was a shame that a way wasn’t found to save it when the Girls school became a leisure centre – a bit of history lost for ever!

Our exercise books were left in our desks and reading books, maps ect, were all stored in a large cupboard, which was a built in fixture.

For the most part, we stayed in our classrooms and the teachers moved around to teach the different classes.

About the only time that the senior girls and boys met, was at Christmas when the woodwork teachers and some of the boys erected a stage in the Girl’s Hall for the show that was put on for parents and other visitors. Some of the boys also took part in plays ect. The hall was always full three nights a week that the show was on.

I wasn’t a clever person and wasn’t upset when I left school, but I always managed to get fairly good exam results I did, however, enjoy ‘domestic’ science  – cooking all done from scratch, no ready made pastry ect and laundry all done the hard way. Both my sister and I found lessons quite easy because our mother had already taught us how to do these jobs.

When I left school in December 1937 (aged 14 on December 24th) the school was still an elementary one. I expect it was after the war that it became secondary modern.

School Mural

Right hall mural

This mural in the sports hall is part of the original school. This is the right hand mural.

Central hall mural

This mural in the sports hall is part of the original school. This is the central mural.

Left hall mural

This mural in the sports hall is part of the original school. This is the left hand mural.



  1. I can still visualise the assembly hall with Miss Wards large desk central to the two swing doors with an upright piano to the right of the headmistresses desk which to my horror miss Smith music teacher had me play as pupils marched out of assembly I wasnt very good and was glad when it was over. I didnt get asked again. I remember putting my hand up to choose a hymn on Friday morning but never got to pick number 88 in our hymn book lord thy word abideth. However I really did love Dulwich Road School.

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