The Crossway Court Pub

Memories of the Crossways Court Warrens Farm Estate

The Crossway Court,  Kingstanding. 2011

Memories of Val

as i recall there was a small entrance way that took you in to the Bar.
There was a snooker table that took up alot of room, it wasnt massive
inside,looked bigger from the outside actualy, the function Room was
popular,it was situated on the far right of the pub, as you walked on to the
car park.


The Crossway pub and College Road in 1938



  1. My Name is Val and i have particuarly fond memories of this old pub because its were i use to go with my old Boyfriend who is now my Husband.
    It got abit of a bad reputation in later years but we always seemed to get a nice welcome there.The landlord at the time was a irish man named Benidict Bresslaw he was pleasant enough but cant ever remember him being sobber bless him !!

    • Hi Val what I remember about the Crossways pub was the lovelly bowling green in the back grounds

  2. Hi John, nice to hear someone remembering the bowling greens at the Crossways, I have happy memories of watching my grandfather Frank Hall playing there (and as a child stubbing my toe on the special bag he had for his three bowls) My uncle Dick Taylor also played there and I think for Warwickshire (I have a photo of them inside the Crossways – I think celebrating a win. I lie up north now but still visit my home when I can, Kingstanding especially. I lived in Twickenham Road, went to that school and then Dulwich. My uncle Bernard Hall sang at the British Legion College Road and I have a cousin John Hall (so much younger than me) and of course no relation. I was Shirley Bartram – maybe you have other memories of Kingstanding, I love everything about Kingstanding -ma ybe yiou would like to share them Shirley Thain.

  3. I remeber the crossways never did I see any trouble in there in the 70’s great I had lots of happy hours there I remember the bowling green I met Chris Williams there great times!!

  4. I worked there in the early 60’s when Reg Paget was the gaffer. The price of a pint of mild was 1/8d in the bar and 1/9d.

  5. Hi, does anyone remember my dad. He was known as Bob Hayes. He worked as a barman in the Crossways for a number of years when I was a youngster, perhaps 50 years ago. Any memories would be lovely to hear.

  6. I was told by boys that a prostitute called Queenie used to frequent the pub – and one night me and my friends saw her she was about 60 (my age now) but looked ancient!!

  7. i remember the crossways well standing outside with my pop and crisps while my dad was drinking inside my cousins drank there the russels lovely lads wish instead of making it into flats they had redone the pub instead to me it is criminal to let the pub decay so badly

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