Dudley Zoo trip 1951

Dudley Zoo trip 1951

Dudley Zoo trip 1951

Memories of Janett Stone from 1954

I started at Peckham Road when I was 3 years old and went through the school till I was 15. I remember my Teacher in the 4th year of the seniors was a Miss Eastgate who taught German also my form teacher, she was strict but nice. My 1st teacher in the juniors was a Miss Allen and she stood no nonsens, also the was a Mr Huzzlebee who called bumblebee.

Memories of Janet Salsbury (Priscilla)

I lived in Hornsey Road (opposite the gates to the boys dept of the secondary school) I went to Peckham Rd Infants and juniors from 1951 until 1957. My younger sister, Barbara, followed two years later. I remember my time there as a very happy one although I was very shy and didn’t mix very well. I remember Miss Boot, who was the head of the infants. Miss Allen, who taught us to sew in the first year of juniors and got most upset one day when someone said that they ‘hadn’t got any RAG’ to sew on. She was furious that any one could call her precious fabric ‘RAG’

Memories of Roger Boulton

I remember visiting at times(other PF`s nearer)–but have particular memory of turning sharply and putting my cartlidge out when I was 13 in 1957.I was carried to the Pavilion to await an ambulance. I had previously done my other leg(cartlidge) two years previous (age 11) on holiday in Devon. They took that one out but not the Cooksey Lane one—troubled me ever since.

Roger Boulton ex King`s Rise 1955-1960

Memories of Phyllis Eastgate (Senior Girls Teacher)

Recollections from Julie Eastgate – My great aunt taught the senior girls and did indeed teach German (and was strict but nice). She was pretty good at German and would visit friends over there who were also teachers and would ‘pop in’ on classes  when her German friends visited they would also visit the school she was teaching at (I have found a letter dated November 1948 and am not sure if she was a Peckham Rd then, she taught at Loxton St School in Saltley and I’ve not yet found information on when she started at Peckham Rd). They arranged pen-friends between their respective pupils.

Peckham Rd senior girls.

Phyllis’ annotations -
Top row left to right – can’t remember 1st 2, Margaret Webb, 3, unknown, 4th Ursula Humphrey nee Lawrence and Audrey
3rd row from bottom – 2 Barbaras (1st Robinson), Mary Pritchard, can’t remember, June Davy, can’t remember, Mary or Pauline Stevens, can’t remember last 2
2nd row from bottom – Sheila Eades, 3 can’t remembers, Miss Lemon, Audrey, Mary Tubb
Bottom row – can’t remember, Joyce Walton, 2 can’t remember, Barbara Jones, can’t remember, Sheila Gannon

Peckham Road 1958 was her last class – she is the one in the blue suit in the back row.

Peckham leaving 1959 – staff and class. 1st Row, far left Ann Kane 2nd row from right 2 – Miss Wood, 3 – Miss Jennings,5- Miss Tomlinson 6- Phyllis Eastgate, 7 – Miss Roberts

These are from a school trip to Holland in 1954 – Miss Woody (I think appears in Amsterdam 12) and she and my aunt are both in the small group. The group visited Amsterdam, Keukenhof and the Lisse flower festival.

Miss Woody on school trip to Amsterdam

School group outside hotel in Amsterdam

Woody, and girls at Keukenhof




  1. […] from the archive of Phillis seagate, a former teacher at Peckham Road Senior Girls school. Read more… Phillis Seagate at Peckham Road Senior school Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  2. I recognise several of the girls in one of the photographs including Sylvia Averill, Jennifer Yates, Roberta Bodey, Barbara Medlicott and Linda Hadley, they were all in my class. I don’t think I was fortunate enough to go on the school trip.

    • Hi Barbara, Are you by any chance Barbara Medlicott?

  3. the girl in the picture far left is Ann Kane

    Athough I went to Dulwich Road School, I remember playing football against Peckam road School, Sabin was Peckams goalkeeper, and his reputation had gone before him, I thought at the time hes too small to be a goal keeper
    but he was good anyway. That was 1953
    He later played two games for ASTON VILLAs first team in goal against Tottenham Hotspur and Sheffield Wednesday but unforunately he died aged just 21 years of age.

  5. I am not Barbara Medlicott Roger I am Barbara Lawford, also I must comment on Allan Rooke´s mentioning Arthur Sabin, a friend of mine Christine Talbot was engaged to him…..

    • Thank you Barbara, you are the first one who appears to have ever read, or commented on anything that I put on these web sights.
      Thought I was talking to myself.
      Best wishes.

      • hi Allan my name Raymond Brookes i was at Dulwitch road school
        Arthur Sabin was a freind of my brother in law Derek Boxley

    • hi Barbara,Do i know you i was Hazel Harris and left 59/60.

      • Hi Hazel, just picked up your message and I cannot recall you being in the same class as I was. I have a photograph which I am hoping to put on this site when I find out how to do it! Do you remember Linda Glover?

      • I think I know you Hazel, did you live in Binstead Road, I lived at 45 with my parents and sister Glenys, I was know as Denise in those days- the Holland family

  6. Hi Allan, I think the site is very interesting and will always leave a reply. Tell me about yourself, are you married? what family do you have and how long did you live in Kingstanding? Were you surprised that I knew of Arthur Sabin? please keep in touch, best regards Barbara

    • Hi Barbara, I have seen a photo of Sabin, when he was playing for Peckam under 13s, I played against him at senior age. In the mentioned photo you can see what I mean about him being small to play for the Villa he must have shot up in height.
      Also after his death a cup was given for teams to play for, school teams no longer exist since the late sixties,( it was thought wrong for children to play in competiitions ) poor things, but what happened to that cup, was it donated for schools football, Sunday football.
      Now the powers that be have a knew idea, lets encourage sport in schools.
      Yes Barbara I am married, and still kicking.

      Well not, kicking if you know what I mean.

      • Hello all I went to Peckham
        I also knew author Sabin he was in my class 4B seniors
        My name is Dave barker I lived in caversham rd no 114

  7. Hello Ray, Many thanks for your reply, I was also pleased that you knew Derek Boxley, how is he, I always remember how he laughed after a schools match when I had to shout three cheers for so and so school, ( the bxxxxxd ) I hope he is well give him my very best regards.
    Your name rings a bell at Dulwich was you there at the same time as us.
    Hope to hear from you again.

    PS don’t know if this will be on Dulwich site or Peckhams

  8. How do I post a photograph
    onto this site please anyone?

  9. Does anyone rembdr me brenda hadley i was at peckham road 1951 to 1955 last teacher miss james audrey pickering was a grest friend and pam johnson another love to hear

  10. Hello. I was looking at your photo of Peckham Road senior girls (bow photo). The girl on the 3rd row 2nd from the left (with blonde hair) looks like my auntie. Gillian Nicholls. Do you remember Gillian?

  11. hi my name is Bob Cooper I was born in 1942 I started school at Dulwich road aprox 1947 went through to 1956 then moved to London 1971 moved to Adelaide south Australia. I remember, Johnny Fletcher, Geoffrey Evens, Stephen Stanton, Johnny Davis, Tony,Michael, and sisters,Megan, and Lorraine DAVIS, who lived warren farm road, we lived at 1 Elswick Grove. I remember Dr Simon,Sutton Park,the PIMPLE,the MAYFAIR, the swimming baths. Regards Bob and brother Bill.

  12. Hi this is Bob Cooper again I just wanted to wish STEPHEN STANTON happy birthday mate. and Hi MARY.

  13. Any one remember the family Rumbolds at Peckham road school

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