641 girls and 592 boys

May 17th Decision made confirming the need for more air raid shelters before full time schooling could begin.

September 30th Start of compulsary attendance

December 170 boys, 204 girls, and 214 juniors evacuated to Kirkby, Ashfield

1942 Miss Ward becomes head teacher of girls school

1943 Girls raise 2063 for ‘Wings of Victory’ campaign

Girls raise 1695 for ‘Salute the Soldier’ week

1945 October 1st 25 boys away for 10 days on potatoe picking duties

1946 Girls win Ansell Shield in the North Birmingham Gala


July 2nd Girls won the North Birmingham School’s Sports

October 10th Girls won every event at the North Birmingham Gala


April 26th School closedfor Silverwedding of the King and Queen

July 7th & 12th Girls won North Birmingham and the allBirminghamsports

October 8th Girls won the North BirminghamGala

Nov 5th Girls won the Mr Henry Butler Shield

Memories of Lee Lewis


Memories of Shirley Bartram

To me Dulwich Road Secondary Modern School was an excellent place of learning and life experience, especially during the latter part of World War II. My time spent at the school was 1944 to December 1948. I was in the first batch of pupils to stay on until the age fifteen. The Headmistress at the time was Miss Ward and she had a brother who offered two pupils an office job at “Wolsely Sheep Shearing” in Witton each school leaving time. My friend Jean Oldbury and I were lucky enough to be selected in December 1948 and so began our working life.

I mentioned the war years and I vividly remember once a month on a Friday, we took grocery items into school, i.e. a tin of peas, 1/2lb of margarine, packet of tea or sugar etc for a bring and buy sale to raise funds for the school.

Lessons were good. I enjoyed history, geography, maths but mostly English and reading where my favourite teacher introduced us to Anne of Green Gables, which I have never forgotten and still watch the video of it or read my lovely copy of the book which came from Canada, where the authoress was born.

Cokery and house-wifery were quite important too in those days. I recall making scones and bread in the school kitchens and later at “The House” on Kings Road, Kingstanding, we cleaned, polished, scrubbed cellar steps and also prepared meals for the three teachers who lived there.

There were school trips such as to Kingstanding Odeon to see Henry V (super!) and also to Birmingham Town Hall to hear the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra also wonderful.

After the end of the war in Japan, the fifth year pupils were treated to a girls school camp in Headington, nr Oxford, a special, happy time and often recalled even now, by my many friends in Birmingham who were there.

Following on from that I was lucky enough to gain a place on a trip to Paris, staying at “Hotel Moderne” Rue de la Pompe, Paris. We saw all the famous sights. One of my most vivid memories of the trip was having to take tins of condensed milk for our coffee. The Eifel Tower was partially camouflaged from the war and the American Troops were still in Paris. I still hope to go back to see the building where we stayed. I’ve checked and its still there

My school days were amongst the happiest of my life and I still benefit from what I learned and also was delighted to attend a 50 year’s reunion in March 2000, along with my friend and former netball captain Margaret Wright. I earned myself 1 netball medal for Dulwich Road in 1946 but Margaret won quite a few more and carried on her netball career by umpiring, reaching County Level. We are still in touch and I have a copy of a letter I wrote to her when she left Dulwich Road in 1947.

Head Mistress Miss Ward, Teachers Miss Hobbs, Miss Mansell, Miss Brosnen, Miss Smith, Miss Sugden, Miss Hitchen, Miss Coombes, and Miss Poole all helped in giving me and others a good education, despite gas-masks, air-raid shelters, rationing and lack of calculators and computers. Dulwich Road was great!!

By Shirley Bartram

Memories of Alan Hitchman

After leaving Cranborne road primary school i went to Dulwich road Secondary Modern School until i left to start work as an apprentice Electrician with the MEB about 1950.
Several of the teachers i remember were the headmaster was Mr Dolphin, Woodwork was Mr Yeomans and Mr Wood, History Mr Harrington (Happy Harry) Science Mr Porter, art was Mr Howe and Mr Norris ( looked a little like Ronny Corbet) PE was Mr Gardener (He was Stick Happy or in the Gym The Plimsoll), probably the most unpleasant was Mr Vicarage (Old Vic) and one of the nicest was Mr Jackson.
Myself and Fred Pearce were milk monitors for quite a while.
It was a good walk to school each day rain Hail or shine from Atlantic Road, no car rides in those days.

You mentioned Len Cotterill I wonder if he was related to Barry Coterill, who I vaguely remember. You must have lived on the right hand side of the H&H Pub if i remember right because on the left hand side there were those old cottages where July Curtis and her brother lived, if I remember right the Coopers lived not far from you a bit further down the hill,also a blond haired kid called Tom.

My Newspaper round was from The post office to Hotspure Road and the back the other way to Harringay Rd and Streatham Grove.

Fred Pearce was a good mate of mine he lived in Cranborne Road Opposite the school gate and Harry Gibbons who lived in Kettlehouse Road but still went to Dulwich Road Sec Mod, now that was a long way to go each day. I still keep in touch with him and will probably meet up when I visit the UK later this year. Also Ron Parks who went to Cranborne Road and Less Wainwright.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the potato picking trips that you could volunteer for during the last two years at school, a ride out early morning in the truck and then a back breaking day trying to keep up with the tractor who would tell you to get a move on if you hadn’t cleared the patch that was marked out for each of you, by the end of the day you wondered why you had volunteered, but it was a different story when you had our pay in your pocket ( the one without the whole) at the end of the week and you knew you would put your name down next year.

I cant remember what we were paid when we went with the school, I know I was pretty knackerd when we finished , I then had to go and do my paper round. For old Miss Ryan from the Post Office on Kingstanding road.

Mr Porter was the Science teacher when I was there, did you ever notice the size of his feet, they were about a size 15. I Lived in Atlantic Road, it ran from Dyas Road to Old Oscot Hill, it cut through Tresham road. There used to be a field next to our house that was known as ‘the Dip’.

Shirley Thain thinks the captain is Margaret Wright


Class photo

Memories of John E Rowley

I was at Dulwich Road School between 1944 and 1954, and I remember Mr Dolphin, Mr Yeomans and Mr Porter. My main problem with the DRS teachers was that they never impressed me as good at their jobs.
But there was plenty of good times, particularly, play times. My walk to school was very short as I lived in Dulwich Road itself.

Copyright Kingstanding Leisure Centre

Class photo from 1949

Copyright Kingstanding Leisure Centre

Memories of Maurice Sellars

my wife Patricia Stanton went to Cranbourne road school in the early to late forties, she then went on to Dulwich road school. I myself went through the Dulwich road system, the entrance to the infants and juniors was in Aylesbury crescent and the senior boys and  seniorgirls  was in Dulwich road. I can rememer a few of the teachers that I had ie Miss Goodhall in the juniors Mr (baldyvic)Vicory a real sadist with the cane Mr (corky)Degville, Mr Butler. I believe he was nicknamed corky because he lost a foot in WW1 The iron railings around the school were all burnt off with oxy torches around 1943-44 the metal was used to help the war effort.



  1. Hi Shirley.Looking at the girls in the netball photo.What was the name of the girl second from right in the back row as I recognise the face.

    • Hi Charlie sorry so long. On the day your comment was posted I was in Cannock and 2 nights later was with my half sister who I only found in 2004 (a long story) we were having a great meal at the Boars Head and later a drink at the Church Tavern just round the corner from Perry Barr park. I also went too see my friend and netball captain margaret Wright (carrots to all her pals) she lived in Kingstanding Road and now in Ward End My eyesight is not so good but I will ask margaret to look at the picture and will let you know. I too want to recall their names. I find it hard to imagine my friend and me in our navy blue knickers and white shirts. I love browsing on my laptop but Im not very good and sometimes forget what Ive posted but I will get better and keep browsing as I really miss my home now being widowed 14 years (he was a lovely geordiebut loved Bham and worked in Perry Barr as a shotblaster. I remember you sais you started at Fort Dunlop (how long were you there.Well Charlie thats it for now will try for names of netballers. byefor now Shirley.

  2. […] a request from a viewer, I am trying to trace members of the team from 1949 or any other year. Read more… Do you recognise members of the team? Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

    • Hi Ladies of the Netball Team,
      Do any of you remember Sheila Burton, I’d guess around 1947 to 1949 approx. She was my sister (no longer with us) but, she was a good netball player and continued playing for her firm’s team when she left school.
      A little later (around 1954 to 1956) I had another sister Freda Burton, who was also in the school netball team.
      Does any of you remember either of them?
      As they are both long gone, I’d love to hear of any memories you may have.

      Kindest regards
      Frank Burton

  3. Hi Shirley.Sorry for taking so long to reply.Did you find out the name of the back row,seond from left as you face the photo.I started work at Fort Dunlop in april 1949 stayed for six months then joined boys service of the army and served nine years.I then started back at Dunlops and worked there until I retired forty years later.I lived next door to the Hare&Hounds pub on Kingstanding Rd until leaving school then I moved to Chingford Rd.I married a girl called Kathleen Thomas who lived in Dulwich Rd near the school and we had two sons.She died ten years ago.I remarried five years ago but unfortunately she passed away in February.Luckily I now have two families to keep me going.Hope I haven’t bored you too much?
    All The Best.

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