Cranbourne Road Infants school – Kingsthorne Junior school

Memories of Kingsthorne Junior school

Kingsthorne School today

Cranbourne Road – Kingsthorne school

1940-1942 Miss Pool was the  headmistress for the  infants school

1943 Mrs Fairhead was the headteacher of the junior school

1976 Mrs Raven Infants school headmistress

1979 Mr Foster was the junior school headteacher

Memories of Maureen Cherry

One photo  was taken in Mr Hills class sitting beside him is twins Elizabeth and Anne Cox, behind him I remember Pat Harwood and Beryl Franks Brenda Paiyne

There is also Pamela Ward Rita Handsworth Barbara Keights..BOYS John Taroni  John Jones Brian Morris Roy Dunn  Spencer Whitcomb Frank Barnsley David Smith Girl at the back row is Deloras Owen.  This would have been taken around 1949.On Mr Hills  picture I am 4th girl in on the right.

Mr Hill 1949

Mr Hill 1949

Mrs Warwick 1951

Mrs Warwick 1951

The next photo, teacher was Mrs Warwick around 1951 The children were the same as previous class.  My name was Maureen Warner.  I am 5th from the left back row

Cranbourne Rd school evacuees at Ripley station. Courtesy of Kingsthorne school

School Archive



image 2

image 2

image 3

image 3

image 4

image 4

image 5

image 5



image 7

image 7

image 8

image 8

image 9

image 9

image 10

image 10

image 11

image 11



Memories of Mr Gannon

Cranbourne Road school Coronation party. 1953. Courtesy of Mr Gannon


More memories of Ian Genge

These were taken during the above events celebrations in Kingstanding.   My mother, Valerie Genge, went to Cranbourne Road Junior School, where the large group photos were taken. The other 2 photo’s (with the modern house in the background) are of my mother & her younger sister & neighbours, & my mom & her sister, in her neighbours garden in Kingstanding. My mother lived with her parents in Wanstead Grove. These 2 photos were taken just before the Wanstead Grove Coronation Street Party !

Cranbourne Road School Coronation Day

Cranbourne Road School Coronation Day


Cranbourne Road School Coronation Day

Coronation Day at Wanstead Grove


Nan at 53 Cranbourne Road

Cranbourne Road School Coronation day celebrations



Memories of Harry Felton

As near l can   remember to get a free pass we had to swim a couple of lengths in a certain   time as to prove yourself proficient.A free pass entitled you to a 20min   session,although if you hid in the toilets during the changeover and GEORGE   the attendant did not find you you could sneak another session. l attended   Cranborne Road Junior school at the time and at the age of 10 swam a mile for   which l received a certificate which read ;Plunged in and swam one mile;   another thing l remember about the baths was the hot 1d  OXO in the cafe   that overlooked the little pool,it was very welcome on a cold winters day .

Memories of Ray Malvern

I was at Cranbourne Rd.School from about 1940 to 1946.If I remember right kids could start before their fifth birthday at the time to allow mothers to go to work.For the first few months I was there we attended mornings only.After we started attending afternoons we seemed to get air raids on a regular basis just about finishing time so was stuck in the shelters instead of going home.I remember the head teacher in the infants was Miss Poole,the only other teacher I remember from the infants was Miss Lewis.From the juniors I remember the head teacher was Miss Pugh other teachers being Mr.Giles Miss Acton and Mr.Taylor who had been demombed from the R A F.

Kingsthorne Golden Jubilee publication Click the link to open.

Front cover

Kingsthorne 50th



  1. Kingsthorne Primary school was known as Cranborne Road infants and Junior school when i was there, i was dumped there by my mother and my younger sister who was in a push chair at the time, I say dumped because i was not very happy about going to school, my mother took me into Miss Lutleys class and they showed me all the good things that were going and then Mom said “i have to check on your little sister who is outside being looked after by another lady, I will be back soon”. well that was it i was left there until lunch time when we went home early for the first week, once Mom had left i forgot all about where i was and was quite happy so i have been told.

    • Crambourne Road School.
      I started in 1943, don’t remember much about the infants, some of the teachers names that come mind in Juniors , Miss Fairhead was the Head, Mr. Evans, Mr. Howard, Mr. Phillips, and the dreaded Miss Freeman in the wooden classrooms.

  2. I have very fond memories of my time at Kingsthorne. Left in 1979. I remember a very kind teacher called Mrs Jones, who taught the youngest children. When I went into the Juniors I always used to shout to her over the railings and she was always so lovely to me. I was afraid of Mrs Mason because she used to be very stern, but loved being in the class of Mr Dors, even though he used to tower over me. He seemed over 6ft tall, but that’s probably because we were so small. I enjoyed the poetry lessons and making models in the hut that was at the back of the playground. I was so proud to be house captain of Emerald house and secretly had a crush on the boy captain for the same house. The other houses were Topaz, Ruby and Sapphire. Mr Foster, the headmaster, had a unique way of signing his name and I still have all the authgraphs from my last day at Kingsthorne. Reciting times tables, using eletronic adding machines that spoke to you, playing tag and kiss chase in the playground…those were the days. The only thing I didn’t like was the warm milk!!!!!

    • im sure i was there the same time, Miss mason was my Ist year teacher in junior too, i remember her as tall and skinny teacher, i think 2yrs later or 1yr later that i had miss colicotte givivig out cadbury cream eggs for easter i loved doing the flower baskets for each class competition(dont thrnk our class ever won though) oh and the tagging and kiss chase oh fab they were the days! ay do you remember the kid with peircing blue eyes everyone liked

      • That was prob me with the blue eyes. I remember the girls all telling me I had nice eyes. I remember getting the ruler on my hand off miss kottman. And at lunchtime interlocking your hands and putting them in the air for seconds. I left in 79 to go to perry common.

  3. Kingsthorne junior school Birmingham UK

    I lived in the kingstanding area from about 1969, first at number 82 Lingfield Avenue off birdbrook road old Oscott Kingstanding, then at Weybourne Road Great Barr / Kingstanding ( where my parents still live today )

    I attended this school as a child up untill i left in 1976 aged 11, moving to secondary school Perry Common Comprehensive untill 1981. I had attended both the infant and the junior school at Kingsthorne.
    i remember playing british bulldog when i was at kingsthorne junior school back in 1976, from what i remember of the game it was a sort of tig/tag game all the kids lined up on one side of the playground and had to try to run to the other side without being tagged.

    i also recall the ghost stories of the world war 2 air pilot who used the haunt the old wooden classroom blocks which stood on the rised up section of the large rear playground, next to the nursey which formed part of the haunted wooden classrooms block and the wooden cook house block opposite off the tansley road entrance. Its believed that a RAF base and aircraft runway had meant to have once stood on the grounds of the school or had been located somewhere very close by but the old schools wooden huts had at one time meant to been used the house RAF Staff sometime during WW2 ? i do recall there being a RAF air cadet training base about half a mile away from the school, 425 RAF squardon ? which used to be next to goodway nursey school on goodway road near to hawthrone road and kings road back then in 1976 .

    i can’t remember who the headmaster was of the junior’s school was at kingsthrone was when i left in 1976 but i think it was a Mr Foster ?, but i remember Mrs Raven being the headmistress of the infant school.
    i can also remember a mrs mason a first year junior school teacher, mr dors or doors cant remember the correct spelling of his name, but he was my form teacher in 1976 when i left, Mr Martin who class room was next to our classroom and who’s class we always used to be in competition with. i recall having to walk from kingsthorne school going out of the cranbourne road entrance to kingstanding swimming baths which used to be on warren farm road near warren farm secondary school, the schools sport playing fields (or the ones the school used) used to be off tysoe road / burford road and kingstanding road about a one mile walk from the school (it seemed more like 5 miles away at that age ) where we had to walk to for football, cricket, and hockey for the girls practice. I recall the main part of the building being built in what i can only describe as being a sort of a 50p coin shape if viewed from the air with the two halls being built / placed either side of sort of 50p shaped building parallel to each other – one for the infant side of the school, one for the junior side of the school which used to be used for morning assembly, doubled up as the dinning hall and sports hall. In the centre of this main building block was large grass / garden area which when i attended the infant school we used to hold our sports days on.
    Most years while i attend this school, both the junior and infant section of the school, separate from each other would hold summer and christmas concert / play. i remember my mother Mrs Ann Brookes and her good friend Mrs Floss Goodman i think her name was, had volunteered to sing with the children in the choir in the infant schools christmas concert, well my mom’s friend may have been a good singer but she often forgot the words to the song she was meant to have been singing and could be heard over everyone else singing the wrong words with the whispers of kids saying “miss miss your sing it wrong again ” or Mrs Raven the infants school headmistress and choir master shouting out ” oh Floss not again please do try to remember the words to the song !!” Thankfully Floss always managed to get it right on the night tho.


  4. Cranbourne Rd Infants School
    I first went to Cranbourne Rd Infants School in 1942, my mother took me, as my father was in the army in the Far East, I did not see him until I was eight years old, when he came home at the end of the war.
    It is strange how the memory works, I cannot remember the name of a single teacher in the infants school only the Head Mistress Ms Pool.
    For the first couple of weeks my mum took me to school but I soon teamed up with Peter Dolman who became my “best friend” and who lived at 12 Crayford Rd which was just round the corner from where I lived at 123 Hurlingham Rd, as we walked to school we would meet with others and chat we were a very happy group.
    We were always early for school and would play in the playground until the bell sounded, we would then line up in front of our teacher who would then march us into class, where she would call the register.
    She then marched us into the big hall youngest at the front oldest at the back, the whole infants school assembled we sang a hymn,recited the lords prayer and Ms Pool would tell us about things going on in the school.
    When this was over a teacher played a gramophone record, for us to march out to it was always the same record “Marche Militaire” by Schubert, back in our class the learning began. Our abc’s and our numbers and learning to write.
    Our teacher would read us a story, to be continued next day.
    The commands ” sit up straight arms folded”
    ” Heads Down ” we would all lie across our desks with our heads resting on our arms, if I did this today I’d be asleep in minutes.
    Pupils would bring in bunches of flowers for the teacher who would put them in vases around the room and on Friday she would offer them to puplls to take home it was a highly sought after prize.
    Another lesson I enjoyed was music, for this we went into the big hall where there was a piano,and a “band box” this contained an assortment of musical instruments, castanets, tambourines, drums, cymbals, triangles and a big bass drum, as I was a big boy I often got to play the big drum, I also liked the cymbals they also made a loud noise.
    Another aspect of our music lessons was singing, although I had a croaky voice I enjoyed singing ” the British Grenadiers , Men of Harlech, the ashgrove” and many more, our teacher would help us by playing the piano, which helped keep us in tune.
    As I progressed through the infants I was given the job, with other boys, as a milk monitor. A milk lorry would reverse up the drive to the school and we would help the driver off load his delivery of milk crates. Each pupil was given a Gill of milk morning and afternoon, a gill was a quarter of a pint, our job as milk monitors was to carry the crates, two each classroom.
    I enjoyed my years in the infants and cannot remember any unhappy times there

  5. I can’t remember the exact years I was at Cranbourne Rd School, it must have been 1943/1948 ish.

    Names I remember from school are as follows :-
    Roy Parish, Kenny Tredwell, Ronnie Jordan, Graham Warton, Derek Boxley,
    Margaret Ford, Carol Crump, Ann Faulkner, Harry Felton, Sheila Capernhurst, Geoff Ashley ( Sheila & Geoff got married they live in New Zealand, John Middleton.

    It woiuld be nice hear from any of them after all these years.

    I used to work as a lad on the Midland Counties Dairy Milk Round in Kingstanding with my Dad, we used to start at 0700 at Hurlingham Rd. do most of kingstanding area ending up at Rivington Cresent.
    I remember we start a Dog Spotters Club Canine Defence in a shed in Cranbourne Rd. belonging to Graham Warton’s parents his mother used to bring out to us drinks and cakes for us.

    I seem to remember you Alan Hitchman .

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  7. I left Kingsthorne junior in 1971,prior to leaving i remember the Headmaster as Mr Bullus and deputy head as Mr Martin.
    Other teachers were:- Mrs Kottman,Mr Cherry (who ran the cricket team)
    miss or mrs Snowden,the dreaded Mr Friar,Mrs Jones who i think was more to do with the primary school,and ran a country dancing lesson, i remember Mrs Cork who was head of primary probably mid 60’s and she once gave me the slipper.
    I also remember the old world war 2 air raid shelters that were behind the wooden classrooms,the white rabbits in the central green and trips to burford road playing fields.


  8. I first went to Cranbourne Rd schools in September 1941, progressing from Infants to Juniors, Miss Pool was the Head of the Infants.
    Miss Pugh was the Junior Head, her staff were Mr Giles, Mr Jackson, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Warwick, Miss L. Baker, Miss G. Baker, Miss Pittaway,
    Mr Giles had the top class, but retired, his place was taken by Miss Askew.
    When the war ended two more male teachers arrived, Mr Harvey and Mr Jones. Mr Jones used to bring his dog with him and it lay outside his classroom in the quadrangle, he lived somewhere up Kings Rd towards Sutton and I would walk home with him and his dog. Would never be allowed now.
    The school never had any sports teams until Mr Jones and Mr Harvey arrived, they organised a football team with practice after school, we didnt have any school colours or jerseys so we played in white “T” shirts on which the girls from our class had had sewn the school initials in yellow on a green background all made from felt.
    Most of our matches were played at Holford drive playing fields which were behind Kynochs and ICI ( opposite Birchfield Harriers sports ground)
    Few if any of the teachers had cars but I do remember that Mrs Freeman bought a motorcycle, it was very small ex army paratroop machine which she would ride.

  9. Kingsthorne Primary I was there from 1975 Mr Evans was the headmaster I always remember he used to have rubber thimble type things on his fingers, first teacher was Mr Salt I loved him, then Miss Cauldicott who used to give the pump if you played up, then my final teacher was Mr Martin, he told us he either lived in or close to James Watts house in hands worth. Other teachers I remember we’re Mr Dors tall and scary, Miss Kottman who took us for needlework. I still have my certificates for sports days and winning the flower arranging contest 1976

  10. Correction to my previous posting:- The teacher who brought his Alsation dog to school was Mr Hill not a Mr Jones, but he was a Welshman
    It would be nice to see some more postings of that era.
    I can still remember most of the names my class Miss Askew’s, that left Cranbourne Rd school in 1948. It was not known to me as Kingsthorne until much later

    • I left Cranbourne road in 1948..remember Mr Hill ..he was my favourite friend and I were teachers

      • Hello Ann, I like you, left Cranbourne Rd in 1948. I liked both Mr Hill and Mr Harvey because when they arrived at the school they organised the first football and cricket teams that ever represented the school. Most if not all the players were selected from the top class. I played in all the football matches and cricket matches until I left in 1948.
        In those days there were over 40 in a class do you remember any of these names
        Ann McKensie Peter Dolman
        Jean Baker David Harris
        Pat March Teddy Gallimore
        Barbara Cook Peter Edmunds
        June Ashby David Gregory
        Yvonne Leach Kerin Lee
        Gillian Sharpe Alan Harrison
        Peggy Jones Derek Chapman
        Valerie Parker John Rochelle
        Margaret Cousins Geoffrey Ashley
        Betty Wilson Clifford Evans
        Florence Wilks David Warren
        Thelma Leatherton Victor Turner
        Brenda Bosworth John Dunne
        Norma Plant Kenny Broohill
        Brenda Rivers Michael Ashton
        Derek Gulliver
        Terry Keight
        Kenny Cornbill
        When I was in my teens I remember reading in the B’ham Mail about Billy Smarts Circus in town and that there was a trapeze artist from the city named Margaret Cousins, I often wonder if she was the same Margaret from my class.

        Betty Wilson was a member of Birchfield Harriers
        Valerie Parker was an Acrobatic Dancer
        Yvonne Leach and her family emigrated to South Africa
        Peggy Jones had red hair.

        John Rochelle’s family owned the Butchers shops, one at the Circle, the other where he lived was on the Kinstanding Rd just along from Dyas Rd.

        Alan Harrison became a cycle speedway ace with Kingstanding Monarchs

        Pete Edmunds I new in my motorcycling days when he road a Velocette Venom, I road a Norton Dominator.

        Teddy Gallimore’s father had been killed in the war.

        Kerin Lee’s father also died he was in the RAF

        Derek Chapman ran into a Dinner Trolley as it was being pushed across our playground, he severely gashed his leg and was off school for weeks

        I hope someone remembers and can add to the names and events

        I remember the football team having our photo taken, I had a copy buts its lost in the mist of time

      • i left cranbourne in 1951,miss sherman was head of infants,miss fairhead juniors,classmates were malcolm bird brenda heath beaulla rochelle robert chew keth woakes kathleen snead,peter desmond was the school bully,he got expelled.

    • I remember talking football we had an Aston Boys player Roy Parish he used to live next door but one to the school in Cranbourne Rd on the corner with Cranbourne Grove

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  12. I left cranbourne road, later named kingsthorne school in 1957, my last teacher was mr ledger from class 4a there was about 40 pupils in our class, can not remember to many names, but here goes, the Evans sister,diane and sandra, neville, norman massey, david brelsforth, joan palmer, christine fitzpatrick, ken leason, david edkins, clive kill,dereck haskins, would love to hear from anyone who remembers, and opolgies for those i can not remember. Mr Hawkins was the headmaster who left and Mr worrel then became headmaster and Mr Martin was is deputy. Can recall being called out of the class by Mr Worral to go to paper shop on kingstanding road to fetch him a packet of players weight cigarettes, somehow dont think that would be allowed now? I was a regular member of the football and cricket team. does anyone remember the school trips, to windsor casle, llandudno,warwick castle?

  13. Hi Richard Wall
    I cant recall your name but I do remember Pat March (I lived in the same road )also Dereck Gulliver ,Brenda Bosworth ,Peter Doleman John Rochelle,Do you remember Pamela Lancaster or Freddie Edwards .I also seem to rember that Miss Askew had a dog I also recall that she kept her purse in her knicker leg

    • How do you remember that?

  14. I was at Cranbourne Rd from 1945-51 I remember Miss Fairhead and my teacher was Mr Hill who I really liked. The other others in my class Beryl franks, Pat Harwood Brenda Heath Pamela Ward Rita Handsworth the twins Elizabeth & Anne Cox.Istarted in the infant school and I remember Beula Rochelle started on the same day her parents had the Butchers shop on Kingstanding road..My name was Maureen Warner I had Black Hair usually
    in plaits.

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  16. What a great school that seems to have lost its way. I was there until 1980 and had great teachers like Miss Caldicott, and Mrs Howarth in the juniors and Mrs Jones and Mrs Raven in the infants.

  17. My aunt (Pat Smith) lived in Cranbourne Grove and I can remember her friend was Brenda Heath.

  18. I was at Cranbourne Rd School in the late 1940’s do anybody remember being taken by the school to the Birmingham Town Hall to perform a Sea Shanty, I think it was called Down Rio, we was dress as old time sailors in home made outfits..

  19. I was in the school choir in the late 40s early 50s…I think Miss Baker was the teacher, and we sang in a concert at the town hall , it was brilliant. Song I remember…Little Lamb Who Made Thee..

  20. I was at the Infants school approx 1955-1960 my Sister Glenys Holland had a lovely Teacher Miss Fields, I had a terrible Teacher Mr Mullins I remember he used to rattle your knuckles with a ruler if you did not know an answer i wad sknown as Denise Holland in those days and we lived in Binstead Road, I remember Carol Riddell,Eileen Keyte were my freinds

  21. Hi Ann
    I remember sing at the Town hall in Birmingham when I attended Cranlington Rd. School it would be 1943 – 1948 remember Miss Fairhead she was strict very pre-war dressed.

    The performance at the Town Hall we sang a Sea Shanty I think it was call ” Away Down ” we were dress as Jack Tars with black round hats made by ourselves and horiz stripped tops what a day

    Ray Griffiths

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