The Project

Voices of Kingstanding is an oral history project which seeks to record the history of the Kingstanding estate, Birmingham since it was built in the 1930’s. It aims to record the suburban experience of it’s residents across its homes, schools, churches and in particular its community associations. The project leaders hope it also provides its current and former residents with some of the pleasures of reminiscence. We do appreciate that some memories are more painful to recall and will filter out those recollections which could spark controversy or hurt.

Sharing your memories

Comments on all the web pages can be made directly on the web pages They are reviewed before then can be seen by the public. Pictures should be emailed to chrishillcox1@hotmail.com. It is the same for audio and video clips. I can receive most common types of audio, picture, and video files.

The Project Leader

The project has been carried out by Chris Hillcox. Chris is a Geography graduate from Swansea then Loughborough university. As a secondary school teacher, Chris taught history along with other humanities subjects. Chris first worked on an oral history project in 2010 when he lead voices of Allen’s Cross intergenerational heritage project supported by The Heritage Lottery fund. Voices of Kingstanding in Chris’s second project.


Voices of Kingstanding project is lead by Chris Hillcox and is run in partnership with the community of Kingstanding. To contact the project please use the comment box on this web site or email directly  at voicesofkingstanding@hotmail.co.uk. Telephone 07783903096.

Voices of Kingstanding in the community

This is a community based project and every effort will be made to engage the whole community in the project. During the project, the following community events were held:-

18th January Open event at Kingstanding Library

22nd January Community liaison and MINDS open day, St John community centre, Kingstanding

3rd August Community recollection at Perry Common Community Centre

Voices of Kingstanding at Perry Common community centre

19th August 2011. Lakeside Community Centre, Wyley Birch. Oral history presentation to seniors group.

6th September 2011 Maryvale Community Centre, Kingstanding. Oral history presentation to seniors.


I would like to thank the following for their help on the project:

All the interviewees for their contributions

Paul Hillcox for scanning slides.

Perry Barr Observer for covering the project in July, 2011



  1. How do I get to be able to log in then.

    I was born in 1936, in Peckham road.. lived there till around 1956…..

  2. Please, can someone advise me on how to attach a photo, I’ve tried the drag and drop to no avail, can you help.


    • Did you know John Copson?

      • No, i can’t say i knew the name..

  4. My Mom was born in peckham road Kingstanding in the 50s and Attended the School There her name was Susan Sumner Any one remember her Im sure she would love to hear from her old school friends She still lives in Kingstanding, My dad lived in Kingstanding too John Davis but didnt move there until the early 60s with his sisters mom and dad.

    • Hi Siobhan! I have lived in kingstanding for most of my life, from about the age of 6. I went to Twickenham Rd primary school followed by Kings Rise secondary modern. When i attended Twickenham primary in the mid 60s i knew a Barry Sumner & was wondering if your Mom was his elder sister…

  5. Has anybody got any memories or photos of Perry Barr Fire Station on College Road? I’m a fireman there and we would love some info or particularly photos to display inside the station. Thanks

  6. Hi Graham, I met John in 1962 and we got married the following year, so we have been married 52 years. Were you at school with him?

    • No Barbara, sorry the surname doesn’t even ring a bell, even if he had younger siblings. If you were married in 63 then it’s well before my time. I was only 5 July 63.. Where did you both live? Are you still in the area

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