Dulwich Road – Warren’s Farm Junior and infants school

Memories of Dulwich Road –  Warren’s Farm Junior school

Memories of Mrs Christine Mullard, Great Barr

When I went to live inNorbiton Road on what was then Warren Farm estate, in March 1930, Dulwich Road school was not built. The children living in the area, nearly all went to Hastings Road School, which was quite a good walk away, which we did four times a day.

No school meals then and we were not allowed to take sandwiches as there was no room where we could sit to eat them.

At this time I was six years and two months old. I found these journeys very tiring.

As soon as Dulwich Road school was opening in 1931, my sister, 18 months my senior, and I were amongst the first children to go there. It was not a secondary modern then, but known as an elementary school and we had what was known as an elementary education. I was in the infants for a very short time. Mrs Lwa was my teacher and we were taught to knit dishcloths!

I soon went into the junior school – both infants and juniors were mixed schools and I still remember most of the teachers names. Whilst I was in the juniors we had two headmasters. One was Mr Lock and the other was Mr Locker! Milk could be had at break time but had to be paid for – no hand outs then!

Games and sports took place in the playground (Tarmac) so there were plenty of scraped knees and elbows.

Memories of Geoffrey Elliker

I was at Warren Farm Rd School from 1948 onwards and would love to try to find anyone who was there then,.I am now 70yrs old this year….My old mates were Graham Stevens,David Belshaw,Johnny Hunt.Geoffrey Clark…if anyone can help me,please let me know.

Memories of Ann Jones (Yeomans)

I’m Ann Yeomans, I was at Warren Farm from 1962-1966, I remember Shirley Parker Jennifer Kettley Jennifer Pettitt Linda Slack Jacqueline Hatthaway, Yvonne Day Pat Dodd, and the boys were, Robert Page Raymond Holford, Paul Smith(fuggy) Tony Melon, and Tony Palin, it would be nice to hear from people who went to the same school! My mom dad and family went to Dulwich road school.

Memories of Dorothy Capewell

Forgot, Mr Dugarde, he passed suddenly( heart attack). I remember it vividly. Miss Lark, or was it Slark. Miss Goodall. Oh! junior school Mrs Snoxall. She lost her son in a bicycle accident. Mr Collis, a great man.

Memories of Avril Purvis

Junior school- Mr Buckley, Mr Collis, Miss Cooling, Mrs Norcliffe, Mr Walsh

Infant school-Miss Dyer, Miss Ward. I remember the huts. Mrs Norcliffe was in one and I think her name was Miss Austin in the other. Do you remember my brother Neil. Also, when I was in Miss Dyers class we made plaster of Paris gnomes and painted them. I still have mine I’ll have to post it. Miss Dyer lived well into he nineties.



  1. Avril,
    Was it not Miss Norcliffe who married and became Mrs Seargent?
    Or am I completely wrong?

    From Frank Burton
    (Ryder Cup Winners yet again)

    • Nope. They were too different teachers. Mrs Sargeant was my teacher until she got married and left. I cant remember her maiden name.

  2. Well, all these teachers names from the 1950’s come pouring back into my memory. Thanks for reminding me of those days.

    • kieth do u rember me clem watts.david groutage was my long time pal he live on the corner of dansbury and warrenfarmrd by the cathlic school

      • I don’t remember those names, my friend was Brian Morrison whose Dad was Vicar at Elim Church up by the Hawthorn shops. David Fitzpatrick and a couple of others I recall

    • HI Keith your the first name i have found on the net that i know in 15 years!(not that i look much).I left b.ham in 1982 &moved to Cornwall.Have lived in Andalusia Spain since 2002.I can remember most of the teachers &boys (does that mean i have a god memory or alzheimer’s ?) John Mason ,David Harris. John Roome,Michael Perks& David Routlege , who was an apprentice,at Fort Dunlop, with me are a few for now. Adiós

  3. I went to warren farm sec school. left there in 1969.. miss green n mrs snoxall. always carrying her handbag to support her busom.i remember the pe teacher miss kay jeans, she was one b>>>>>>>>love to hear of anyone who re,members me,xxxx

    • i remember mrs snoxall in the early fifties

  4. I went to the infant school in about 1968 and was in Mrs Norcliffe’s class and Mr Tony Green. Mrs George was headmistress and I am sure was taught to play the recorder by a Mrs Dyer. I loved the school.

    • hi john think you went to school with my brothers paul and david smith and I went with your brother I think his name was david bevan we were in the badminton team my name was tracy smith

      • Hi Tracy.
        I have just received this message from this site.
        If I am correct I went to school with David, He would be about 55 now. I played football with Paul for a team called the Valley. Did your family live about number 44 Dulwich road? I hope you are all keeping well pass on my regards.

      • hi john yes thats us we lived at number 50 mom passed away sadly january but all my brothers are well i used to be in the badminton team in mr Currys class with Susan Brittle hope your family are keeping well

  5. im still around im 74 on the 3rd of june. im driving down to cornwall in may for 2 weeks its 230 miles i always enjoy myself there ive been going for 7 yrs its 7 yrs this year 3 times a year 2 week in may or june 3 weeks in sept and 1 week oct. the people are like family to me i see them almost every year as they do change thier dates

    • Hi Clemmie,
      I remember you very well, I used to be in the same class as you, if I remember right your brother was a POW in Korea, I remember when he was released after the Korean was over, hope you are keeping well.

    • im 75 now and still driveing to poperro cornwall it will be nine years now im having a week in easter and 1st 3 weeks in june 3 wks in sept and last week in oct i love it at seaview holiday village polperro road polperro cornwall phone 0121 748 4825

  6. i was in the infants at dulwich rd infants it was a mixed school, with mr dugarde as head master he wrote the school motto black and gold, there was mr colly , mr buckley miss cooling teachers.,Helen booth ,barbara liggins, joan jarrett,carol bostock, lynn egginton,then went to seniors girls only school at warren farm miss green was head misstress mrs snocksel was deputy head, last year with miss iona oneil with helen booth,eileen styche irene jobson, marliene frampton ,beryl richardson left school in 1964 i remember more . Im linda peters (nee )williams.

  7. Ann Yeomans. My name is Barbara Cockburn but my maiden name was Kettley and Jennifer was my sister. Sadly she passed away 14 years ago she had a two year battle with cancer before she died. I am 7 years older than Jennifer but went to the same school and left in 1959.

  8. went to warren farm nursery right through to leaving the senior section in 1966 i lived on plumstead road and my maiden name was phipps all my brothers and sisters attended the school even my mom whose maiden name was moyler went to the school to back in the thirties my moms family moved into the house in plumstead road when the houses had just been built also my husbands uncle attended the same school is name was gordon breeze and he too was one of the first to start the school when it was built

  9. Oh memories I was there from 1955-1965. I remember all these teachers especially Miss Dyer. I danced round the maypole and loved it. Happy times.

  10. I went to dulwich road school from 1948 to1958 lived in plumstead road remember the cooks family and the Hudson’s and the swains dose anybody remember the adderley

  11. my name back then was angela phipps and i went from nursery straight through to seniors at warren farm does anyone remember mr phillips i had mrs northcliffe has my teacher mrs george was headmistress mr buckley always sat smoking at is desk would love to hear off anyone who remembers mexx

  12. I went to warren farm from 70-76. One of the teachers I remember is Mr Curry. He wrote fabulous plays each year, handed out properly bound scripts and gave each child in his class a part. My family still occasionally remind me of my embarrassing casting as Twinkle Toes.

    • hi lesley i was in mr Currys class as well and had parts in his plays with gillian knight and susan brittle one of the plays was oliver twist meets babes in the woods if i remember rightly lovely times

  13. Does anyone have the song that Mr Dugard wrote called ” Black and Gold”. He was the headmaster of Dulwich Road junior school and died suddenly of a heart attack. He was a lovely man.

    • Hi Avril,
      Bold brave and true
      In all we seek to do
      ?????????????? on high
      Until we reach the sky,
      We will stand by the laws that unfold
      and live by the truth to be told
      We will fight the fight
      With all our might
      So that we can learn what is wrong and what is right
      So here’s to the brave and the bold
      and the motto we mean to uphold
      da dah da da da da da da da da? (cant remember)


      Or something like that! As you say, good old Mr Dugard!

      Just got back from NY Avril. Didn’t see you on top of the ESB, what a shame (ha ha)

      Went to see Jersey Boys at August Wilson (as you recommended). It rocked!!! Super Show!

      Hope you are keeping well.

      Frank Burton

      • And you didn’t come and visit me Frank? I was only45 mins south of you by plane. I’ll have to seethe can remember the song.

        Sent from my iPad


      • Remembered some of it: where is says ” so here’s to the brave and the bold, And the motto we mean to uphold Then it goes: Like the Knights of old we will guard our Colours, Black and Gold

        It’s the third line I have to try and remember now. Glad you went to see Jersey Boys in NY. We’ve seen it 4 times already. Wasn’t it great.

        Sent from my iPad


      • Is it ” with cap and badge on high” until we reach the sky????

        Sent from my iPad


  14. HI Avril,
    i’m not sure. Now you’ve got me thinking!
    I can see old Mr Dugard now, on the old “joanna” going:-

    Pinky pink ponk pinky
    Pinky pink ponk pinky
    Pinky pink ponk pink ponk pink
    Da da da rah dah
    Childrens voices
    and so on.

    Not too bad though, after all, it must be from around 60 years ago

    Lovely to hear from you Avril.

    Kind regards
    Frank Burton

  15. Hi Frank Bob Cooper here, talking about the school motto it was up on a shield but it was in LATIN ( fortis et fidalas ) meaning as you say ( bold brave and true ) I have never forgotten. regards to everyone who remembers me. Bob Cooper from Adelaide Australia. ps. spelling may not be correct. happy days.

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