Kingsland Primary school

Kingsland Primary School in 2010

Kingsland school Timeline

23rd September 1935 school opens as joint infant and junior school Miss E Morris.

March 1937 School reorganised into two separate departments, Kingsland Junior mixed school and Kingsland infants school.

25th August 1937 the Junior school was reorganised into a Junior Boys and Junior Girls school. This was owing to a large number of children attending the school (596). Mr C Harding OBE was the headmaster at the boys school and Miss E Morris Girls school headmistress.

21st February, 1957 the school was re-amalgamated following the sudden death of Mr Harding.

31st August 1960 Miss Morris retires and Mr HRO Dowle was appointed headmaster of the Junior school and Mrs W Bailey headmistress of the infants school.

31st December 1969, the school was reorganised into a joint Infant and Junior school following the retirement of Mrs W Bailey.

In 1981 the headteacher was Mr Penman

During the 1980’s Mr Sulch was the headteacher

Your memories of Kingsland Primary School.

Memories of Gwen Clifford

May Day celebrations at Kingsland School, 1952. Copyright Gwen Clifford

The May Day celebrations took place every year at Kingsland Road Infant School in the early 1950s. The May Queen and her attendants would be chosen from the “top class” of the infant school (7-8 year olds). The celebration was held in the school hall where a raised stage was built for the queen’s throne. The other three classes prepared some form of entertainment which took place in the hall after the queen and her attendants had processed in and took their place on the stage. This celebration took place in the afternoon of 3 days in the first week of May and parents were invited to attend. I also remember making garlands for our heads out of coloured tissue paper and covering fruit baskets (used by the greengrocers in those days to display soft fruits) with similar paper and filling them with flowers and these were presented to the May Queen.(Baskets and garlands seen in photo.) I also remember we gave a maypole dancing demonstration.

Photos were taken by the school photographer and it would be nice if we could find someone who still had a photo of the May Queen.

Kingsland School, 1955. Note the steps up to the classroom. Copyright Gwen Clifford

Memories of Hazel Sherrard

I started school in 1955 but I don’t remember much about May 1956 except making hats out of cheese boxes & tissue paper then having our pictures taken with the May Queen. However we did country dancing in lesson time & I loved it. By the time we were in the top infants we must have been dancing at lunch times as well. I know I felt lucky to be in the country dance team & I loved to dance. I think we only danced during school time but perhaps others might remember if we danced for the public. It was the time we could wear our prettiest dresses & home made hats. We had the May pole up in the hall. There was a hole in the middle of the floor for it to lock into. You had to be careful not to tangle the ribbons. In other words you mustn’t overtake the person in front of you & weave in & out at the right time.!! I think children also had to sit at the bottom of the pole to give it extra support. It was quite a spectacle to watch. I left Kingsland Road School at Easter 1960 as my parents moved. I see there is a photo from 1961 posted. I remember the name of one girl in that class as her Mum was my teacher at about that time – Lucy Dunn. Some of these “chidren” might be in the same photo as me & might remember more than me. After leaving school I went on to be a teacher myself & introduced country dancing to many of them but unfortunately not maypole dancing although I have some instructions somewhere.

Kingsland School May day celebration in 1957. Copyright Hazel Sherrard

Memories of Shirley Hammond




  1. It was rubbish school life

  2. […] Kingsland Infant and Junior school […]

  3. I attended Kingsland (Kingsland Road Infant and Junior School) from c1957 – 1963. I remember Mrs Aubruck, she was my first teacher, an elderly lady with grey hair and a grey beard. She was very kind. I remember Mr Hutchins, (or Mr Hutchinson.) I liked him too, but he (and all the teachers) dished out corporal punishment, the cane, the ruler, or the slipper. The slipper had a cross cut out of the soul, and it pinched when you were hit with it. I remember Mrs Cottman, she spoiled my whole experience of school. She was short in stature and sharp by nature and she frightened me. I had nightmares for years about running along the wooden corridors of that school, holes would appear, and I was afraid of falling through them. I also remember H R O Dowel; but not here. My recollection of him was as Head Teacher at The Streetly School, where I went later. Does anyone else remember him there?

    From this time in my life I remember Susan Groom, June Kemp, Dixie (or Pixie) and Trixie. Towyn Ennis, Ross Hudson, Alan Verinder, Paul Marsden, David Smith, Linda Hood, Sylvia Plumley, and Sheila Lee. All of these people went to other secondary Schools, probably Great Barr Comprehensive.

    I have two photographs which I could share from this time, but I’m not sure how to upload them.

  4. Thank you Hazel for bringing back memories of the maypole dancing which took place during the May festival. Yes, I remember practicing for weeks and weeks around the maypole placed in the centre of the Infants hall. I can’t quite remember the name of the teacher who organised the dancing, but it was great fun and very skilful for a little girl less than 7 years old. I know we performed for the parents who attended the May festivals but I don’t think we performed at any event outside the school.

    • Hi was interested seeing this photo. I am on the front row ! and also have a copy of this pic. Think i have others, not sure how to upload them. Mrs J.m.Pugh(nee morgan) 18/1/2013

  5. I went to Kingsland Road in the 80s they was the best days of my life, It all went downhill from there on though when I went to the Comp I remember Mrs Hewwit reception class, Mrs Dolby, they had been there the longest, the smell of carbolic soap and the rumours of the grey lady ghost in the toilet, ha ha, Its all too modern now, From the pictures on here that was exactly how it was when i was there, with a big old tree at the bottom of the playing ground and the old class rooms we used to pretend was a stage and sing songs (silly I know). the Hills near the canteen, where if it was sunny we were allowed to play I can still smell the grass now best days of my life.

  6. I went to Kingsland Rd from 1955 to 1961. It was a wonderful primary school and very progressive for that era.I remember the maypole dancing…and getting a slap for messing the sequence up! My teachers in the junior school were Mr Hutchins,Mrs Dunne,Mr Hutchins again and Mr Simms in the last year.Mr Hutchins was a much loved teacher,who inspired me to become a primary teacher myself. I took away many ,many happy memories.

  7. please can anyone help me? I went to what I thought was Bandywood infants in 1938/9. Lived in Queslett Rd. and it have a vivid picture of tthe entrance being on a hill with a circle of trees in the middle, from which came a scent I never forgot – daffodils.
    I can’t find any trace of a Bandywood school for those years! I remember the class stopping at 11.0am every Nov. 11th, too young then to understand why.
    Queued for our gas masks being issued from one of the new council houses in Queslett, lovely countryside then, in the lane to Barr Beacon Harebells and Poppies grew in the lane to Barr Beacon.

  8. Hi everyone my dad went here he was born in 1944 so probably from 48 onwards ? His name was James Donaldson but people did call him Tony he had 2 sisters who were older Shirley and Beryl x if anyone remembers them please let me know x oh and their mum (Pat) was the lolly pop lady worked for years before retiring and was presented with a watch x

  9. There is an error here: “In 1981 the headteacher was Mr Penman. During the 1980’s Mr Sulch was the headteacher.”

    Mr Penman was not the headteacher in 1981. I started the school in 1983 and Mr Sulch was still the head. Mr Penman started a year or two after that and continued well in to the 1990’s and possibly later.

  10. I went to Kingsland Infant/Junior school between 1963 and 1969, remember Mrs Aubruck as very kind with long grey hair and also Mr Horne was lovely, I remember him as having gingerish hair and a moustache and small glasses.. Mr Thomas in the Juniors – Fab teacher. Also remember Mrs Bailey, Mr Dowle, Mrs Lamb, Mrs Scott and Mr Williams and the lovely student teacher Miss Pearce. The only downside was the punishments dished out by some of the teachers to the boys. Some children I remember from that time – Julie Gibbons, Andrew Rake (butcher’s son), Georgina Whitehouse, Sharon Barnes, Steven Mason, Jane Hooper, Craig Booten, Jacqueline…, John Tilley, Andrew Miller, Susan Law, Janice…, Marion Orme, Carl Draper, I could go on…Great kids! Remember in the winter lots of us rolling the snow into a huge ball, in the warm summer, doing some lessons outside on the grass, loving wearing our colourful summer dresses (the girls that is). The theatre group that did show in 63/64, I think there was a treasure chest in it? So many other wonderful memories….

  11. I captained the football team 1960…the becketts,gary carter,mick mcarthy,melvyn Griffiths,roy Pritchard,the khans,dennis pendle,john briggs,the parsons,terry hall,stephen morgan,andrew……mr Williams,mr hutchins,mr sims,mrs scott,miss hopmann…..

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