Memorable years

Memories of years made special or infamous by events.



  1. I was at Dulwich Rd until November 1946. I only lived just around the corner in Plumstead Rd and I remember doing the run to get past the gate monitors in about ten seconds from our house (42). As I was a very late sleeper this happened quite often. In my time there were two teachers in the seniors, both called Jones. We used to refer to them as V1 and V2. The PE teacher was a woman, very severe looking and she was always eying us up and down in the showers. Mr Vicary was known as “Baldy Vic” in my time. I remember a kid called Lewin threw him through the classroom window when he tried to punish him. He was away for a very long time
    If anyone remembers me from then I would love to hear from you.
    Lawrence (Larry) Addison.

    • I remember larry i lived in dulwich Grove was chased a few times by
      prefects also baldy Vic and a lady teacher called miss NOBLET.


  3. Hi Dave, I remember you well. We were friends at one time and I can remember going to your house quite a few times. There can’t be many of us left now. I did some research on the net and asked how many children out of 60 (our class size) would still be alive at 80. The answer was 4. I wonder where the other two are? All our neighbours are now dead and gone. If you remember my family, there are only 3 of us left now, me, Valerie and Ronnie. I attended my elder brother’s funeral last year and someone came over and spoke to me. Unfortunately I have forgotten his name, but I knew him instantly and I know you would too.
    I am now living in a little village called Norton Canes, about 3 miles north of Brownhills ….about half a mile from the A5. I wouldn’t mind having a meeting with you if you want. This goes for anyone else out there who knew me in the old days.
    Ah! Miss Noblet…..every teenager’s fantasy. I loved her madly, and so did most of the school.
    Keep in touch Dave. Best Wishes.

    • hi Larry good to hear from you again yes it is a sad time of life I am so lucky I do not if you remember I started playing Drums went in R A F band and have being ever since here in eire I am playing trumpet with Castlebar Concert band and Drums with the Mayo Orchestra. so lucky,my Adress is Cloonbarry Aclare Co Sligo. we moved here seven years ago it is great here they look after us old people well. My Wife and I have not had this lap top long so it takes a while to get used to it . I hope all is well with you Larry will keep in touch . my Family names are Ron anne rosina michael and Harold , sadly we lost June my brother Ron is living in the Lake D istrict all the best Dave .

      Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 18:36:47 +0000 To: Subject: [New comment] Memorable years

      larrylamb80 commented: “Hi Dave, I remember you well. We were friends at one time and I can remember going to your house quite a few times. There can’t be many of us left now. I did some research on the net and asked how many children out of 60 (our class size) would still be al”

    • So sorry Larry for not replying sooner .i saw something about the pub in kings road

      but wondered what has happened to it. I do not know if i told you larry but we have decided to

      move back to england ,our house is up for sale so when it is sold we hope to get near our kids

      how are you hope all is well ?. best wishes from Dave and Diane.


  4. Hi Dave…You certainly are lucky living in a totally unspoilt country like Ireland. The fishing is out of this world ….and I am a keen fisherman so I am dead jealous. Among other things, I clean up and stereo old (very) music, some of it from phonographs. Also clean up (and take) photographs. I was always interested in photography. I can turn black and white into colour and you would never spot the change.I think it’s having something to do that keeps us old ‘uns going. Keep on writing……Larry

    • ut Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 10:42:21 +0000 hi again Larry were you evacuated my brother Ron and I went to Eastkirkby Notts we came back after about two years because Ron went in the Navy. I can not remember the dates. The people were great who we stayed with I think that I was about nine. I can remember going to the Mayfair Cinema and we had to move under the balcony because of the bombing , all the best Larry. To:

  5. hi again Larry hope all is well,diane and Ihave rotton colds at the moment seams to be alot arround I do not remember being avacuayed

  6. Hi Dave.
    I have some bad news…..the very last neighbour that I knew in Plumstead Rd ( no 44) died last year. There are now none of the people around that we knew as kids. I asked at the old house if I could have a look around for old times sake. Guess what the answer was……

  7. THAT was sad news larry we were lucky our old house was up for sale so ld had a look around as no one was there I think it is sad around there now

  8. Hi Dave….I thought it was sad myself. It’s just like having something stolen from your life when you go back to a place you loved and everything is gone.
    leaving a shell you can recognise but none of the faces you once knew.
    Dulwich Rd School still has the Infants and Juniors part still working, but the senior Girls and boys is not used. They are now used for pleasure. All the buildings are as we knew them but the life has gone out of them. If you give me your email address I can send you some pics that i took last year.

    • I know what you mean Larry I feel the same as you but am a long way from there now so do not get chance to go there now my wife and I did go and had a look around on our last trip over we were lucky because it was up for sale so there was not any new faces to see .but thats life i guess.well Larry my tea is calling but will write again soon.take care of your self lets hope on our next tripwe can call to see you as my sister lives in burntwood and will give you a ring over and out. Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 22:04:18 +0000 To:

  9. If anyone out there remembers me I would love to hear from you. My email is

  10. thank you Larry

  11. sorrow for delay had trouble with laptop great to here from you and to hear you have lots to keep you going . I To are very lucky to being able to play with drums with the MAYO orchestra ,and trumpet with Castlebar C B M Band.and I am very lucky my wife Diane always comes with me.I will close now Larry so look after your self,over and out .

  12. Thanks Larry good to hear from you gosh how time flies ,We have been so
    busy since i heard from you ,lots of concerts before christmas ,we are back
    tonight for our first rehearsal , with orchestra ,had a short fall of snow
    but not much to stop us traveling. i am so lucky to still able to be playing.
    it keeps us going .take care of your self .by fore can get castlebar.
    concert band . and Mayo Orchestra , on line if you want .take care Larry.

  13. HELLO LARRY its been a long time replying i hope all is well ,I am keeping very busy with the orchestra and concert band .my sister anne lives at Ivy
    lane gentleshaw at the moment but is hoping to get to lichfield in sheltered
    accom there . A sad time .I am so lucky my Wife Diane comes everywere
    I PLAY with the bands.we played at RUISLIP at London a week ago to back
    Mayo we played them on the field .Quite a stint .we flew from dublin to Gatwick ..Mayo wone .Well Larry its raining like Mad at the moment so i can
    not do any gardening today .Take care Larry regards Dave and Diane…

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