Your memories of roads on the Kingstanding estate. If the road is not covered then please leave your memory and we will make a new link.



  1. Peckham Road School,,, now what do they call it? KingsRise? or what?
    I attended Peckham Road School, as we called it from 1941 or thereabouts to 1947 when I went to King Edwards Grammar School for Girls, Handsworth.

    Anyone here from Peckham Road School, during those years.?

    • My name is Sheila Lacy nee Brockway. I went to King Edwards
      school about the same time as you I left in 1954. I now live in California USA.


    Perry Common is an area of Kingstanding, in the constituency of Erdington, Birmingham, England. ( depending on which side of the college road you live on determed as to whether you received a Kingstanding area post code or a Erdington area post code because the two districts border line was meant to have ran right down the middle of college road ? )

    College High School , formally know as by myself when i attended the school from 1976 to 1981 as PERRY COMMON COMPREHENSIVE is located in Perry Common as are the Hawthorn Shopping Centre on Hawthorn Road and Witton Lakes.

    The area was developed for council housing during the 1920s, with well over 1,000 families moving to the area from dilapidated inner city slums. The houses were built from concrete in a style pioneered by Henry Boot. By the 1980s, however, the estate was facing serious problems. Many of the homes were in a poor state of repair, with cracks in the walls and rising damp being just some of the many problems plaguing the now unpopular homes. During the 1990s, the city council earmarked 908 homes in the area for demolition.

    Redevelopment has been carried out by Witton Lodge Community Association, who have overseen the development of two large care homes as well as more than 300 new houses for sale and rent.

  3. Anybody from Crayford Road. I was born there in 1941

  4. I lived in Aylesbury Cresent Kingstanding 1958-1974 I’m Lynn Gwilliam.Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

    • I remember you Lyn, didn’t you have a brother called John? I’m wendy Lee from Salisbury grove x

      • Halsbury grove !!!

      • Hi Wendy. Yes I remember you and a few others from Halsbury Grove and Aylesbury Cresent. I have two brothers John and David.

  5. I was born and lived in BINSTEAD RD from 1945-1967,I lived at number 33, IT wasnt the best address to come from because I was teased that I came from the HOME OF THE BINS,,according to Carl Chinn all of our roads and streets were named after places in London including BINSTEAD etc

    • Does anyone remember the silver’s we lived in Abney Grove, off Bendall Road, which is off Kings road my name is Marilyn, i have a brother Michael, and two sisters who are twins, their names are Christine & Maureen, we all went to Twickenham road and kings rise schools.

    • II think you must be the Hazel I remember, Hazel Harris? I was known as Denise in those days, my Sisters name was Glenys we left Binstead Road when I was 9, I seem to recall you used to give us Coco and sugar mixed, we thought it was a real treat.

  6. I lived at 8 Binstead Road from 1939-1949 and went to Peckham Road Secondary Modern School. Does anyone remember me? My maiden name was Satchwell.

  7. My name was marilyn silver, i grew up in abney Grove, off Bendall Road, it was great growing up in that very hilly Grove, in the winter we used to make great slides on the ice, my nan lived in Bendall Road at no 20, it was good to have my nan just down the road from us, family’s seem so spread out these day’s, would love to hear from anyone who remembers us the silvers.

  8. I was born in Colindale Road I lived at 27 till 1970s, I am looking for anyone who use to live there also ?

  9. I was at Peckham Rd school from 1944 to 1954.Was Marlene Hodge in those days.Went from infants to senior school there.Looking back I realise what a great education we had there and it was a happy school.Teachers were strict but fair. I lived in Longford Road at the back of the King Charles pub.Have happy memories of being able to play in the street for hours.We played hopscotch and skipping and marbles and I had many a small bruise on the back of my hands playing jackstones with real stones!Then we would spend hours drawing different colours on our tops and whip them around to see what they looked like. Remember when we used to get a twig from the hedge and form a round shape with it and then go round collecting all the spiders webs to form what we thought was a mirror. We used to have ‘concerts’ in our back garden singing and dancing etc we thought we were great ha ha.All these pleasures did not cost a penny and made us kids so happy.Tried to introduce my grandchildren to these pleasures they would try the games for a bit and then I used to get ‘can we go and watch TV now Nan. Well I suppose times move on and we all have to go with the flow and I must admit I do love my computer and my Kindle Fire 🙂

  10. My family lived at 45 Binstead Road, I remember a family near us by the name of Small,Lynn Small, I think her Father was a Policeman from memory I think her Grandmother also lived with them,I also remember a family called Harris, they had a daughter Hazel,The Keyte family lived in the same road,Eileen, Mavis,Dennis.around the corner I recall the Riddell family,Carol,Mavis,I think the Dads name was Jim.We lived in Binstead Road from approx 1954 to 1960.My Dads name was Bill Holland,Mom Nellie,Sister Glenys and myself I was known as Denise in those days

    • II think you must be the Hazel I remember, Hazel Harris? I was known as Denise in those days, we left Binstead Road when I was 9, I seem to recall you used to give us Coco and sugar mixed, we thought it was a real treat.

  11. I went to Warren Farm Primary until 1965 before going to Handsworth Grammar. I lived on Chingford Road a few doors away from Mike Pinder of Moody Blues fame (Carol Pinder, his niece, was my girlfriend at the age of 7 or 8?) and remember watching people like Peter Asher and Gordon Walker(Peter&Gordon), Denny Lane, John Lodge et al, visiting Mike Pinder’s Dad’s garage (his Studio) on our Street. Later my mates were Dennis Lockley, John Hamblin who tragically died in his late 30’s and Martin Paul. I remember war games on The Green, hedgehopping and getting into lots of trouble, chasing after my mates who had cycles but I only had a scooter, ice on the inside of the house windows in Winter and an outside loo, playing doctors and nurses with Pamela Walters, Beryl Small and Elaine Ashmore at school (sorry for spilling the beans girls) and Mr (Colin ) Jackson the brutish bully teacher, Mr Williams the lovely Welsh guy, delightful Mrs George the Head, not to mention Frankie Lane the brilliant footballer, Tony Kelly the brilliant guitarist and Tony Phipps, not sure what he was brilliant at but just remember his name,…… oh and David Lloyd, the fastest 10 year old on the planet. Loads more memories, but maybe some other time.

  12. I lived in fernhill grove just off kingsland road. Practically next door to kingsland
    Primary school.. we moved there in 1954 from
    Cromwell Street Nechells when I was 3years old. All the kids in the grove used to play out together
    after tea till time for bed.My friends were dottie graham, sue
    Graham, Eluned Edwards and michael macarthy to name just a few.

  13. I went to Cranbourne Rd school 1945 – 1951 my nan & grandad Mr & Mrs Bennett lived at 52 Danesbury Crescent and I would walk round to their house for my school lunch time. My name was Maureen Warner does anyone remember me? March 2017.

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