Memories of daries in the area

Co-op Dairy Junction of Kingstanding Road and Hawthorn-Dyas Road

Mid counties dairy Kingstanding Road

Wades, Catel, and Gordon


Unidentified photograph marked ‘Kingstanding – Harry Holly’

Unidentified photograph marked Harry Holly017




  1. As a kid during the war years I remember there were three milk suppliers.
    The Co-op Dairy, as previously stated was on kingstanding Rd between Goodway Rd and the TA hall, which was next to the sand pit where the fair used to pitch.
    Their deliveries were made by green painted carts pulled by beautiful horses
    The Midland Counties Dairy was also on Kinstanding Rd about 3/4 mile further on just past the Settlement. Their deliveries were made by electric floats. I remember in winter when it snowed I walked to the dairy to get the milk.
    Wathes, Cattell & Gurden, known as “Wacaden” were the third supplier, they used vans, I used to think their dairy was up Cooksey Lane at the Queslett Rd end, but not sure.
    Where I lived in Hurlingham Rd the houses did not have front gardens but lay behind hedges, the milkie would load up his carriers and disappear behind the hedge delivering his milk, the horse would wait. when the carriers were empty the milkie would reappear from behind the hedge and call the horse which was a hundred yards back down the road, the horse would walk up to the milkie and the process started over again. We, as young lads would call the horse and when the milkie next appeared the cart was two hundred yards in front of him, we thought it a great joke, not so the milkie as it doubled his walk

  2. Yes, There was a Dairy called Wacadens, it was on Queslett Rd a short distance from the Deers Leap Pub and on the other side of the road.

  3. I worked with my Dad as a milk boy in the late 40’s early 50’s our round started at Hurlingham Rd, covering area of Danesbury Cres, Dilwich Rd,finchley Rd, Twickenham Rd, and the dreaded Parkeston Cres. finishing in Rivington Cres.

    Dad used to drive an electric milk float, also he had a pedie which was an electric hand mily truck it was hard on the feet.

    The manager at that time was a Mr. Gough used to live in Ensdon Grove off Ellerton Rd.

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