Ebenezer Memorial Congregational Church

Memories of (Ebenezer Memorial) Kingstanding Congregational Church, Brackenbury Road, Kingstanding

The church in 1920’s. Copyright Paul

Courtesy of Malcolm Stevens . Ebenezer Memorial Church , Brackenbury Road in 1962.

Memories of Malcolm Stevens

I lived in Brackenbury Road for 19 years within 200 yards of the church. I attended the Sunday School there and was a member of the Wolf Cub pack and later the Scout troop (First Kingstanding, 213th Birmingham).

They held their meetings in the church hall. My wife and I were married in the church in September 1962 making this year our Golden wedding anniversary. The Reverend Light conducted the service.

Memory of Avril Purvis

I went to that church for years when Rev Light was the minister. His wife was our RI teacher at Dulwich Road.

Memories of Alan Howell

How lovely….my beloved late wife and I were married there 50 years ago.I remember like it was yesterday,I am 75 now.

Memories of Susan Statham

I remember the congretional church in Kingstanding on the corner of blackberry road. i remember going to Sunday school and sitting in a circle and two lovely ladies reading from the bible to us all. sadly I do not remember there names i was about 8 years old the year would be 1964

Memories of David Mitchell

Memories of Dennis

I also went to Dulwich Rd senior boy’s school that was way back in the early forties, also I was in the scoutsat Brackenberry Rd Church Mr Howe was Scoutmaster, his wife was head of the girl guides.



  1. Indeed Chris that is the church. Thank you for setting me straight. I did not know it was Ebenezer Memorial. I went to that church for years when Rev Light was the minister. His wife was our RI teacher at Dulwich Road. I learned something today. I’ll have to ask around about the photos. I have some I’ll try and get them to you. Feel free to use anything I post.

  2. The Rev Light was the Vicar.

  3. How lovely….my beloved late wife and I were married there 50 years ago.I remember like it was yesterday,I am 75 now.

  4. Were you married by the Rev Light? Any photos?

  5. So sorry,can’t remember the vicars name,the old grey matter is failing now lol.I will try to find any photos I may have.

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  7. I used to pass the church each day on my way to Dulwich Rd school, and I was not aware of the name .Iwent to the scout troop in the hall behind the church [1st Kingstanding 213th B’ham] Mr Lowe was the “janitor”but also helped running the scouts, his son John was also in the scouts there. the scoutmaster was Stan ? I spent many happy hours there, this would have been around 1950

    • hi i am part of the new scout movement in kingstanding and have just relaunched 213th kingstanding scout group at the st johns center

  8. In the hall at the back of the church we used to have a rock and roll night. I remember a guy by the name of Pete I think it was who taught us “the Madison”. Must have been the first line dance ever. I had a crush on so many of the boys but was shy. Of course people find it hard to believe now that I was ever shy:):). I think I looked really common, lots of thick black eye make-up, pan stick all over the face, white lips and back combed hair. What a site. Must have been around 13/14 yrs old.

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  10. Two point for information please
    1 What was the link to Hamstead Colliery?
    2 Can anyone remember Mr Parker? Position unknown

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  12. I was in the choir in the 60s and miss |Maisey was the organist. We had 1 shilling for each wedding. the choirmaster was Scottish, Mr Moncrieff I think. I was also in the pantomime one year about 1960 as a fairy. There were dances sometimes in the hall where we would all jive. Happy days.

  13. My parents were married there on 20th February 1954 and just reached their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

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