Memories of Margaret Crompton

Peckham Road school 1932. Copyright Margaret Crompton
Peckham Rd school, 1935. Copyright Margaret Crompton

Margaret is third from the left on the back row and against the wall.

Memories of Brian Scott

A play in celebration of parents evening. Peckham Rd school, 1938. Copyright Brian Scott

Brian is on the back row, first on the right hand side. Back Row Ronnie Walker, Gerald Millward, x, David Charlton, x, x, x, x, Roy Blakey, Brian Scott Row 2: Howard Auston, x, x, x, Joan Murkett, Noel Manton, Sheila Scott, Joyce Parker, Tony Dodds, John Hughes, x, x, x, x Row 3: x,x,x,Doris Harknett, Joseph Parkes (Crown and sword), Row 4 left (Girls in White) :x, Pearl Jennings, x, x, Beryl Clewes, x Row 4 right (Boys with garlands) : x,x,Robert White, x, Ian Hay

Brian is third from left on the bottom row.


Peckham Road Infant school, 1938



  1. I don`t understand this…

    I was born in 1936 in the June.. at 73, Peckham Road. I don`t recall my age when I started school, but my very first memory of school is my first day.
    Miss Bloxham as we called here, was in fact married to , I believe the headmaster of the senior boys, or maybe the Junior school. I didn`t find that out for some time.

    so assuming I started school at age 5, Miss Bloxham took the first year class. I can remember crying for my mom, and Miss Bloxham was so kind to me, she sat me up, on what was to me, a very high teachers desk.

    I adored her. when I went to the Grammar School in 1947, I used to go back to Miss Bloxham to “help” her out with the little ones. I always wanted to be a teacher.

    now the penultimate photo above,, I cannot understand the school uniforms that the girls seem to be wearing… School uniforms were certainly not in the `40` unless it was the late `40`s it was war time, and our parents could barely manage to dress us let alone school uniforms.

    Can anyone help me out here?

    Unfortunately, my older brother, 3 years older than me, Alan Latimer has been dead some years now. He went to the Senior Boys School.

  2. Please can you help me, I started at what I thought was called Bandywood School in 1938, I was 5 or 6 years old. We had moved from Handsworth to live in the new council houses in Queslett Rd. I thought it was called Bandywood school. Could it have been Peckam Rd? Soon after war was declared we moved to Shirley leaving me with vivid memories for such a short stay. How I would love to walk up to Barr Beacon again.

  3. Hi Pauline I can only tell you about Mr Bloxham, He was not the Headmaster in 1938. It was Charles Winsor, But Mr Bloxham was second to him. I am 87 now and that was a long time ago and the memory is not what it was. But I always found he was very fair, But still dished out the cane for talking in class etc. I lived in Cooksey lane and we walked to school, and back. I do not think they would be doing that these days. Nobody had uniforms at council schools in those days, We were lucky to have a pair of shorts with out holes in them. Did you get to be a teacher Pauline?

    Regards Bernard Ryman

  4. Hello Bernard , lovely to meet you, I was beginning to think I was all alone here. Most of the contributors here seem to be before I started school, or when Peckham Road School became Kings Rise!

    No I never did get to be a teacher, though I have helped out in schools since, for just a few hours. I went to King Edward`s Grammar School for Girls, Handsworth, in 1947, having won a scholarship , together with Joan Hall and Pat Deakin. we travelled to that school together by bus.

    I left school at 16, as times were not so easy then, we needed the pay check. mind you jobs were very easy to come by then, I went into an office, and later, much later, I qualified as a solicitor, having left dear old Brum for Oxfordshire… ah the dear old Brum.. where has it gone to?

    Take care then Bernard, as I said, it has been nice to talk
    to you.

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