Warren Farm Road Clinic

Your memories of Warren farm road Clinic

Memories of John

The clinic was down by College Road been there a few times in the forties. When it was demolished I don’t know.

Memories of Dorothy Capewell

Oh my gosh! memories just came flooding back of visiting the clinic to pick up cod liver oil and orange juice.



  1. I do belive that warren farm road clinic is actualy still being used as a
    primary care centre etc.My Dad died last Year and he lived just around the
    corner in Halsbury Grove, the clinic was there when he was a boy !! admitted
    its had a face lift but think its still going strong.

  2. I remember going to the dentist at Warren Farm Clinic, if you had a tooth extracted they gave you gas and then you sat at a stainless steel sink to come round and rinse! Nightmare memory! Have hated the Dentist ever since.

  3. I also remember going to the dentist at Warren Farm Clinic, and the gas when having my teeth extracted. I can remember sitting in a line awaiting for my name to be called out. But my Father would always come home from work with a small gift for me, and my Mum would make an egg custard. I’m pleased to say I’m ok with the dentist.

    • In the clinic kids used to say there was a blob of blood on the ceiling above the dentis’s chair. I hated the place, the smell of the rubber mask, the mix of nitrous oxide gas and halothane. The effect was head-bursting for me
      When i first heard Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon, it reminded me of that gas trip at the clinic. Halothane is now banned.

  4. Can Anyone help. I am trying to track down any info on my grandpa. He was a doctor at the clinic. He was of foreign decent and his name began with f – Farrenday or something similar

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