Moving there

Memories of moving to Kingstanding

Birmingham Back to Backs is a great outdoor exhibit and place to understand life in the back to back housing estates of central Birmingham. Many people came from here to live in Kingstanding. For more information go to

Back to Backs NT exhibit, Hurst Street, Birmingham

Memories of Barry Floyd. Barry recalls some memories of his family moving to the Kettlehouse farm estate from central Birmingham in the 1930’s.

Those who didn’t stay

After moving to Kingstanding, some people returned to the parts of Birmingham they had come from.

Memories of Mrs Lutwich

Building the Estate

Memories of David Smith

Mr William Henry Wilson (far right) had a plastering company that completed contracts to plaster houses in the newly built Warren’s farm estate. Source David Smith

Memories of Veronica Marshall

When my parents were young they lived in the Inner City, my father lived at 48 Berners Street, Lozells, and he met my mother when her family also moved to Berners Street.  When they married in November 1930 they were waiting for a house on the new estate at Kingstanding, and they moved to 64 Harringay Road early in 1931.

My father had started work in a casting shop at the age of 14, and he later worked as a metal polisher in the Hockley area.  My mother also worked in one of the Hockly factories, but gave up work when my brother was born in 1931.  When I was a teenager she worked at I.M.I. Kynoch’s, in the sporting and loading section, operating a machine which filled shotgun cartridges with gunpowder.  She was working there when an explosion occured sometime in the 1960’s.


Memoir of  Sheila Birch

Crabtree Road 1946. Courtesy of Sheila Birch


Western Terrace, Crabtree road (1946-47) Chris, Bonner girls, jeffrey Bell and brother, and Gordon Parsons




  2. I was 7 when we left Ellis Street back to back house in city centre . I sat on back of open backed lorry . Holding on to what furniture we had . arrived at 16 Caversham Road in one piece to a hero,es welcome by other kids . Health and safety eh. Went to peckham Road ( Miss Bloxham ) on to Kings Rise ( Mr Hughes ) Good with a slipper !!!!! Ending up in ( Pop Mason,s ) class . 1957 . The same day i left school we moved to Dormington Road .

    • We lived at 23 Caversham my dads name was named Alf

      • Geoffrey::: People in Caversham Rd i remember : Keith and Elizabeth Poiner , Maureen and Valerie Cox , Dennis Allsop (my best man) , Kenny Chambers , Peter Bates , The Drinkwaters (boxing family) All lived the top end of Caversham . Plenty more but these come to mind .

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