Warren Farm Road Kingstanding Ex Service men’s club

Memories of Kingstanding Ex Service men’s club



  1. live just down the road from the ex service men’s on hurlingham, does anyone remember the swimming baths next door, and the home and colonial stores that is now the chip shop, also the boot menders,and the greengrocers where the community centre is now!

    • yes! loved it as a child growing up, my brov francis was a life gaurd there in training. sorry dont remember the store you mentioned , but the hairdressers is still there after maney years next to akkies, maybe a little before my time starting in 71 aged 5 x

    • yes i used to knock doors for the shoe repares to get customers i had to bring in the foot ware and get a few pennies as pay… the diving board in the warrenfarm rd baths was the highest in england i lived in ensdon grove off ellerton rd

    • l remember the home and colonial and quing up there for eggs that were off ration l think they named them ‘off priority’ and we were allowed 6.
      my uncle Bill Hall was a founder member at the warrenfarm ex service,l remember a collector calling around our house to collect half a crown a week to build the first club with the entry in Danesbury Cresent,Unce Bill also served in North Africa.
      If l can have a moan,l now live in Australia and l can,t begin to tell you the difference in the way exservice veterans are treated,when l tell them we had whip rounds to build our exservice clubs and British Legions they are open mouthed,they also were offered farms called soldier settlements,and when they get older they are given ‘Gold cards’
      which entitles them to medical treatment at top hospitals,dental at any dentist,low cost housing loans and if they want to go to the pictures 2 tickets are provided.l could go on but l won`t.

  2. there was a fish and chip shop next to the baths that made a fish cake consisting of two large slices of potatoes with a slice of fish inside, the whole thing was battered and deep fried, it was absolutely delicious it cost 4d,a most welcome snack on a winters day,after using my free pass for a 20 minute session at the baths.

  3. yes i remember the swimming baths,the good old days usd to come out the baths and straight to the fish shop for a portion of chips.
    I remember mrs goodwin who walked in the hardware shop and the launderette.

  4. Home and Colonial grocery, Friends store where you could buy single fags, lees deli which had a meat slicer that frightened me, Bettie’s drapery and Fred the cobbler. Fergusuns greengrocers, Browns, later, Days newsagents, and rusty bubble gum machines. The school clinic with a terrifing dentist and the brook, A fenced off drain that went to Witton lakes via tunnels. We followed the tunnels in the school holidays. And last, the Birmingham coat of arms, set in crazy paving

  5. I used to live in Aylesbury Crescent from 1946 to 1966, I have fond memories of the Kingstanding ex service mens club my late father Sam Banks used to drink their in fact in became his local, i remember him becoming a door man it must have been in the 70s i think,many a saturday night he came home a bit worse for wear falling over the privet hedge he would always get an ear bending of mom.I remember going to the swimming baths i learned to swim there in a fashion with the school dulwich road and later warren farm girls,my brother terry used to be a paper boy for Browns,i remember they were lovely people,and Mr and Mrs Friend i would go with my little shopping list with my money wrapped up in it to do an errand for my Mom, they were a lovely couple always had time for you,oh such fond memories

  6. I used to show big screen cinema films at the club on Sunday nights in the early 70’s, members use to say how great it was to have a table full of drinks and snacks while watching a bond movie or seven brides for seven brothers, etc. Happy days

  7. Does anyone have a photo of David Lloyd as a young boy. I think I went to school with him. I didn’t know he passed.

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