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I am new to the forum so I hope I have chosen the appropriate place for my thread enquiry!  I am looking for anyone who remembers my grandparents Henry James Gill and Marie Yvonne Gill (nee Owen), who lived on Beeches Road and then they relocated to Cranbourne Road in Kingstanding some years later.  I am particularly interested in anyone who remembers the comedy theatre they used to perform at clubs and associations local to the area(s).  They were well known for this and I am told were extremely funny.  Also my grandmother used to sing on stage and I am told she had an amazing voice, but unfortunatley my mom says she never recorded anything and I have never heard her sing.  When I used to visit their house as a child I have very fond memories of seeing the costumes and props they used for their stage acts and also my grandma’s collection of glitzy dresses and shoes which she used to wear for when she performed. See a photograph of my grandparents below – when they were much younger of course!!

The Gill’s




  1. […] 1950′s. They performed in comedy theatre in clubs and associations within the local area. Read more… The Gill’s Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  2. does anyone remember my family, the yeomans, and the rest of the family’s clewers , glovers,the butlers, the lily’s in the grove, the haskins, and lot’s more!

    • remember the haskins, beleive dereck that was in my class at kingsthorne junior school emigrated to australia.

    • I remember John Yeomans he was a mate of mine. I think he started work at BRS as a mechanic, i went to work as a mechanic on the buses. I lived opposite the Haskins’s
      Derek Janet Carol christine Eileen Alan (acka) Garen Dawn Suasn Pauline Dad Harold Mom Eva. I knew Michael and Susan Clewer and the lily’s. Last i heard Steven Lily died some years ago

    • hello my name is steve turner and iused to go to kingsthorne primary school and there was a girl named yeoman in my class who i think her name was anne maybe you remember me i used to live in cranbourn road and ended myschool days at kingsrise secondaryin 1966

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