King’s Rise Secondary School

Memories of Peckham Road Secondary Modern

Memories of Harry Felton from the 1960’s

On   leaving junior school l attended Peckam Road Secondary Modern.Some of the   teachers l can remember were Mr Martin the art teacher,Mr Norris the french   teacher,Mr Ludlow the woodwork teacher,Mr Ball the gym teacher,Mr Payne the   science teacher,and in my final yeat Mr Hinchcliffe with whom l attained a   very satisfactory result.A lot of the teach were exservice   personnel.

Memories of King’s Rise Secondary

photographic memories of King’s Rise Secondary School from 1976 from Paul HIllcox and Keith Wright

Typing with Mrs Taylor. Copyright Paul HIllcox

Art with Mr Wright. Copyright Paul Hillcox

Girls in the gym

Copyright Paul Hillcox

King’s Rise main hall

Copyright Paul Hillcox

Mr Lane, Deputy Head

Copyright Paul Hillcox

A science class with Mrs Pocknell

Copyright Paul Hillcox

King’s Rise Secondary School

King’s Rise Secondary School. Copyright Keith Wright

King’s Rise Secondary School. Copyright Keith Wright

King’s Rise Secondary School. Copyright Keith Wright

King’s Rise Secondary School. Copyright Keith Wright

King’s Rise Secondary School. Copyright Keith Wright

King’s Rise Secondary School. Copyright Keith Wright

King’s Rise Secondary School. Copyright Keith Wright

King’s Rise Secondary School. Copyright Keith Wright



  1. Can anyone tell me about the picture of the art class with Mr Wright.

    Would anyone know if the lad leaning over with the striped cardigan and long hair was Andrew Crowe ???

    • I was asked to photograph classes and teachers as part of a display in the main corridoor of the school , i was in the 6th form at the time and involved in A level photography tutored by mr Fitton one of the art teachers. Mr Wright was also teaching art , and all i can remember is it was taken in 1976 just before the summer hollidays. I am sorry but i cant identify the youngster in the photo , i’m sure someone out there can though . I hope to contribute further images to this site in the near future.

      • hi paul, can’t answer the question about the lad in the striped cardigan i do remember talking to him but the lad opposite him with the pen/pencil in his right hand is (clive williams) me i do remember you with with your 35mm camera we have spoken to each other back in our school days and obsessively i remember keith wright the teacher

    • Hi Jan
      only just seen this….not Andrew Crowe in this photo.
      It was a different year group. I remember Andrew…
      talented in Art….obviously a relation?
      Keith W.

      • Hi Keith,

        Andy was a very talented artist, had many exhibitions and even made the Not the Turner prize finalists in London in 2006.
        I Married Andy in 1983 and sadly he died in 2009.

        I am also David Mansell’s Sister who you may also know.

      • Hi Jan
        Sorry to hear the sad news about Andrew.
        It is encouraging to know he was able to use and enjoy his creative skills at such a high level.
        I do remember David…were you also at Kings Rise?

      • Hi Jan sorry to here of your loss, I remember your name from school but cant put a face to the name. Pierre Vaughan

      • Hi is this mr wright the art reacher from kings rise

    • Hi jan is this janet mansell that used to live on bendall rd x

    • hugh plant is in the photo in Mr wrights class if you know him

  2. Dear Keith, interesting photos . I can remember the silk screen printing method we used on the holdall bag and the t shirt . I can’t remember the greenhouse on the right hand side of the black and white photo, was it pre 1970 . Do you have any contact with any of the other teachers from the 1970’s. I hope you are in good health.kind regards Paul Hillcox

    • Hi Paul
      How are you? Just noticed these comments on the website.
      Yes I am well …just retired.
      The greenhouse was there into the 80’s as far as remember.
      The whole place was starting to look tired by then. It is good to
      see your photos on this site. Chris H contacted me for permissio
      to show mine from the Friends Reunited site. I am so glad I took so many
      to record a slice of social history. Take care.

      • Just spotted your reply Keith. I am glad you are well
        Take care Paul

    • I have seen Tosh Roberts & Outram they used to drink in park hotel boldmere rd.

      • Hell to you all, i remember getting the slipper from old laney the deputy head. does anyone no of Denise Townsend whereabouts ? hi Vaughnie how are you mate also anybody seen John Ricketts

      • Gary, Jackie your other x who’s surname fails me now was looking for you a few years back, did she find you ?

    • hi ,i really enjoyed looking at these pics ,i can put a few names to some of the faces in the pic with mrs taylor were dawn clifford ,shirley bullock ,somebody woodhall,i remember pierre vaughan and all the teachers in the pics ,well done really good to see

  3. Ahhh! Happy days… I recognise four of the girls by name from my year in the typing picture and the two teachers in the gym photo were Miss Jenkins (nearest to the camera) and Miss McCullough in the background. I think the music teacher playing the piano was Mr Bradney – not too sure but I do remeber him and the teacher also in that photo was the my science teacher – his name escapes me. What a lovely trip down memory lane!!

    • Dear Sharon , yes it is mr Bradney and the science teacher is mr Pocknell . Regards Paul Hillcox.

      • ah pocknell had the slipper of him many a time for messing about with the bunsen burners, happy times though

  4. Oh my …in the photo of the girls typing i.m the one behind the girl talking to Mrs Taylor……and the girl talking to Mrs Taylor was my best friend all through school ……

    • Pleased that you have found this photo Debbie .
      Regards Paul Hillcox

  5. I was in the secondary school from 1954 to 1958 and my brother and sister (both older ) went there as well. At That time the school was split in to 2 differnt scools boys and girls, it was not mixed till after I left. I can remember Miss James, Miss Eastgate, Mrs Osborne amd I think a Miss Willaims was the science teacher.

    • I was there from 1953 to 1957 I remember the same teachers also Mrs Genders and Headmistress miss or mrs Slade

      • Pamela, I was at Kings Rise Secondary from about 1950 to 1955. I was in Mrs Genders class in 1952/53 We lived across from the school in Peckham Rd. Our family left the Uk for Australia in 1955.

    • Hi Janett, I was born in 1945, so as an old girl iI WENT FROM THE NURSERY AT 4YRS,and straight through the primary an then the Senior girls which were seperated as you mentioned.I remember miss Slade with her horn rimmed specs and miss Robinson whose usual expression was YOU ARE SMUG,I wonder if she said it to others or was it just to me; There was also miss JAMES during my time who took us for science,very strict and old fashioned with her hair in a severe bun,If she liked you then you were ok and thankfully she was ok with me,then there was miss Roberts who taught us German and which I have retained some to this day,Our uniform was maroon blazer and grey skirt for us girls,I hated school BUT now recall those days with fondness and wish i HAD APPLIED MYSELF,I was Hazel Harris then,and left in 1960

  6. Great photos Keith! Hope you are well Anne (Whyley) 2KWR

    • Hi Anne
      Thanks…glad I took so many. Hope all is well with you.

      • Hi how r u

  7. I was at King`s Rise Secondary Modern from 1955 to 1960.
    I remember Spud Baker,Rodney Leader and many more.
    The Headmaster Mr Ward lived for his brass band(not a member)
    and other teachers were Pop Mason,Percy Palmer,Sammy Rook,
    Nobby Clarke(science) & Mr Askey.
    Stan Bennett(Walsall) was a year younger than me.
    I think the caretaker was Mr Cotterill?,
    Houses were Red,Blue,Green & Yellow.
    Playing fields by College Road and metal & woodwork sessions
    near to Kingstanding Baths.
    Old memories anyone else share them?


    • I was at Kings Rise from 1952 to1956 and ended up in Pop Masons class in the fourth year until Nobby Clarke promoted me to the science lab,great last six months of my school life.Does anyone remember Mr Ludlow woodwork and Mr Martin the art teacher?

      • Hi David

        I was born 1944 suspect you are older?
        I do remember Mr Martin big man–but as
        i was crap at Art I seemed to give him the
        miss. I soon dumped metalwork & woodwork
        but did not remember the woodwork Teacher.

        Pop Mason a member of Warwickshire Cricket
        Club always let me off when I returned from
        watching the Bears(I easily caught sunburn &
        red face gave me away)—-Nobby was great.
        Do you remember Percy Palmer?–his trick was
        to say he was born in March but his birthday was
        in August?–March cambridgeshire. He also posed
        was God a woman? Small stature–constant grin.

        Roger Boulton


      • Hi Roger
        Yeah i was born in 1941 but i dont think the teachers had changed much in your day.I remember Palmer cos he gave me the cane for something trivial (ha ha ).

      • Yes I remember Nobby Clark woodwork teacher and Mr Payne science teacher, Payne once gave me as a punishment the task of sawing through a chunk of railway line with a worn out saw!

    • hi roger, remember them all, i was in mr palmers class, and played for the football and cricket team. regards don.

      • Rob Scott here, I think I remember you, I had stick off palmer and pretty well all the teachers , enjoyed football and remember 33 of us having blackboard ruler off mr Evans and the laughs ,

    • hi roger i was at kings rise from 52 to 62 .i remember mr ward he used his stick on me more than once i suppose i deserved it . i think the woodwork teacher was Lycett.we had some great times at school .i also remember Mr Herman (the german) the french teacher.

      • hi John, i remember all of the teachers & mr ward. he was great with the Band and choir.
        I was in hermans class in the 1st year there were 56 of us in that class. I stayed on for the 5th year and left in 63

    • Hi Roger, I think you must have been a year higher than me but yes I do remember most of the teachers you mentioned, also Mr Hughes who was the geography teacher, also football team manager, he once caned everybody in the class who had not completed their homework, I managed to escape that one, he had a very fiery temper, also Mr Herman, a very well built man who used to threaten everybody with a variety of pumps, he taught french, but because he just did not know how to discipline people after 4 years I can only count up to 10 in French. One day when the class was going mad he was rescued by Mr Askey, who happened to be our form teacher at the time. He was another strict one and the class just went silent when he walked in. I also remember Mr Palmer, who was also our form teacher in later years, I think he was my favourite. I also remember Mr Harris, who was a PE teacher, who I have been told by an old school mate was later in trouble with the police, but I do not know if that is true. I do know he used to have an after school club for certain pupils. I also remember the metal work class, we used to have to walk there, along the way we used to pick up knubs and try to smoke them, fortunately I did not take up smoking. I do look back to my school days with fondness, little did I know what was in store for me out in the wide world of industry.

      • hi John my name is anthony smith, i attended the school from 1960 to1966.I remember all the memories especially Harris, i used to play in the school brass band, unfortunately i happen to have beeen one of those certain pupils. Do you happen to remember his first name, i would be very grateful if you could help, regards tony smith

    • Ime rob Scott I remember palmer ,mason, and others like Pervy Harris,Williams wood work teacher the one IDE like to have met up a dark alley, and Evans geography gave 33 of us the blackboard ruler, I seemed to always be having the stick , I was always playing around, anyone remember the things we got up to?

  8. Hi Keith,
    How are you these days ? some of these photo’s bring back some good memories 🙂 omg that photo of mr gregeory lane was a blast from the past lol .
    keep in touch . if you have face book look me up im in pink sitting on my old motor bike ;p
    tc marie smallwood

    • Hi Marie
      I am glad you liked the photos. Hope all is well with you.
      Are you still in Wales?

  9. Is this the site of what was formerly known as Peckham Road School?
    I was born in 1936 and attended that school, till I went to KEGS in 1947

    I am having difficulty locating my old school due to what appears to be a change of name?

    anyone else as old as me here? lol

    • Yes it was Peckham Road School and changed to Kings Rise. My dad also went there and passed what was then the 13plus and went to King Edwards Aston. He was born in 1938. Very good website for KEGS Aston and my dad really enjoyed it – whole of school photos on there too – a real trip down memory lane!!

  10. lol my memory does not always serve me well, I recall that it was the 11 plus in my day, perhaps it changed when your dad did it?
    I was born in 1936, (in danger of repeating myself here! apologies)
    so I may have been just a couple of years ahead of him? guess we wouldn`t have known each other though?

    my surname was Latimer, had a brother Alan, he was born in 1933, but died some years ago.

    we lived in Peckham Road.

    I went to KEGS, Handsworth, otherwise called Rosehill Road. I can`t find a website for KEGS Handsworth, other than current.

    My brother got me to play truant a couple of days, I recall climbing over the school gates, when they were locked, and ducking along the front of the school. then the school boardman came!!!

    Miss Bloxham was my first teacher, I adored her…

    • Hi Pauline I was born ’37 and went to KEGS, Aston about the same time you were at Rosehill Rd. I remember waiting for the 33 bus at Six Ways, were you one of the girls who caught the 40A bus to Six Ways ? I know there were about six boys and a similar number of girls, and there was a lot of joking and leg pulling on the journey home. I remember dating Maureen Burkett, you might remember her she lived in Sidcup Rd very close to No 100 which is talked about on this web site

      • Hi Richard, you are the nearest contemporary of mine to come here!

        I lived in Kingstanding, so had the choice of the 29,29a from the Circle, or the 33 from Finchley Road, (as I remember)

        usually the 33 as I had two friends who caught that bus, Pat Deakin and Joan Hall.

        coming home caught either bus depending how I was feeling,

        a longer walk from the Circle to our house, than the 33 route

        Didn`t meet up with any of you boys though from KEGS, more the Grove Lane lot! lol

  11. Hello to Mr Keith Wright, my name is Valerie Cooper,you may remember me by my old surname which is Buck and i was part of a clan which included Jane Evans , Dale Chatterway and Keith Mosedale, to name just a few.
    I hated school and was constantly bullied throughout my years at Kings Rise but i had some brilliant Teachers and Keith you were one of them. others included Mr Peter Doherty and Mr David Bramley big respect for them. seems strange reading all the comments takes me back a long way.
    Glad to hear that Keith is well enjoy your retirment sir. I dont live in the area now but its sad that the old school is no more

    • Hi Val,
      Sorry so late in replying…Yes I remember you and your mates…it is a long time ago.
      If you haven`t already done so take a look at Friends for Kings Rise and you will find a few more photos to jog your memory.

      Take care
      Keith W.

      • hello Valerie. this is Anita Neal. i would have thought you would have had me on your friends list above as we were best friends throughout school and after. we had some good times at kings rise,not the lessons,but out of school activities if you remember lol.i’ve been trying to find you for years. how the hell are you,married now by the name change. contact me for a catch up or add me on facebook if you are on it,would love to know what you are up to now. forever friends xxx

      • hi mr wright how r u god its been so long i remember guite a few people and teachers from kings rise i remember u was a norwich city fan and drove ur green ford escort lol i look forward to hearing from u ..

      • hi how r u long time lol do u see or hear of any of the other teachers look forward to hearing from u

      • Hi Keith how are u xx

    • dale chattaway is my cousin dont know if u still see him

    • Hi Valerie you may not remember me Hugh Plant these names might jog your memory Colin Whitehouse David Walker I was just wondering if you know what happened to Tracy Davey I think she was a friend of yours don’t know if she moved house just before we left school

  12. Its Val again !
    Does anyone remember the grumpy old caretaker that we had think his name was pendrey ?
    we were frightend of him and avoided him at all costs Ha !
    oh and yes his son did play for the Blues many years ago.
    Loved the photo of Mr Lane ! he was a big old softy at heart ! oh and Mr Taylor who i adored.

  13. Paul Hillcox. Yes Val i do remember the caretaker and i think his sons name was Gary. Glad you like my old photo of mr Lane, he was the Kings rise ultimate deterrant for naughty children !

    • Hi paul, im sure we were in the same form all through seniors! my pals at the time were pierre vaughn and chris timmins, though chris was moved to the top form if i remember correct, got loads of memories but sadly, no photos. Hope your in good health, Gordon. ps. great photo of mr lane or “laney”!!.

  14. Hi its Valerie .
    I would have started senior school at Kings Rise in 1975 . My first form
    teacher was Mr Penny and our class room was in the Hut that was in the Junior School playground. as ive said before Teachers i remember at the time include Mr Wright, Mr Doherty.Mr Bramley.Mr Bloxham.Mrs Murray.and Mrs Pappadamo she was very strict ! oh and Mr toyne who seem to shout alot !! If anyone remembers me then hello to you !!
    Mr Maze came in as Headmaster while i was there,and Mrs Snell also joined the ranks . Does anyone remember the old cookery classrooms upstairs we always belived they were haunted Ha ! and did not tend to hang about up there if we could help it. Oh and the two Colditz style Huts in the top yard were we did Needlework,teachers were Mrs White and Mrs was so cold in the huts during the winter we were aloud to wear our coats !
    my form teachers throughout later years were Mr Toyne. Mr Wright. Mr Potnall and Mr Outram. The other Art teacher was Mr Fitton.oh and Mrs Greig who was the Geography Teacher.

  15. I went to Peckham Road school at the age of 7 in 1952, I remember Mrs Bloxham very well and Miss Boot. In the senoir school we became King’s Rise County Modern Girls School and wore maroon blazers and matching berets(well some of us did) One of my first friends was Antonia Thacker and then I met my best friend Linda Glover who lived in Caversham Road. Our teachers in the senior school were Miss Eastgate, Miss Roberts, Miss Robinson, Mrs Cooper, Miss Musto and Miss James. I loved school and I was very happy there. I recall going to Bockleton camp when I was about 13 years of age, we went for three weeks in the summer and had a wonderful time. Happy days!

    • Hi Barbara, I think we must have been in the same class because I remember all of those girls, Do you also remember how we used to go and do housework at a house near the Mount public house I seem to recall it belonged to some of the teachers and one of them had loads of pairs of shoes,you may remember the place with more accuracy than I can relate,My friend at that time was Christine Stevens and she lived in Caversham Rd and Linda Gilbert before that,It was a difficult time for me because I lost my mother at 13 so I was probably a rather scruffy kid ha ha

  16. Hi David

    Yes Teachers had not changed much. Surprised Percy Palmer gave you the cane did`nt think he had it in him? Pop Mason liked the fact I occasionally missed the odd day to go to Edgbaston(he was a member) and Nobby was
    inspirational but zany.
    Do you remember Mr Askew — English/Biology — stroked his beard?

    Happy Days

    Roger Boulton

    • Hi Roger,
      Dont remember Mr Askew but my memory isnt what it used to be.Some of the names were Mcvite, Norris, Harris, Payne Hughes to name but a few.

      • Hi David

        I remember Mr Norris was due to go with us on trip abroad(about 1956)–and he pulled out at last minute because of sexual charges concerning boys. I liked Mr Hughes tough Welshman and Mr Harris small man but took gym lessons. My mother knew his Mother. Mr Rowe(circa 1956-1958) was fab as he took us for sport and introduced us to boxing and sport quizes. I think he was a long jumper? Do you remember Sammy Bishop?
        I left 1960 born 1944(you 1941) so some time difference but not too much. Mr Cotterill was caretaker.
        Keep on dreaming David.


      • Hi Roger ,David and anyone who may remember me .I was in Mr.Evans class to finish in 1959. I can still remember a lot of lads who were in my class.Rod Leader my mate John baker,he was great at boogie woogie on the piano.Dennis O`sullivan,and lots more—great days i wish i was back there now!!!

    • His name was askey who stroked his beard ime Robert Scott, I had the stick off most of the teachers, Harris was the sexual pervert gym teacher, I did have a lot of laughs at school the lessons got in the way, bored me stiff ,I left in 1961,with lenny jinks, Eric houghton and Raymond rose

  17. I was there from 1966 until 71. Miss Roberts was my first Teacher, and she had also been my Mothers too! Mr and Mrs Taylor were there (She was Cookery Teacher, he was just a nice Teacher who never seemed to have a plan , so told us about his days during the War) also Miss Musto, complete with her huge Alarm Clock on the Desk (She had terrible eyesight) Mrs Greig was Geography Teacher ( A very tall Lady, she towered over you) Mr Palmer was Maths Teacher, Mr Warren was Science Teacher (We lads hated him, and swore that when we left we would come back to sort him out……We never did!) Mrs Thomas was French Teacher Miss Fox was the Girls P.E. Teacher (And our School crush!!!) Mr Pearson was P.E. Teacher who we hated because he was dating Miss Fox Miss McDonald was English Teacher, Mr Williams was Woodwork Teacher (and very strict!) Mrs Holder was Deputy Head after the sad death of Mr ‘Pop’ Mason. Mr Ward was Headmaster. The School Houses were Tudor….Red. Stuart….Blue. Hannover….Yellow. Windsor….Green.
    Most memorable events. Death of Mr Mason. The Day that Mrs Holder was taking Morning Service in the Hall and her Knicker elastic broke, something White appeared below her Hemline and she began to look very uncomfortable. The Girls and Teachers had to gather around her while she made an awkward exit. The Male Teachers were stood along the sides, watching us like Hawks and warning us not to start laughing…..Which was easier said than done! A few of us got Detention that day….Lol.
    Valerie is correct. Mr Pendrey was the miserable Caretaker who’s Son Gary played for the Bluenoses.

    • is that you paul from kingsland then kingsrise please get in touch

    • Hi Paul, I just about remember your name but I sat amongst those sacred desks too, 1965 to 69. Your memories are truely reflected by mine. It was a tough school as I recall; having to fight in the playground, running home because Cadinal wiseman lads were coming over the hill with chains. Ha, I remember Mr Warren literally beating up David Tacey, his disruptions had gone too far that day. Any thoughts of “doing over” warren were quickly extinguished that day. Mr Taylor had a style that would grip our attention in any subject.

      Lots of names I recall too and still keep in touch with a few “inmates” Happy days.

  18. I went to Kings rise from from 1957-1963 , I remember all the teachers pop mason Jimmy Ward Porkie Bywaters. Some of my mates were Micky Jarvis, woody Richard neale and lots more we were alway in trouble great days.

  19. Victor Howell and Carole Howell nee Munn we attended Kings Rise from 1966 to 1972 if our memory is correct. We both met and carried on to get married and are blessed by having the most happy and wonderful time together. We remember with great fondest all the teachers especially Mr & mrs Taylor and Mrs Gregg especially when we went to Austria on the school holiday, we remember all the lovely people we shared our school days with and really hope they have all gone on to have a really lovely and happy time in whatever they have done like ourselves. lol to all who remember us. xx

    • I went to kingsrise and my friend was carole munn, I remember you and victor going out together at school, it was great tohear you are married and still together. hope you remember me my name is linda rowe. love and best wishes to you both xx

  20. I went to Peckham Rd seniors from 1948/50. I was in Mr Bonsor’s class.
    The Head Master was Mr Winsor then there was Mr Bloxham,
    Mr Ludlow the woodwork master, he was quite elderly and had been shell shocked during the first war, when talking to us his face would break into a stupid grin and he would give out a groan, any one who laughed would be on the end of a block of wood he would throw and kept handy.
    Mr Clarke and Mr Payne science teachers, Payne was a sadist at the end of a lesson everyone had to sit to attention, he would be at the back of the class, anyone who riggled or moved he would creep up behind and flick their ears, while this was going on he would say ” you feel itchy you want to scratch your nose” which made you do just that . Another thing about him he had a scar on his face caused when he was handling Phosphorus.
    Mr Brassington, Mr Lawless, Mr Martin it was said he had been a fireman his favourite saying when calling the class to order was”pipe down”
    The Biology teacher I thought was Mr Haskey not Askey ? but not sure, he rode an orange coloured bike to school but it was fitted with an oval chain wheel never seen one like it since
    The Gym teacher was Mr Burrell he was probably the youngest teacher yet he was almost bald, he was always seen in a maroon track suit and gym shoes, sadly he committed suicide, it was said he had suffered at the hands of the German when he was prisoner of war?
    Mr Winsor died during the summer holidays he was in his fifties.
    The only classmates I remember from that time are David Bounds, Arthur Felkin, Roy ? O’Grady, and “flapper” Smith who had sticky out ears but was a brilliant swimmer.

    • Hi Richard, I have just read your post, a bit late. My name is Lawrence Thorpe. Born 1937. I went to Peckham Rd school in Autumn 1948. I was put in Mr Bonsors class. 1A. In one of the brick classrooms opposite the Gym. Mr. Mason joined the school early in 1952 and became our teacher in 4A in the same brick classroom. Other classmates were, Arthur Falcon, Arnold Hall, Billy Coleman, Douglas Drinkwater and myself who Dougie nicknamed Linnet, or Lin.
      I bear the distinction of naming Mr Mason, Pop. When his name was mentioned as a new teacher there was a lemonade company in Birmingham called Mason’s. Thereby, I started his nickname that lasted down the years. Other teachers at that time were Mr Hall, Mr Haskey, Mr, Burrell, my teacher of 3A Mr Stoppard, Mr Bloxham a highly respected junior head master. I was in the athletics team in 1950 and 1952. Good to hear from someone from my era. Larry Thorpe.

      • Me Bassett , a tototal bully to me . Should have been arrested !
        Gary Evans 1974

        Sent from my iPhone


    • Yes sir, I remember Mr Martin all right! He gave me 6 of the best during my last week at school in July 1954.

  21. Hi Don

    I am struggling to remember you Don.
    Percy Palmer did take us for RI and of course
    the others you mentioned.
    I did not play for Soccer team as I was not good
    enough(also cartlidge probs) but did represent
    the school at the Aston Athletics at Birchfield
    What year was you born Don(I`m 1944)–do you
    know where Spud, Rodney are now? Just remembered
    Rod and I played for Erdington Rugby Club after we left
    school.Dare I mention Spud and I attended Nude Variety
    at Aston Hippodome while still at school!
    Let me know more Don


  22. hi roger, guess you a little older than i, i was born in 1946, and lived at 50 hurlingham road. you being that little older,maybe you remember the Sullivans or Criddles. my infamous gym teacher was mr harris, whom had the pleasure of her majestys prisons.. my mother use to work at the aston hippodrome and i was fortunate to see a lot of the stars of the day.


    • Hi Don, you were born the same year as myself and I attended Kings Rise after Peckham Road the infants and juniors. I remember all of the teachers you have mentioned now I have a really bad memory but it is possible that we were in the same class, Askey alway reminded me of James Robertson Justice, he was my form teacher in the first year, also Mr Hughes geography and football, he once caned everbody in the class who had not done their homework, I remember Harris as well, he made my life a misery when doing gym, holding on to my shorts while I struggled to climb the ropes and sending me back through the showers, I did hear he was had up for his activities, although this was only hearsay it seems that it might have been true. All the best
      John Hampton

    • Rob Scott here harris the pervert knew terry Sullivan ray rose,lenny jinks, school was mostly playing up, getting the stick, keeping away from Harris, and playing truant,

    • Rob Scott here I remember harris and most of teachers bored at lessons but had a few laughs 33of us had blackboard ruler off Evans what a memory

  23. Hi Don

    I remember Mr Harris Gym Teacher–small—-probs with leg(s) my Mom
    knew his Mother. Not sure what you mean reference Prison? Do tell.
    Sullivan`s ring a bell but cannot remember.I lived at Kilburn Grove off Circle.
    Perhaps you remember “1066 and All That”?–school show put on at church
    hall(all ages) about 1959.
    So many memories–in 1958 moved to Castle Bromwich–still cycled to King`s Rise school unless weather too bad. Is anything left of Secondary School——
    or just Primary?

    Bye Don


    • Hi Roger,
      1066 and all that, we put that play on in about 1955 at St Lukes church hall and i was working the spot light,happy days.Iseem to remember rumours about Mr Harris being a bit naughty but never found out much.
      David Howell.

    • Hi Roger
      I remember ,Mr.Harris,gym teacher,small bo leg,s.He liked boy,s around him.

  24. Hi David

    Not sure what year you are from?–I`m 68.
    Yes, St Lukes could not remember name.
    Think may be later than 1955? I thought
    it was fab and went there at least twice.
    I would like to know the Prison story details
    about Mr Harris–what could he have done?
    I left in July 1960–some good times there.

    bye Roger

    • Hi Roger
      The only thing I can remember about Harris was the fact that he seemed to delight in holding onto my shorts while making me climb the ropes, which I found very difficult, he also liked sending me through the showers over and over again. He also had a club of a night, not sure what they used to do, but used to seem lads going in and out while we were playing football in playground after school. I was told later he had been in trouble with police about his activities at the school and I could only speculate as to his crime using my experiences of him.
      All the best
      John Hampton

    • Harris was a pervert I heard of him in the juniors and all through senior school he was having sex with a lot of boys a couple were in my class, finally got caught I was told when I was 18 deserved what he got, ime rob scott

  25. I started school in 1957 at Peckham Road at the age of 5, I remember Mrs Bloxham, and Miss Paul who was lovely. I went onto Kings Rise in 1962 till I left school in 1968. I remember Mr Ward, Mrs Holden, Miss Wood who had a soft spot for my gooseberry crumble. I went through school with my cuson Geoffery Griffiths every class, and I’m pleased to say we are now back in touch. I’m lucky I enjoyed my time at school, and have very fond memories of Kingstanding. My best friend was called Christine Hope we started work together, but like everything you loose touch great pity. I remember we laughed our way through school I didn’t learn much, but settled down in the real world.

    Kind regards to all.

    Lynnette Hodgetts ( Howell )

    • Hello, do you remeber if Mrs Bloxhams daughter Margaret whent to Kings Rise too, she was a skating partner of mine at the Silver Blades way back in the sixties. Andrew Hope

  26. Hi
    Came from Scotland December1969 and taught history next door to Jean Gregg until July 1972.Took second year football team and remember going on school trips to Holland and Belgium.

    David White

    • Hi Mr White,I remember you well and also your friends Pat Harrington and Mal Thornton, What ever happened to you all are you still in touch
      My name is Brendan Griffiths and I left Kingsrise in 1971 my other pals names are Ronnie Hill who sadly passed away also Burke and Hare Graham Terry and Jimmy Taylor do you remember us ?

      • HI Brendan
        Good to hear from you.I do remember you and your friends. I’m sorry to hear about Ronnie.
        Pat Harrington and Mal Thornton both left the school in1971.Pat went to London to teach and Mal left to manage a bookie’s shop.
        I haven’t been in touch with anyone since I Ieft in1972. After a year in London I came back to Scotland and have been here since.
        We recently met a couple from Birmingham on holiday.
        Hearing them talk about growing up in the city and listening to a Brummie accent again reminded me of my time at Kings Rise.So when I googled Kingstanding it was good to find the website.

      • Hi Brendan been some years how are you keeping

    • Hi Mr White
      So Nice to hear Back off you, thought you might remember us!!
      When he first left Pat Harrington kept in touch with me for a while but then we lost touch.
      The senior school has now gone and Houses have been built there but the infants and junior shool still remains….

      It’s a shame as the school was built when the estate was built…
      I,m still in touch with a lot of my old pals from school.
      Meeting a couple from brum must have bought back a lot of memories of your time in Birmingham.
      All good I hope


    • Hello Mr White,
      I came across this little ditty whilst meandering the internet. I, Jasbir SIngh, thoroughly enjoyed your History lessons. I remember going on the trip to Belgium with you + other teachers.
      Strangely enough I know live and work in Brussels. I hope the years have treated well.

  27. hello Mr White, as i was a former pupil of Kings Rise I was wondering if you have any knowledge of any archived football or cricket photos. I played for the football and cricket team 1957-61. be grateful for any information, regards Don Hallett

    • Sorry Don
      I don’t have any information that could help. I doubt if there is an archive of old photos.Your best chance of getting a copy is probably if someone who was in one of the teams reads your post, or perhaps if you contact the local paper they might print a request for them.
      Good luck

    • Rob Scott here I played football can’t remember you please jog my memory mr Harris stays in my mind and Williams woodwork teacher if you could call him that I remember lenny jinks houghton Rosie Sullivan and getting the stick often

    • Hi Don Hallett, if you’re on Facebook look on the Kingstanding 1950s onwards site. I think there are some sporting photos on there fro KR.

  28. there is a facebook group “Kingstanding 1950’s Onwards” that has a lot of uploaded photos from schools and streets. And its updated daily/weekly

    • Hello Anne. The Facebook “Kingstanding 1950’s Onwards” seems to have been taken down, any more info please. Ray Hart Kings Rise School 51 to 61.

      • Hi there Ray! I beg to differ, the Kingstanding 1950s onwards hasn’t been taken down. It is very much alive.

  29. Havent been on this site for ages now and ive just noticed that one of my old teachers Mr Keith Wright has posted me a few lines. Thanks Sir ! nice to be remebered ! god we gave you some headaches !! i was crap at art but you were always kind and never said what you were thinking Ha ! my maths was appauling and again you tried your best !! happy retirement to you dont know how you have stayed sane . who would be a teacher hey .

  30. dean sabin
    1977-1982 I was put in the hut in the junior playground because there wasn’t any spaces left. it was called 7 R everyone called it the dunces class lol.
    my form teachers was mr bradney mr toyne miss turvey. mr ryan, mrs McDonald. in the third year mr right took over the football team , that’s when we won the league . I still have my badge from then kieth we had a great team all thru the seniors . Anthony bryan aka rasta , colin nesbitt, lewis Lloyd , colin robinson , john miller , dennis Thompson, the mighty steven Donnelly ,to name a few eggy exhall also . if I remember right we beat the teachers too in a friendly at the twickenham fields . great times I loved metal work and woodwork with mr potter .had some great games of footie too during and after school in the playground with the small metal goals and a tennis ball lol.the cooking class was fun sorry colin nesbitt if you read this do you remember plastering the oven with your cake you tried to bake, ever wondered what happened to that baking powder lol guess what it went in your cake the whole tin lol happy retirement kieth thanks for your help and knowledge and being one of the best teachers in the school.

  31. Hi, would it be possible to have a copy of the 1st picture “Typing with Mrs Taylor”? as i was the girl Mrs Talyor is standing over, also the girl behind was my then best friend Deborah Woodhall. I remeber one other girl Joanna savage, she’s the girl over the other side of the class at the back by the window.

  32. There is a kings rise reunion for everyone ,it is on 24th august 2013 at The Beggars Bush PUB ,in Kingstanding ,,,All welcome ,

    • Hello Karen, I have just noticed your post saying that there is (or was!) a Kings Rise re union at the Beggars Bush. But I know that was over 3 years ago, I would have loved to have gone but I only noticed your post today (June 2016) so obviously I’m 3 years too late. So, I was wondering if you went, what was it like,were there many there,and do you think there’ll ever be another reunion, I would love to know as time has a habit of moving on! Also, I think I slightly recognise your name!

  33. We lived over the road from the front entrance to the school on Hornsey rd, ( the cooks). My mom & dad were sort of friends with Jim & Gwen pendrey and would often pop over for a cuppa. Don’t think he was as miserable as he looked, he used to let us play in the playground.
    Keith you were my art teacher, I remember my friend Tara foster died when we were in the 3rd or 4th year. Before she died I remember she had to sit n a chair on her desk & we had to draw her! Omg I was awful at drawing, still am lol xx

    • hi lived on bendal road used to hang aroud with riley twins

    • Angela cook was u Angel. Russel I think x

  34. Hi is this mr wright the art teacher from kings rise ?

  35. Hi is this mr wright the art teacher I remember you I also remember mr outram mr roberts mr lane the care taker mr pentry is son played for blues lol. You supported norwich city. I loved that school from the time I started till the day I left I remember the pottery teacher. I look forward to hearing from any one that was there till 1978 x

  36. I used to go to kings rise school up untill 1978 I remember guite a few people and teachers although it was a long time ago lol. Love the photos on here brings back so many memories.

  37. Hi how r u

  38. my name is Pamela Green nee (Owen) my sisters and I were at kings rise in the 70s. I remember Mr wright he was a lovely teacher and really cared about his pupils as did most of the staff.

    • Pamela , you were a good friend Gary Evans

      Sent from my iPhone


  39. Iwas a pupil at kings rise (1958 till 1962) just to clarify mr Lycette was the metal work teacher and Denis Harris was the gym teacher who got 5 years in prison

  40. My name is Marie Hill I am 60 this year I enjoyed school especially Mr Lane, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Mr Harrington and many more.
    I have fond memories Barbara Edwards, Linda Southall, Sylvia White, Wendy Hare, Steve Exall, Ray Woodroff and lots more Happy times hope every one is doing well and enjoying their lives xxx

  41. I was at kings Rise 1969-73 . Teachers head Mr Ward deputies mrs Hall Mr A E Taylor.
    In the time l was there Mr Ward retired new head Mr Upton and Mr Lane x welsh forward. Then a gym teacher Mr Luiwhicky also welsh. Mr white English teacher.
    I joined the Brass band in my first year the Band master Mr AE Taylor whose wife mrs Taylor ran the Typing class.
    I am very new to all this Technology. Quite a step from chalk boards.

    Regards Lloyd

  42. I went to kings rise but it waa Peckham Rd. In those days our teachers were Mrs Cooper Miss Veal who had bad eyesight Miss Roberts for German Miss Robinson Miss Wood for cookery, what great memories walking to the baths in Warren Road and to the Playing fields. Remember that big thing at the end of the gym we used to have to climb, Miss James used to take us for that. Miss Slade was rhe head mistress. I was Joan Dalton then and lived in Brockwell Grove and if Mom had a penny we could catch the 29a to the circle and walk the rest of the way. Christine, Johnson and Carole wager were in our class and Betty Stratford anyone remember.

  43. Good old days bring back some memories

  44. Forth photo down Dave Bramley my old trombone partner standing up playing the piano

  45. Hi jimmy Taylor were you friends with Brendan Griffiths I have been trying to contact you to let you know that Bren has passed away.

    I’m his wife Marina

    • You all were pissed at the Time. What a shit school and the teachers were worse than shite .

      Sent from my iPhone


  46. Hi Paul I’m so sorry to tell you but Bren has passed away he died last October from his wife Marina x

  47. Hi Gary Evans! You can get in touch with Pierrepont Vaughan via Facebook, he looks exactly the same as 35 years ago! Just a little older maybe. Don’t know the whereabouts of John rickets or Denise town send. I do know Christine twells died though. So did John keep. Ps, I reckon we all got the cane of lane!
    Take care mate.

    • ^^^^pierre

  48. Hi Gordon, i remember you well. How you doing ? I have travelled alot around europe and many places trying to make a living playing golf. Yes i had 6 of the best far to many times.I came back to Kingstanding a couple of years ago and drove around all the old places it was very nostalgic.

    Cheers pal

  49. Hey Gary, kieron cambell,s brother organise,s
    Renunions, I’ll let you know when the next one is. Speak soon mate.

  50. I think you were in the same class as me pam,
    Hope all is well.

  51. Pierre
    No she didn’t my old friend .
    I would like it very much if you let her no my details to pass it on .
    E-mail : gevans1960@hotmail.
    Thank you very much

  52. Please old friend pass on my details
    I phone what’s app only 0034 7557 300 904
    Than you

  53. Hi everybody,
    I attended Kings Rise school from September 1965 to July 1969.
    Threre were several paintings -prints- hanging on some walls, no doubt they were there for many years. I am intrigued by on painting that hung on the wall of one of the assembly halls. I seem to remember it depicted loaves of bread on a table with boys standing around. The title had something to do do with marble halls, but I could be confusing that with another painting.

    Does anyone remember that painting and its title? I’d love to know.

    Jeff Egan

  54. Hi Michael Yes I was at King`s Rise from 1955 to 1960. I remember all the teachers mentioned. Pop Mason was great! He was a member of Warwickshire Cricket Club and when I knocked days off from school to visit Edgbaston–he always knew next day as I burned easily. He loved a boy showing an interest in his Club–so he was indulgent with me. Mr Martin was a giant–but I took little interest in Art. Mr Ludlow–flogging a dead horse as I hated Woodwork–and metalwork. Nobby well–I still have the reports which he wrote–all the same–could do better with less “Tongue wagging”–I liked him–
    he liked the fact I was into Space–but not boring science–weights and measures and fulcrums etc etc.
    Percy Palmer—born in March but a birthday in November. Also–what if God is a woman? A few of hos sayings–a gentle man. To conclude Michael–Mr Hughes–the Welshman–tough but I liked him. My favourite(may be just after you left?) Mr Rowe–sorts master–encouraged lads in sport and athletics–and sports quizes.
    Thanks for the chance to skip down memory lane–Michael.

    Roger Boulton

  55. Thanks for your rapid response Roger, I know the name…. Mr Rowe ,but can’t picture his face like I can most of the other teachers but I’ve got a gut feeling I liked him.Mr Martin (art) was never my teacher but one day whilst I was in “Pop” Masons class (1954 the year I left) he (pop) said he had to go out for a few minutes so behave yourselves. So, the moment he walked out 2 kids sitting at the front decided it was a good time to lark about so they started wrestling and gradually they wrestled towards my desk where I was sitting minding my own business.They suddenly ended up scrapping around my desk. Innocently I pushed them away and said get out of my way. At that moment Mr Martin (6ft of Misery) walked in….took one look at the situation and said angrily “You,you and you get in my classroom NOW!” Sheepishly we walked into his classroom which was next door to ours. He told me to hold out my hand which I did and he whacked it with a cane,hard. then he told me to hold out the other one and he whacked that one too. In all he gave me 6 whackings, 3 on each hand. I tried to protest my innocence but he wouldn’t listen! After that I put him on my hate list along with Mr Richards in the Juniors who smacked the back of my hand hard, all because when he said name a domestic animal I replied joyfully ” A Cockerel Sir”. I was only about 10 at the time and it was the first time I had been physically punished, I was close to tears not so much because of the pain but because of not knowing why he was hitting me and the humiliation of being hit in front of the whole class. You see, 2 other kids had answered Cat and Dog,and as many people round my way had hens cockerels and chickens i felt justified at answering “Cockerels Sir”. Many years later when the “Hate List” in my head had grown much longer I joined a Freedom In Christ” course which lasted 12 weeks. One of the things we were told to do was make a list of all the people who we disliked or hated and forgive them and pray for them.It wasn’t easy as I had harboured a lot of hatred in my mind. When I did that task a change came over me and I was filled with a feeling of complete and utter PEACE, and from then it hasn’t changed. My mind is at peace and I hate NO ONE.

  56. Thanks for your reply and views Michael.
    Mr Rowe was a long jumper–big on athletics. Maybe 5` 10?-looked a little like Derek Ibbitson(runner)–he introduced sports quizes and I was very precocious and into sporting facts. Just one older boy beat my score(I was may be 12?)
    –and three years later I would apply for post as cub reporter at the Argos(which I got)–but stupidly declined.
    I cannot say I have gained your gentle ways–and still get annoyed at things and people. I hate politicians!!
    To conclude–I think you may be five years older than I?–a last thought Mr Rowe had us settling rows by fighting with gloves(big ones)–with forms for the
    shape of the ring. I was very disappointed when he left—-he was a beacon of light–and much more fitter than the other teachers. Mr Evans(very tall)–took sport after that I remember. I did represent the school at the Aston Sports at Birchfield Harriers track.
    okay Michael thanks for chat.


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