Kingstanding Settlement

Memories of Kingstanding Settlement

Kingstanding Settlement. Kingstanding Library

Memories of Dennis Elwell

Kingstanding Settlement in 1940’s

Top Row: Jimmy Wilkes, Dennis Elwell, Eric Eckleston, X, Donald Brotin, Stan Ryland

Middle Row: X,Tommy Barley, Walter Yardley, Mr Charles (centre manager), X

Bottom Row: X, X, X, Ken Barley, X

Memories of Brian Thomas

Middle row third from the left is Walley Yardley, who excelled in his amateur boxing career, he was from Kings Road, Kingstanding.

He won the ABA title in 1953. He also represented England on three or four occasions, winning all bouts. His fighting weight was light weight and light welter.

His fights in which he represented his country were broadcast on TV.

Not everyone had a TV back then, those who didn’t would know someone who did and would congregate round their home to watch.

The Kingstanding public house was always empty on these occasions.

Memories of HO Swain

Upon reading the Observer (April 13 and 20th) concerning Wally Yardley the Kingstanding boxer and champ. I knew him in 1952, met him at the local dance held at the King Charles pub on the Monday nights.

Nights he was training, I didnt see him, but I recall my dad telling me “Wally Yardley’s fighting tonight on the telly.”

We were lucky to have one, although it was only a nine inch TV.

All us girls liked Wally, but he chose me, but then I became 18 years old and did shift work on the buses and lost him to his wife Lil.

Now Wally and his wife have passed on, but I have lovely memories of my boxer.

Memories of Shardeen

does anyone remember the setlement in kingstanding, i think it was by the circle. why i am asking is because i used to practice there with my first group (rock n roll)  in about 1962-3 thank you.



  1. I have very fond memories of Kingstanding,haveing moved there in 1938 from Vauxhall, I was 11yrs old.We lived on the corner of Esher Rd and we could look down Cooksey Lane from our window. The houses on the other side of Esher Rd were still in various stages of Construction. One night I was out there playing on a pile of sand and the night watchman came along and caught me, said he was takeing me to the police station but he took me to his shelter with a big coke fire in front of it, sat me down and gave me a sandwich from his lunch bag. Needless to say, after that little episode I would go down Cooksey Lane and sit with him almost everynight till they finished the houses in Esher Rd and down the one side of Cooksey Lane.
    Happy Days, Have a nice day, Wally.

    • Imagine my surprise when confronted with the photographs of the
      Kingstanding Settlement boxing team, this photograph was taken by
      me in 1946 or 1947 not quite sure which, I also photographed the
      football team at about the same time. I was employed by H J Whitlock and Sons Limited Photographers to the King, at the time
      the photo’s were taken I was very much a beginner in the photographic field having joined straight from Peckham Road school
      in Feb 1944 It took many years of training before you could call
      yourself a photographer with Whitlocks. However Dennis, I can’t
      remember you paying me for the photo, !!!.
      I was a member of the Settlement Club, and played for the football
      team made up from ex Peckham Road kid’s, we were quite a decent
      side, played in the Sunday league, George Hall was the captain.
      I have many memories of The Settlement and remember the names
      of quite a few of the members, Look forward to hearing from anyone
      from that era.
      My address in those days was, 313 kings road,

  2. I do remember the Kingstanding Settlement very well, my next door neighbour, Richard Carr used to help run the place. I took judo and weight training classes there and also helped run some of the youth dances, this was around 1958-1962 period. We also took mixed parties into Wales for Outward Bound camping and walking holidays.

    • I think it was Richard Carr who drove the mini bus to France, (Normandy + Brittany) around 1959 – 60ish alongside Mr (B) and us kids, One name I remember was “Joanie” Brown as we knew her !

  3. i remember mr blamire the centre manager in the 60’s great memories and times!

    • Was a member from around 58 to 63 , had to leave at 21yrs of age , no longer a (Youth) . Remember Mr B ,( Blamire ). Went to Brittany by mini bus , about 8 of us for two weeks . Including Mr B and driver . Great times !!!!!! Roy Bashford

      • Do you remember me Roy, I lived in Sidcup road and my maiden name was Lawford.

    • Looking At Photo i remember helping to build the kitchen on the side !!

  4. I had my wedding reception at The Settlement in 1963. I loved the club and remember Mr B and Dick very well. We had some good times there and made a lot of friends. I used to go with my friend Linda Glover who sadly passed away two years ago.

    • Did Linda Glover have a brother named Peter

      • Hi Barbara, did you ore your family live at 507 kings rd? We the Jones lived at 503 and our near neighbours were called Copson. best wishes ken jones

    • Hi Barbara, Your maiden name rings a bell somewhere. You mention Linda Glover. My wife thinks she was at school with her ( Kings Rise ) . My mate was Peter Higgins in Sidcup Rd, also a Mick and Dennnis who lived next door to each other in Sidcup. Remember buying sweets at (No Hundreds) !! PS: My wife was Brenda Wickett. We also married in 1963 . 50 yrs next year (and they said it would,nt last )

  5. Hi Geoffrey, Linda did have a brother named Peter, he lives in Sutton Coldfield with his wife.

    • Barbara…… Do you remember Gordon Lane , lived on corner of entrance to ( pimple ) now sadly passed away. Great character !!!!

      • Wow Gordon Lane is my dad!! I was told about this site by a friend Jeanette Hart, I know my dad was friends with Roy.

  6. I lived in Atlantic rd and my bedroom looked out on to the big hall of the settlement .I started going to the various clubs there in 1947 ,one of my first holidays was with the club to Newhaven camping in army bell tents I think the Leader at the time was called Charlie .I kept going to the Settlement unti I was called up for National service in 1955.I seem to remember we had a night when we did gym also on other nights we did cooking ,acting and other activities .On Friday night there was sometimes a dance an always one on Sundays,I went on two camping holidays ( as well as Newhaven ) one to Exmouth (where the big caravan site and leisure centre is now ) and one to Sidmouth.I also went to Nash Court on an “Adventure Weekend” and spent a weekend on a barge ( the Norman Chamberlin ) I can,t recall many names but the ones I do remember are Don Drinkwater ( and his Brother ) both very good boxers ,George Nicholls , Terry Weaver , Spud Taylor, Kenny Carr,Dereck Jones , Stan Cole,Pat March ,Peggy and Peter Bedford, Mary ???? , and her two friends Dot and Lol I think ..

  7. Used to live two doors from The Drinkwaters in Caversham Road and ,became a friend of Eric , who had older brothers into boxing. they trained in the back garden and gave me lessons, They were young men and i was about ten years old , They probably used me as a punch bag !!!!!!!! (good old days)

  8. Hi Roy, what memories! of course I remember Gordon Laine, he taught us all to swim, he was married to a woman called Sheila. I think Beattie Brittain lived next door to him. We lived next door to Mrs Devlin and her one son was Dennis Casey, he is a friend of John Mitchell to this day. Also, Michael Wilde lived next door to us the other side. Across from us were the Burcketts and I still remain friends with the family.John and I celebrated our 50th two weeks ago on 16th February. We had a party at The Aston Wood Golf Club. Did you get married at St. Lukes? So what are you doing to celebrate your 50th?
    Best regards Barbara Copson nee Lawford.

    • Hi Barbara, Gordon was a good friend, we worked together as roofers in the sixties, all of us joined Kingstanding swimming club including Joe Adcock (Sidcup Road), Michael (Muffin) Murphy, Don Bustin, and others, all roofers. We had swimming Galas and taught kids and grownups to swim, we would then pop in next door to ex-service club, and finally the Welcome fish and chip shop on Kingstanding Road. On Sundays we would go to the Lido in Sutton with our kids or Blackroot pool in sutton park. (not reccomended ) . Shiela was a lovely character who like me loved jazz, We would go to the Odeon New Street to see Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson Trio, Nat King Cole Etc. Earlier to that in early teens i was friends with Michael Wilde and Dennis Casey and we used to get up to no good (like u do) at that age, Happy Days !!!! We got married october 1963 at Erdington Parish (some low life has since burned it down) so i hear. No doubt our daughters and son have arranged something secret like on our 40th they surprised us with Elvis (i thought he was long gone) All the best Roy

  9. Hi Gaye Anne, Long time no see, good to hear from you . Will arrange with Jeanette to come and see you in concert soon . And we can have a chat about the old days with your lovely Dad !!! See u soon Roy n Brenda xxxxx

  10. Hi Roy, do tell me what does Gordon’s daughter do in concert? I was amazed to see her notice on the site, it is so lovely to recall the old days x

  11. Barbara, She sings with Second City Sounds, A large choir who sing Barber Shop style all females, Very good !!! Roy

  12. Hi Guys how lovely reading all your wonderful memories my dad told me so many stories about all this stuff and the places, he obviously edited it, and I remember Mrs Burkett & Mrs Brittain as I spent a lot of time at my Nan Lane’s on Sidcup Road. My mum Sheila is still kicking and I’ve told her about the gossip, but bless her she’s a confused bird these days. Jeannette promises I’ll get to meet up with Roy so that will be nice (an don’t be saying any bad things about Jeanette cos I sooo love her to bits and have really connected with her, it’s something to do with the Kingstanding soil I think.Catch up with you all soon X Gaye

    • Hi Gaye Anne, Would i dare say bad things about Jeanette she,s bigger than me !!!!! She knows i love her really but dont tell her i said that ! Hope to see u soon . Roy

      • Hi Roy, Jeanette keeps threatening to sort out a get together, but I realise with David being so poorly I think its on the back burner, but it will be nice to meet up. Gaye Anne

  13. Hi Gaye, I would love to meet up for a coffee, I am still good friends with Val Burckett and her brothers lan & Pete were 80 this year. So many happy memories, all good wishes Barbara Copson (Lawford)

    • Hi Barbara, you said the right thing “coffee”, I would love to meet you. It seems strange you mentioning the Burcketts, I’ve not heard their name since my Dad talking about them (all nice stuff). We must arrange something. GayeAnne

  14. Hi Gaye, I am in Tenerife until mid April will be in touch for a meet up when I get back, best regards Barbara

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