Peckham Road

Memories of  Pauline Stacey

The Church and school, Peckham road school,,   many thoughts there..


no. 75, Mrs. Broomhall, had two children… Jack, older than me, who I adored,  used to go down the air raid shelter with them, I recall we put to two shelters together and shared.. we, my older brother and I, had a bunk bed above him, and we would jump down onto him…  He married Olive

His sister Florence, married a yank!!!!  I loved the Americans…..

I can, almost go down in my mind from ourhouse, 73, 75,77, Mr and Mrs. Bass, and two kids, 79, the Nortons,

81,  hmm? name escapes me., 83  the Potters, 85, the Beswicks,  two boys, Gordon, and John.  John was my first boyfriend when I was about 5 years old!

87… can see them, but can`t bring their name to mind at the moment

then 89  the Griggs, a large family, and my mum didn`t like us playing with them…

going the other way, 71, the other semidetached to our house Mr. and Mrs. Middleton..

Now I am beginning to wonder if I have the house numbers going the right way????

then the Boltons…. and more… but not so clear in my mind… I think the kids we played with remain in my mind the most.



  1. My parents Irene and Clifford Kidner lived at 79 Peckham Road from 1962 to 1992 approx, number 81 was Mrs Hadley and 77 next door Mrs Bass. My brother and sister and I all went to Kings Rise School. My brother still lives in uk but my sister and I and my mum now live in Australia.

    • Yes, 81, Mrs Hadley, when we lived there.. and 87, Sheffield. the children were Doreen and John.
      so we lived at 73, from 1936 till late 50`s I reckon, when my dad died.

      going to 71, was Mr. and Mrs. Middleton,.
      His first wife died, and he remarried… 69, was Mr. and Mrs. Bolton
      cant recall 67, …

      so your family Glynis must have moved into the Nortons house..

      I was “best friends ” with Betty Norton, who became a Fox by marriage, then I lost touch with her. would love to know how she is, if she is still alive…

      her eldest brother , Gerald , died of leukemia whilst in the navy, I so remember them all, and Gordy, (Gordon) so close with my older brother , Alan.

  2. Does anybody remember the Brookes who lived at number 40?? Or who used to live in 48??

  3. Robert i know a family name Brookes who live in peckham road. There is Ray and Joyce ( parents ) they had kids name Cheryl haden daryl and hayley. their other daughter Janine was my friend sadly she died many years ago while we were still at school. Are they the same Brookes that you knew ? i saw Ray last year when he came to my dads funeral and he told me that his neighbour had died maybe you knew him as well his name was kenny swain

  4. I was wondering if anyone remembers the Mullis family, my parents Ada and Alf, siblings Pat, Margaret and Malcolm and myself Mary. We lived at no. 34 Peckham Rd directly opposite the gates of the school from 1949 until 1955 when our family emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. I remember a few names of those in the street such as the Tubbs family, Hazel, Christine, Leonard, John who came to see us off when we left. Such a long time ago! One girl I remember was Jennifer Taman who lived next to St Lukes Church. Teachers I remember at high school were Mrs Genders in my first year, Miss Eastgate in 3rd year and I’m sure Miss Boots was principal as I wrote her a letter asking for any records of mine but too much time had passed. I would have known the Brookes family as they were a couple of doors up from us. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers us. I am on facebook also.

  5. Does any one have any info as to how we can obtain [if they still exist] old school photos Ones of ourselves taken from KINGSRISE school circa 1950/60 maiden name was Harris back then,and I dont have any,Hope someone can help.

  6. I live at 69 peckham my dad. Still does I was born there I live on caversham now I was born in the house on peckham 69 misses midelton lived at 71 and burt ramesey lived at 67 when I was a litte kid I must of been 3 . I would never live anywere eles

  7. Dear William Capnerhurst
    I born was in Caversham Road in 1947.Went to Pechham Road 1952/62. King Rise senior ,I remember Mrs.Boot ,in the infant,s Mr .Thomas
    in the junior,s and, Mr.Ward in the senior,s .born at 105 Caversham, so was my brother,s ans sister. I lived there till ,1967, till I got married, and moved to
    Daventry. Still miss it
    Regard,s Mr.Stait.

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