Twickenham Road

Memories of Frances Fletcher

‘My lovely dad was a milkman and he had a horse and cart , he was up at 4 in the morning everyday to do his milk round , in the winter when it was icy your milk would be left on the step and the tops were frozen , the cream off the top of the milk was delicious. Every week we had a rag and bone man who used to collect any old rubbish you had and he used to give us a balloon.’

VE DAY PARTY IN TWICKENHAM ROAD 1945. Copyright Frances Fletcher

Memories of John Prime

Twickenham Road was completely tree lined right up too these celebrations when most were then cut down to feed the bonfires. The ingenious way they were felled might interest you.

During the war, and for a couple of years after, large tins of corn beef were available they were opened using a key which was attached to a tag on the side of the tin and, by turning the key, a strip of metal was peeled from the around the tin. This strip was an excellent wood cutting saw, you could fell a sapling in just a few minutes.

VE day party Twickenham Road. John Prime

VJ day party Twickenham Road. John Prime


hn Prime




  1. Hi Francis.My first girlfriend Lived at 110 Tickenham Rd.Peggy Dawes.Wondered if you Knew her?

    • Hi Charlie Im Shirley Bartram lived @ 97 and knew all of the Dawes family. My great friend Jean Oldbury lived at 114. Would love to hear how things turned

      • Hi Shirley.I was seeing Peggy Dawes when I was in the army but I was posted to Hong Kong for three years and when I came home she was married.I believe she moved to Tamworth.I know she was friends with Jean Smith who married David Paul from Chingford Rd. I’m sorry I don’t know. I was at Dulwich Rd School From 1945 to 1949

  2. Two people I would love to hear from are Charlie Southam & Frances Fletcher.Would love to hear more about that VE party photo seeing as I was there and was half in love with a Coop milk lad with a horse & cart 1947/8 but it wasnt to be and Charlie I see you are about 1 year younger than me but wondered if you knew John Mason Peter Hook John Turnum Sid Fletcher Jphn Paynter or Ron Graves. Im up north and miss my hometown.

    • Hi Shirley.I’m afraid the only name I can remember from your list is John Paynter. I take it that you went to Dulwich Road seniors?

      • Hi Charlie sorry so long coming back to you. Been home where my heart is (I have 2 homes Newcastle & Brum) I was in Cannock Pheasey Estate Perry Barr & Kingstanding 33 & 907 busses (dont drive) I was at Dulwich Road 1944 to 1948 and last saw John Paynter who came on his bike to my home in Twickenham Road to ask me to be his girlfriend as his family was moving south I said no as I WAS HALF IN love with the coop milkman (horse and cart & all). Have you ever heard anything of him. I would love to hear more of you & yours and from anyone who knew me Shirley Bartram of Twickenham Road.

  3. Hi Shirley.Sorry but I’m afraid my memory for names is not so good.Better on faces.I left school in April 1949.I still see my pal Len Cotterill who lived two doors from the caretakers house in Dulwich Rd.I now live on the other side of the city in Hollywood.
    Best Wishes.

    • Hi Charlie nice of you to reply. Im glad you are in touch your pal Len and I know where Hollywood is. I remember a place called SHIRLEY years ago there was a race track there (horses) . I also remember the swimming baths being covered in for dances and being there once with all my friends and trying to avoid this young man my mom had her eye on for me his name was Peter Jackson lived in Finchley Road and he was probably trying to avoid me. I read in one of you comments that you worked at Fort Dunlop it reminded me of when worked for the AEU (aMALGAMATED ENGINEERING UNION0 I used to send to all the shop stewards and convenors at all the big firms like Austn Motor at longbridge and Lucas King St ( I worked there making car and motorbike horns) which pleased my husband as we had BSA triumph AJS and Norton bikes with a big oval sidecar (happy days). Were you at Dunlop long my friends husband worked there all his life Jim Hamilton lived off Slade Road. Hope you dont mind hearing my life story. Im enjoying your comments and all the other voices of Kingstanding. Best wishes Shirley

  4. Hi Shirley.Sorry for the delay.I started work at Fort Dunlop when I left school in April 1949.Six months later I joined the army in boys service.After 9 years service I went back to Dunlops untill I retired aged 63.I was a production foreman for 28 years.It’s quite possible I may have known your friend, it depends on which dept he worked in? I married Kathleen Thomas from Dulwich Rd in 1961 at which time she was working in the wages dept at Wolsely engineering.She passed away 10 years ago.I have two sons and five grandchildren.I hope I haven’t bored you too much but I will say that Iv’e enjoyed my life as boy and man. Best Wishes

    • Hi Charlie no you certaiinly havent bored me I am like you in having loved my life as a child and as a wife and mother and now great grandmother. Met my geordie husband at a party in Atlantic Road on Boxing Day 1950 engaged Boxing Day 1952 and wed on Boxing Day 1953 at Trinity Road. 47 great years together I miss him still after 14 years as you surely do Kathy. Came to Jimmies hometown 1966 (world cup victory year) but have been in constant touch with school friends and relations and still am in touch with my bridesmaid and two more school pals. sadly lost a few in last 3 years, same with Jim mies family but I have his lovely sister nearby and 2 daughters a wonderful granddaughter and her daughter Emily (8) a caring grandson Dale who Im hoping to need to buy a new hat for soon. Where Kathy worked I guess it was Wolsely cars she worked and not where I worked Wolsely Sheep Shearing at Witton. Anyhow Charlie it will be me boring you (my lovely friends where I worked for 29 years used to say DONT START HER OFF ABOUT BIRMINGHAM, she,ll never stop. Im still trying to find the names of the netball girls. \til then I,ll keeping looking for more comments from you and all the others, I feel I know them all by just reading their memories. See ya! Shirley.

  5. Hi you Twickenham Road people. I was born at number 186 (the top end) in the late thirties and lived there till 1962. I knew most of the families living around, the Jones, Smith’s, Fellows, Carr’s, Snow’s, Tookey’s, Edgerton’s, Turner’s, Davis’s, Crow’s and numerous others. Still in touch with a few, some who’ve moved abroad and some still living in various parts of the U.K. Have great memories of Finchley Road park and the park keeper `Moses`. I too have a photo taken at our VE party which I’ll append. Twickenham Road used to be tree lined until just prior to the first of the Victory Celebrations but the wreckless youth cut them down for the bonfires. In my early youth I helped deliver bread of a Saturday helping the Rolands Bakery roundsman, we covered most of the addresses from College Road up to Kings Road.

    • Hi John,
      Where were the Jones’

      • Didn’t they live on the left, going down towards Homerton, just before Parkeston Crescent ?

  6. can’t remember a Jones

    • Hi John I was actually born in Heathfield Rd hospital in 1933 anf from the age of 3 lived with my grandma @ 84 Twickenham Road and from the age of 8 with my step-dad Harry Jenks @ 97 just before the turn on the right up Rivington Crescent . So far no-one has known me and Im sorry I dont think you will recall me either but from about 1943 I used to walk past the houses at the top end of my road and up Tottenham Crescent to my piano teachers (Mrs Pee at 115 Kings Road) I was not very good , my lovely mom should have saved her 2 shillings (a florin wasnt it) The only names I can remember anywhere near the top end were the Smiths 99, Ike Hatch 101, Rhona Minikin lll, Donald Atkins first house left hand side going up Rivington (he may have gone to Peckham Road, he wasnt at Dulwich. There was Joyce Shellis at 140 whose mother was quite well known as a bus conductress on the 33 bus (Im still in touch with Joyce who lives in Tamworth and there was a nice girl Jean Linnell who lived in the first house past the park gates in Homerton Rd. Thanks for your pictures John, I too was at a VE party but seem to remember it being near my grandmas near to the gates of the junior school. good wishes to all Twickenham Roaders. I was Shirley Bartram.

      • HI Shirley I am the daughter of Jean Oldbury now Pinson. My mom remembers you and Peggy Dawes. Mom and Dad now live in Streetly by myself and my family. They are in good health and have enjoyed reading all about Twickenham Road and the good old days!!

  7. Hi Shirley- my dad, Les Capewell, had a good friend name Harry Jenks (or was it Alfie ?) Any relation?

  8. Hi Lisa Garner, you have made my day, at last Ive found your mom, lovely to hear from you too, I wish I hadnt let so many days slip by without a browse through my favourite site, especially as I will be in Great Barr and Bannersgate on 21.10 the day after my 79th birthday, I will be with Sylvia Taylor and Iris Gouldingay. I will be at the Travelodge Perry Barr from 2pm Monday 22 Oct until about 6.30 meeting my half sister at Boars Head for a meal. I so wish I could have met up, so near and yet so far. I am widowed and live in northumberland and will be travelling home on Tues 23.10. I will look every nday for more new of Jean, yoour dad and your family, dont disappoint me Lisa, bye for now SHIRLEY BARTRAM.

  9. I was the little boy on the left hand side of the VE day picture holding my aunty’s hand I about fifteen months old.

    Alan White

  10. I was the little boy in the VE day picture holding my aunties hand, at the time I was living at No.47

  11. Hi, I am looking for a lady called Shirley Dawes who resided in Kingstanding back in the 1960-1970’s, she would be about 61 years old now.

    Amy help would greatly be appreciated.

    Many thanks

  12. Hi I am looking for any information anyone may have about a Joyce Horton, lived at number 31 Twickenham road with her parents Ernest and Edith.

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