The Boys’ Brigade

Memories of the 1stA Birmingham Boys’ Brigade

The Company began as the
1st Birmingham Boys
Life Brigade Company
, and arose from a request by two Boys to Donald Finnemore. At the first meeting on 30th
September 1913, there were 18 Boys and 2 Officers.

In October 1926, the BB and BLB
were united and as there was also a 1st Birmingham BB company, an ‘A’ was added
and the Company became the 1st A Birmingham BB. Sir Donald Finnemore was a
guiding force in the almalgamation of the two organisations.

One of the many company photos

In 1938 the Silver Jubilee was
celebrated with a Camp in Denmark and many gifts, notably the Company Colours
(the gift of the Old Boys) and a Silver Mace (the gift of the 1st Epsom

Birmingham 1st A Boys Brigade at the opening of the John Bunyan church in Kettle house farm 1963

The 1st A Birmingham, based at the People’s Chapel in Hockley, started a branch at Kingstanding in the 1930’s when the estate was developed. They met (and still meet) at Kingsland Road School and at that time were attached to John Bunyan Baptist Church in Lambeth Road.

Both Hockley and Kingstanding parts of the 1st A worked closely together until he Kingstanding part became independant from the 1st A in the 1960’s and were renumbered as the 11th Birmingham. Although now under separate leadership there are still goood links and friendly rivalry between the 1st A at Hockley and the 11th at Kingstanding.

Birmingham 1st A BB at the opening of the John Bunyan church in Kettle house farm 1963

The11th now have no connection with the Lambeth Road church, which I think has changed its name to The Link Church.

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  1. […] There is now a series of photos and history describing the Boys Brigade at the John Bunyan Baptist church, Lambeth Road. Read more… […]

    • Hello we married at John Bunyan chapel on the 11th march 1967 I was at that time a member of The Peoples Chapel where I had attended as a baby, with my Dad who was in the Boys brigade 1st A company when Sir Donald Finnemore was captain.Many very happy memories . I was a sunday school teacher for many years at the old PeoplesChapel.Gods Blessings on your on going good works.

  2. Hi Hazel,

    I was in the 11th in 64′ LCP David Buckton. I remember Sir Donald Finnemore well

    Regards Dave

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