Hartley Road

Hartley Road VE Day Memories of Ron Raybourne from his daughter Debbie Fox

My dad, Ron Raybone, is seen here aged 9 whilst he and his mom lived with the Mitchell family at number 49.

Memories of Hartley Road

No 100 Hartley Road, 1959. Copyright Margaret Crompton



  1. One of my old school friends lived in hartley road and her name was
    Claire Burrows. sadly she died many yrs ago while she was in her early twenties.She lived with her Mom ( Val ) I often remeber other pals that i went
    to school with who also lived in Hartley Road Angela Martin Peter Ronbinson
    etc happy days hey !

  2. One of my friends lived in Hartley Road, her name was Roberta Baxter and when she passed for Grammar School we lost touch. Many year later my son bought his first house there and I recalled happy memories.

  3. Hi my name is Raymond Casey and lived at No 33 from the age of 9 -21. 1955-1967 when I left to get married. Went to school at Kings Rise School. Remember an old friend who lived at the top of the road Stan Bennett who became captain of Walsall Football Club. Happy times playing in Sutton Park and spying on the courting couples and climbing trees. Other names I remember in the road is Harris, Nash ,Turner. I have 4 sisters Pauline, Shirley, Beryl and Joyce.

    • Hello Raymond I’m Steve i a friend lived at Hartley Rd Keith and Shirley Smith, Shirley worked at Rebeckers club in Birmingham
      do you remember them ? also I went out with a girl just down the Rd from them she was Jenny ? she had a sister , there father was a large man I recall he liked a bet on the horses ,
      I to remember playing in Sutton Park swimming in Powles pool
      The jubilee at the park watching the mouries

  4. Sorry I made a mistake I lived at No 37 and not 33 and I remember going to see the scouts jubilee at Sutton Park when scouts from all over the world came and camped there.

  5. Does anyone have a picture showing the front of the terraced houses in Hartley Road around 1945? I have a picture of my dad, presumably at the end of WW2. Having recently found that he and my nan were in Hartley Road earlier that year, I think this picture shows him and many others at the street party they may have had there.
    The format of the modern day houses is correct, but the frontages have been updated en masse at some point and I’d like to be sure.

  6. […] Picture of Hartley Road on VE day. Read more… […]

  7. I used to live in Newstead Road, just around the corner from Hartley Road, we lived there from 1950 till 1968, I remember as kids we used to go for what then seemed like a big trek around to Hartley Road, up the hill to purchase a toffee apple off a lady that used to make them and sell to us kids. Fond memories, my childhood was magic, none of us had much, but we were all so happy. Things do not always change for the better.

  8. Does anyone know where Keith and Shirley Smith are ? they were friends of mine Shirley worked at Rebeckers club in Birmingham beautiful girl ! also I went out with a girl that lived just down the Rd from them I think it was No-80 here name was Jenny she had a sister and a rather large dad who loved a flutter , would love to here from them. Steve Morton from Dawlish Devon

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