Dulwich Road

Memories from Lee Lewis



Memories of Norma Bird

Funny how seeing Memories of Kingstanding title, it brought back so many thoughts of living there in childhood to my 20s.  The Geman plane that dropped its bomb on a house in Hurlingham Road, hiding under stairs at school as the planes went over it, causing the building to shake with flying over it so low. The German POW’s repairing the Kingstanding Road by the Settlement and my mother making me walk past them very quickly so I would be unable to speak to them. The Barrage Balloon landing on a house in Dulwich Road and all us kids running there to see it. My dad did firewatching at his works all through the war so our mom had to make sure we were in the shelter on her own, it must have been a hell for her as she had 4 of us to cope with.  My youngest brother at that time was born in 1941 so he had a Mickie Mouse gas mask, I hated my gas mask, it made me so hot and breathless, they were ghastly to wear. Who else remembers them like that? The winter of 1947 was bad in Kingstanding, you couldn’t stand up on the ice, and to add to this problem my grandma (a real Black Country woman) died on Christmas Eve and they couldn’t bury her because the ground was so frozen.



  1. I had a friend Steven Jones (spock) we called him. his family lived on corner of dulwich & warren farm, no 2 i think, he was always off school in the early to mid 70s with ear and chest problems, I heard he died in his early 20s he had a hole in his heart that was not new about till after he died. Such a good mate we had some great times, thanks for the memories, such a sad loss at young age.

  2. i remember that and the german prison of war camp was in sutton park my mother took me there

  3. i knew a few people in dulwich road there was the fords linda davis david phillips stephen fawcett x

  4. I also remember the bomb in Hurlingham Rd. Actually it was a 5oo lb land mine and it landed in the middle of the street destroying 3 houses on each side. Only the chimney stacks were left and I believe everyone was killed.
    I was on the corner of Dulwich/Plumstead Rd when the Barrage Balloon came down. It was always a gathering point for us kids..
    Do any of you remember Eric Wimwood, a chap who unfortunately had the mind of a child. But everyone loved him. A gentle Giant! He died suddenly and I remember the funeral cortege went round most of Kingstanding and everywhere massive crowds stood there, he was so loved by everyone.
    The mention of the Prisoner of War camp (above) is wrong. It housed Italian prisoners. I was standing very close to them and they definitely were speaking Italian. It was about halfway between Banners Gate entrance and the first pool.

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