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Memories from St Luke’s Church, Caversham Road



  1. In my day, it was St. Luke`s Church, Peckham Road, .. Church of England,
    it now seems to be a Roman Catholic Church… when did that happen?

    • Pauline Stacey hi! Did you work at Tesco Erdington High St 1979?

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  3. My name is Valerie and i lived in caversham Road just a few doors away from st lukes church when i was a child.I remember the vicar richard butler
    and his wife who was our local gp for many years. i went to school with their two children, rachel and andrew and use to play with them at the vicarage.sadly they all moved away to london eventualy and malcolm johnson took over as the vicar.I know there have been changes at the church as my late parents went to the day centre for many years and loved all the staff who help to run the club cant understand how its changed from methodist to catholic, i know Father leonard cox is there but never did ask about the changes. does anyone remember the old banger mini bus that mr butler would take the local kids out in on sunday after church, to sutton park happy days !!

    • Dear Valerie
      I lived in, Caversham Road at 105.I was born there so was my sister
      I went to,Pecham road school,and then into Kings Rise. i started school in 1952 and left in 1962. It,s great to know someone who lived in, Caversham.I was christened at saint Luke,s, so was my brothers and sister.My aunt was married there so was my brother and sister.
      It was a Church of England, NEVER A CATHOLIC CHURCH.
      So many good memories of the eared, I now live in, Northampton.
      Left good old Bum in 1968.Still miss it.
      Hope to here from you.
      Regards. Mr.Stait.

  4. Valerie, good to read your post.
    As I have said elsewhere I was born and grew up in Peckham Road, I was born in 1936 and spent all of my childhood at St. Lukes Church. I could come out of my house, run across the road, and into the church grounds,
    Directly opposite my front door was the old church Hall, and we then went down a small hill to the front door of the Main Church.

    So I grew up spending most of my childhood at St. Lukes Church. I always thought it was Protestant, Church of England is how I describe my church upbringing. Yes, since I have grown up, I realise that it could have been described as High Church , cos there was incense burning.

    The church interior was very plain. I would like to know when it was built, I guess it can be described as a modern building. I could understand that the interior was very plain, cos my best friend in those days, the war years and just after, was a Roman Catholic, and she took me to her church fairly often.

    I was confirmed into , what I always think of as the Church of England, on 6th March 1948 by the then Bishop of Birmingham.
    I still have my little book, “The Hill of the Lord” signed by the then vicar
    Edward Charles, and stated as “Vicar of St. Lukes, Kingstanding, and PGSmith, Lay Reader

    a couple or so years back, I looked at the church on Google, and was astonished that it appeared to be a Catholic Church. I emailed the Vicar (?) Father!!! who was very unhelpful, and even via email sounded somewhat brusque, when I queried when it had changed to a Catholic Church.

    He told me that it had always been a Catholic Church… He could not or did not feel inclined to give me any of the history, or even point me in any direction for me to find out anything ..

    From what you have said, you are younger than I am! so my memories are clearly very different to yours.

    I do hope someone else can help out with this, particularly someone of my age?

    • Hi Valerie, just read your post about St Lukes church. I was in the church choir in about 1949 or 1950 ish, Mr Charles was the vicar and he was a lovely bloke. The choirmaster was Mr Winson (or something like that.) I am sure it was a Church of England church at the time. Also in the choir were the two Wayne brothers who lived in Colindale road, I lived at 69 Longford road, and Norman Ashby also of Longford road (79). I went to Peckham road school in 1939 to 1954.

  5. St Lukes Church was Church of England when I was married there in 1963. I don’t remember the Vicars name but he was Dutch. I lived in Sidcup Road from 1953 and went to Kings Rise school (Peckham Road) until I married in 1963. I recently visited the church and had no idea it was Catholic.

    • Hi ! we married june 3 1963. Whit Monday. Had reception in joining hall. My wife was Valerie Measey and lived in Winterton Road. She went to Kings Rise school. She has been a wonderful wife.

      • So you and your dear wife will be celebrating your golden wedding Anniversary next year, will you be doing anything special. We did re-take our wedding vows about seventeen years ago but maybe it would be nice to return to St Lukes and recall our Wedding Day. Best Regards

      • i lived at 76 caversham rd and was a choir boy about 1958 [ not because i could sing ] but for the sixpence for the weddings i remember when it changed to high church they had a candlelit xmas servise we went on the allotments off sidcup rd concecrating the ground

    • Barbara, was your maiden name Lawford ? If so, we went to school together. Nice to share memories on this site.

      • Hi Gwen, my name was Lawford and I remember your name, when did you leave school, I left in 1960 and did you know Linda Glover or Valerie Burckett?

    • Hi Barbara we also got married by the Dutch man in 1961and St Lukes was definately Church of England.Richard Butler helped us later on to apply for adoption around 1967 and it was still Church of England then.We had our Golden Wedding in 2011 and revisited St Lukes we were made very welcome but wish I had not gone back as everything had changed so much and not for the better.All the pews had gone (replaced by modern chairs) and where we went in as brides is now the back of the church.Still I suppose times change.

  6. My Wife and I were married at St. Lukes Church on Nov. 20th 1948. I was just out of the R A F. I remember my wife, Kathleen, had to get written permission from her mother because she was only 19yrs old I was 21. At that time the Vicar was Edward Charles. We have been married for 64yrs now and we have been very happy together.
    Walter G. Beech.
    Have a nice day.

    • I was born in 1939, I also was a choir boy when I was about 13. The vicar was known as Mr Charles and the choirmaster was Mr Winston. I started at Peckham road school in 1944 and left in 1954. I have many fond memories of that era. My name is Michael Arblaster and I lived at 69 Longford road. Dads name was Tom and mom was Edith.Brother was Peter and Margaret was my sister. Anybody remember us?

  7. In another post, I said I was married in 1952, typo! lol more likely brain error.
    I left school, King Edwards Grammar School in 1952 and was married in 1956, Rev. Charles had been our vicar since I could remember.. I lived opposite the church, so attended many services, and clubs etc.

    I was baptized and confirmed there,

    as I was only 20 when I married, my dad had to sign a consent form also.

    Are you minded to say where you and your wife lived when you got married Walter Beech? my maiden name was Latimer. wondering if you knew my brother Alan… we both went to Peckham Road School.

  8. Saint Luke’s, Caversham Road, has aways been, and remains, a parish church of the Church of England. But it has also always been in the ‘High Church’ or ‘Catholic’ tradition of the Church of England, being carved out of the older Parish of Saint John, Perry Barr, which had been in the forefront of the Anglo-Catholic movement from the 1850s. Many of the priests over the years have been called ‘Father’ including Father Edward Charles (mentioned in a number of replies), who was the priest who introduced the use of vestments at the Eucharist.

    Saint Luke’s, despite one of your commentators, has never been a Methodist Church – the Methodist Church is just down the road on the corner of the Kings Road.

    As Bishop of Birmingham’s Chaplain for Schools I had to privilege of working in local Kingstanding, Great Barr, Perry Beeches, and Perry Barr schools for three years, including Kings Rise Primary, before becoming Parish Priest of Saint Mark’s, Kingstanding, which has worked closely with Saint Luke’s for over 35 years.

    Father (yes, we do use the title in the C of E!) Ron Farrell

    • The people of saint Luke’s warmly invite you all to come and have a look around, saint Luke’s is your parish church and it would be good to see you. Margaret

  9. Oh this is wonderful to read this… I am now 76 years of age, and as said in previous posts I was born and grew up directly opposite the church gate, leading to the old church Hall.

    I admit that I am not one to look back too much, hence my memories can be recalled by hearing from other people.

    I have the little book that I was given when I was confirmed on 6th March 1948

    on the inside cover.. “by the Bishop of Birmingham”
    and signed by Edward Charles Vicar of St.Luke`s Kingstanding, and PG Smith Lay Reader.

    For myself, I am not overly concerned about denominations, save that I have always described myself as “C of E”

    Protestant. upbringing… but also realised that St. Lukes, in my time there, that it could be described as High Church, in that I recall the incense burner.

    we always called Rev. Charles, just that… Reverand Charles.

    perhaps during the war years, and just after that was not so important to us ordinary church goers. I just know that God was with me from a very early age, and remained with me always.

    and I thank the Reverend Charles and others there for my early Christian upbringing.

    My best friend, in those growing up years, was Betty Norton, who lived at 79, Peckham Road, (I was no. 73) her family were Roman Cahtolics, and I remember a few times when she took me to her church, Old Oscott Hill????
    if someone remembers the name of the church, I am sure it will come back to me… Now that church, being Roman Catholic was very different to St.Lukes Church (in my days there) statue of the Virgin Mary, holy water to dib into

    I recall those at least without being reminded.

    nothing like that at “My Church” St. Lukes… very plain, almost austere by comparison… I loved my church and being with God there.

  10. Thank you for setting the record straight Father Ron Farrell, I wonder if you recall the name of the Dutch Vicar or Priest who performed our wedding ceremony in February 1963. I would be so pleased if you had this information.

    • The Vicar was my father Hendrik Loysen who has been dead for many years now. I was born in Kingstanding in 1958 and our family lived in the vicarage between 1957 aand 1963. My mother Joyce Loysen is still alive.

      • I have a lovely photograph of your father standing with myself and my husband on our wedding day, I will attempt to download it if you would like to see it, It would be interesting to know whether or not you still live in Birmingham, I was pleased to hear your mother is still alive, all good wishes to you…

      • Hello Jeremy,
        I don’t know if you will receive this but our family lived in Kingstanding in the 1950s and we knew your family and attended St Luke’s. We also stayed with you in Ayot. I would love to be in touch. My parents were Norman and Jessie Richards. My brothers and myself were in the choir and our whole life seemed to be at St Luke’s!

        My Dad was a lay reader at the church and my Mum was a registrar.

  11. What a wonderful year June 1977 when I married my wonderfeul wife Carole at St Lukes Church and yes we are still very wonderfully happily married after all these years and our very special son Lee-Simon was also christened there in 1983, we have been blessed with our wonderful time and life together, and will always have a very soft spot for St Lukes lolx vic howell

  12. hi i was just wondering if anyone remembers my mom and her family, my moms name was Ivy Vale and they lived at no. 80 caversham road, her sisters Jean, Iris, Pem, and brothers Tom, Wal, Billy, my mom married Ray burke they lived at no, 316 kings road, they attended peckham road school (kings rise)

    • my name is terry claxton at 76 i thought you were next door did dad keep pigions

  13. Vicars name was Lawson !! Lorison !!

    • Vickers name is lyson

  14. Hi, was in the choir at St Lukes with Susan Devey. Her Dad was a church warden. I believe. I remember Richard Butler, Mrs. Lucock, just trying to remember the choirmasters name……..??? It will come, eventually, he was a nice man. My brother got married at St. Lukes ….. Gil Swinnerton. This was in the 1960’s. We lived in Finchley Road.


  15. I was born in 1939 at 6 Dollis grove I whent to Bandywood Cresent primary school and finished at Pecham secondry modern school ( Kings Rise also Kineagle if my memory serves me right) till I think `55 or `56. I played football for Pecham with a great bunch of guys who I will mention just incase someone knows them, John Conlon, Ray Sturch, Maurice Haycock, RayPrice, and the most famouse one who whent on to make his name at Villa Park
    Arthur Sabin,
    My teen age years were spent at the Kingstanding Settlement what a great place that was, a Mr Blamyre was the the man that run the club he was a dedicated club leader and I will never forget him.
    My wife of 51 years Daphne and I were married at St Lukes in Oct 1961 by Rev Hendrik Loysen, a down to earth and loving man. My wife and I still recall that when we kneeled at the Alter behind the Rev he had big holes in his socks, as I had many holes in my socks in my growing up I related to the Rev as that the way it was after the war.
    We have lived in Arizona for the past 45 years but still call uorsefs

  16. As i was saying we still call ourselfs Brummies. Anyone who remembers me or anyone I mentioned drop me an E-Mail at Britsoccernut

    • Also I would like to know if any one remembers the football coaches at Peckham. Mr Burrel and Mr Hughes, I think Mr McVitie also had a stint at coaching (we used to refer to him as Biscuit, after the popular biscuit af that time)

  17. Hi my Mum, Brenda, lived on Sidcup Road and married at St Lukes in June1955. Her maiden name was Timmins her Mum was Blanche and her sister Iris. Does anyone remember my Mum and her family?

    • I knew Mrs Timmins and Iris, My Mother and Father lived at 77, Madge & Fred Lawford

    • Hi Yvonne! I remember being at Kings Rise/Peckham Rd 1968, with a Chrissie Timmins & his slightly elder brother John, were they your uncles?

  18. I was married at St Lukes on 6th Jan 1973, my wonderful husband passed away recently and I decided to return to the C /E Church where we made our vows.
    I am not aware it was catholic nor was my husband my name before marriage was Jeanette Wickett I went to Kings Rise school hi to anyone who remembers me

  19. Does anyone remember the Grigg family, Linda Grigg was my best freind at kings Rise during the sixties, she had lots of brothers & sisters, they were margret, Roslyn, Gordon, Kathy, can’t remember all their names, they lived oppersite st. lukes church, my sister also got married there in 1970.

  20. I was married in St Lukes in July 1977 and yes we are still happily married, have teo wonderfull children and granchildren. I was also christened in this high anglican church in 1959 memories. Anne Murphy nee Rogers

  21. I was a little girl when I attended Sunday school at St Lukes back in 1964 and 1965. I went with my neighbours. They were Jamaican (I think) Densey, Dennis and David). The Vicar was very kind and always use to pick me up. I dont recall the inside of the building as I was only 4 or 5 years old.I do remember having harvest festival and the vicar giving my a grape. I thouight that the vicarage was on Commercial way opposite my house. I do remember looking out of the window one day with my mother and seeing the vicar calling for help. He had just been attacked and burgled.I thought his name was Brown but I could be wrong.

  22. I got married at St Lukes in 1961 and remember the vicar was on holiday and we had a Dutch ‘officiating priest’ marry us.We have always been Church of England so don’t think it was catholic then.I have tried to read his signature on our wedding certificate and it looks like ‘Glu Young.

    We went back two year ago on our Golden Wedding anniversary and was surprised to see that the front door is now the back door.Was sad to see how it had been modernised with chairs instead of the wooden pews .We had a warm welcome though.

    • Hi Marlene, I know your name, and I think you were in my class in the juniors, Peckham rd school.

  23. HEllo Dorothy KItchen here OMG I never knew this site existed and such information from my growing up in KIngstanding, I also was married at ST lukes church by the reverend Charles in 1952 , I hope there is someone out there reading this that I may know ? Please put a note back on here please I would love to hear from you, bless you all Dot

  24. HI Pauline , Dorothy KItchen here I noted your comment and I attended st lukes church in the 30s & 40s and had my confirmation classes there I agree with you I only recall it being a church of England

  25. Interestingly, anyone who remembers pews at Saint Luke’s is suffering from false memory syndrome. There were always chairs(dark wood, I seem to remember). The present light oak chairs are rather more comfortable.

  26. I went to St Lukes in the 1950’s and could have swore that there were pews there but at 76 I might have’false memory syndrome’!!) will do some research and see what I can come up with.Remember Richard Butler well he was a great help to us at one point.

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