Hurlingham Road

Memories of Hurlingham Road

Memories of Dennis Elwell

The semi detached pair of houses destroyed by a bomb in WW2. Picture taken in 2011

Hurlingham Road in the 1930’s. Source unknown.

Memories of Roy Malvern

Think you might be reffering to what we called the “Gully”It lay behind Hurlingham Rd.Sidcup Rd.Danesbury Cres.and Ellerton Rd.A tarmacked path that ran from Sidcup a grove off Ellerton Rd cut it in two.Looking at it from Sidcup Rd.there was some allotments on left hand side the right hand side was just waste ground.It was only an unofficial dump.Was great for sledging when we had snow. The run got that slippy and there was that many of us on the shelter section one time we finished off by going through the back garden fence of one of the houses in Sidcup Rd.          Still chuckle thinking about “The War” as you called it.Each evening for the best part of a week the kids would congregate on their own side of the hill. One side would charge to the top,the other side would then make a charge from their side of the hill and drive the first lot down.This went on till everybody was just about exhausted, rushing up and down the hill,and went home.The following evening would be a repeat performance of the previous one.As you say the police eventually broke it up.Can only remember one kid getting hurt and as soon as he was everybody else stopped to inspect his injury and give him a bit of encouragement by telling him how bad the cut was ,how many stitches he might need,how bad he looked etc.etc.

Memories of Eric Gibson

I can remember us sledging down there on the curved side piece of an Anderson air raid shelter.
There was a cycle speedway on the top for a time where all the local kids raced.
I can also remember a bit of a war with kids from the Sidcup Road side and from the Ellerton Road side tossing stones at each other over the top, it got out of hand and the cops and firemen turned up to break it up.



  1. […] in WW2 has been added. The houses were quickly rebuilt in the same style but their story lives on. Read more… Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

    • yes my father helped rebuild the new houses after the bombings

  2. My parents lived next door to each other in the row of houses that got bombed. The Bolton family, the Sabin family and another family in the end house. My great grandmother Mrs Robinson perished in the bombing that night.

  3. I was born in Hurlingham road 1945 and my two brothers and two sisters many happy years with great people and lots of playing in the street not many cars then . I went to Cramborn road school then Dulwich Road senior school very happy times I left in 1966 when I got married.

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