King’s Road

King's road today

Your memories of King’s road.

Rent Book. Copyright Ron Jameson

A rent book cover from the 1950’s

Inside of rent book. Copyright Ron Jameson

The rent book (inside card) from the 1950’s



  1. Does anyone remember the bookies in Kings Road, operating outside the law, long before betting shops were legalised ?

    • Hello Gwen,yes my Mother,Nellie`Helen`Smith,who lived at 411 Kings road,used that bookie`s, only sixpenny doubles,as I remember.but was always delighted when she won even a small amount.Then she used the bookie up by the co op.Sadly she died in 1998,aged nearly 93.I think of her every day.
      Joan Smith,nee Smith-I married a Smith`Colin`

    • Yes we lived about 6 doors away (503). My mom Francis Jones, and Gran Gladys Jones often had threepenny bet and I , as a small child would take the bet down and put it in the hand of the man standing outside the bookies. Happy, happy days ken jones

    • Yes I remember the bookies, they always had a bloke leaning on the fence outside,pretending to read the paper, when he saw a copper we was all locked away in the shed on the pathway till they were gone.

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