Sidcup Road

Memories of Sudcup Road

Memories of Linda Harrington

Sidcup Road coronation celebration 1953. Source unknown



  1. I was at the Sidcup Road Street party and would have been 8 years old. I lived at No 77. I recall the Corporation Yard in Ealing Grove? My brother and myself won a fancy dress competition, I think our parents were given red, white and blue crepe paper to make th costumes with.

    • do you remember the gebhard family that lived at number 61

  2. i live at number 27 sidcup thinking who lived here then x

    • Hi. I know exactly who lived at 27 Sidcup then. Mr Wild and his 2 sons. He was my grandfather and I was brought up in the house all through the 60s to the 80s. That was my families home from the 1930s until 2006.

  3. Hi Bridget, how long have you lived at no 27? sorry I cannot recall who lived at 27 but when i drive past I may recall…

    • The Wild’s lived at No 27 in 1945 and did so until 2004.

  4. I lived in caversham I remember a house were you buy sweets we called 100s

    • I remember No 100, I lived in Hurlingham Rd, every Sunday my dad would send me there to buy a bottle of Dandylion & Burdock, it was just a private house but round the back it was a shop. I don’t know if it opened every day or just Sundays but it did a good trade.

      • I think it was open every day the sweets were in a big basket in kitchen served by an old lady.

    • i remember that house number 100, I got my sweets from there,we lived at number 38 Sidcup the rowe family,i think you used to be my brothers friend alan (chippy).

      • Linda Rowe. You were the star of Sidcup! Hello!

  5. Number 100 Sidcup road !!! I think her name was Mrs Phillips .

  6. You are absoluitely right Roy, her name was Mrs Phillips x

  7. hi all, i dont suppose you remember the short family on sidcup road?

    • hi joannefawns the short family on sidcup rd ! what do you remember about them ? was it george hope .

  8. My name was Mary Mullis. We lived at 34 Peckham Rd from 1949 to 1955. Does anyone remember Janet Yates who lived in Sidcup Road? She was a friend of my sister Pat. Also my Aunt Gladys Skinner lived in the last house near the corner of Sidcup and Finchley Rd. I remember going to Mrs Phillips house for toffee apples. Would anyone remember Betty Ward who lived in Caversham Rd. She and I were friends at Peckham Rd High School. I would love to get in touch with her again.


    • Christine, I was surprised when I saw your name! do you remember Patricia (Pat) Mullis? She often talks about you as one of her friends at school. My name is Mary, Pat’s sister. We lived in Peckham Rd and went to Kings Rise school in Peckham Rd. Do you know a Janet Yates who lived in Sidcup Road? She was also a friend of Pat! I know Pat would love to hear from you. My email address is By the way Christine….was your second Christian name Tina? Love to hear from you! Pat and I are on Facebook. Pat Cullan and Mary Carthew.

  10. Anyone remember the Deakin family at 35 Sidcup Road

    • Yep, I remember John Deakin, if you had a brother named Arthur, I was also with you in the MN, Remember the Gorgon, ,Alan.

  11. Hi, I was just looking through these comments and it bought back so many memories for me, my Nan & grandad lived at 32 Sidcup Rd, does anyone remember the Astleys, the picture at the top, I think I can see my Mom, I was born in 1953, love to hear from anyone who remembers my Dads family.

    • Astleys lived opposite us.

  12. My parents lived on Sidcup Road Stanley Preece and Edna Brincklow does anyone remember them?

    • Talbot’s 56 Sidcup my parents were best friends with your nan I called her Aunty Kate andi played with John Dot was always poorly very pretty. My sister Iris said you may get in touch She is 88yrs old I am 73yrs so she remember s them more than I do they were more her age.

  13. Yes sure my mate Steve lived next door and my dad was a big mate.

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