Coal yard Chas. H Davis Danesbury Crescent

Memories of Maurice Sellars

Exservicepersons club. The entrance to the club was on Danesbury crescent when it first opened, the entrance was moved to Warren Farm road when the buildings were expanded and the membership got bigger. My father was a part time doorman there when he retired. He died in the club from a heart attack in 1982 after drinking a pint he had always said this is the way he wanted to go. May he rest in peace.       Next door to the club in Danesbury crescent was Chas. H Davis’s coalyard. I worked there every saturday morning from the age of 15till I went into the Paras at age 19 (when coal was available) shovelling coal into the scales from memory I think coal was about 4/6d a cwt. People lined up with there various conveyences to cart it away the favourite one being an old (sometimes not so old) babies pram.

Memories of George Vickers

My Name is George Vickers, I lived at 47 Enderby Road, Perry Common

On many occasions at the age of 10 or 11  I called into the coal yard you mention, to pick up a barrow load of nutty slack J to add to the coal fire to make it last longer, things where hard for Mom & Dad in those days.

The entrance was just passed the rear of the baths walking towards the top of  Hawthorne Road and also passed the rear of the Ex Serviceman’s Club, a club my Dad George Snr worked behind the bar for many years.

It was only a small coal yard and I remember the burly blokes, Shovelling the nutty slack into a sack and putting it into my barrow as if it were feathers.  Hard men Hard times.



  1. hi george, i had younger siblings, as i use to earn money, doing errands for the neighbours, yes i got into a lot of trouble with my mother for, shall we say borrowing the babies pram to fetch the coal. after you had left the yard a friend of mine worked there, raymond miller, sadly now passed away..

  2. Like George Vickers, I too came from Perry Common, and attended Dulwich Rd School, most of my mates went to Hastings Rd School, and so I knew a lot of the lads that attended there.

    Coal being still in short supply in the early fifties, with three pals we would walk to Kings Coal yard at Short Heath taking with each of us anything with wheels strong enough to carry 1cwt of coal, through snow etc.
    Arriving at Kings Coal yard anywhere between 6-30,–7-30AM to join the queue, way down near the front,I noticed, I will just call him John. he was with his friends, and like us all had wheels, he attended Hastings Rd School.

    Later that Day with my Father we went to Villa Park to see Aston school boys play Crewe school boys in the national schools trophy, KO 11am As Aston boys came out of the tunnel on to the Hallowed Villa turf, one of the players was, yes… John from Hastings Road school. Just three hours before he was pulling 1cwt of coal for about two miles or more, no lifts in fathers car in those days, just walk and bus.;

    Not unusual in those days, just little things that stick in your mind.

    . .

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