Kingstanding Pub

Your memories of the original Kingstanding pub.

Source Paul Ariss

Memories of Barry Floyd

“The kingstanding pub was a beautiful building with large chimneys and a big frontage. It was quite impressive really. The entrance had two pillars with wrought iron work gates. Then there was a big grass area and front drive. It was a big pub. “

Memories of Barry Gater

“The Kingstanding pub took up the whole corner of the road (Kingstanding Road to King’s road) where the library is. It had a brick arch on the front. It had loads of rooms, smoke rooms, and bars. There were loads of rooms; rooms galore! At the front, over on one side, there were steps up to a grassed area with hedges. We used to play hide and seek there. There was the bowling green and an area of seating out the front. The busses from town stopped (terminated) at the pub like the old no. 29. Then they had the 29A which went to the  ‘Warrior’s club’ and the Pheasey estate.”

“I went in it as a kid because my dad used to fly pigeons and that is where they used to go. They (the pigeon racers) used to take the pigeons down in the baskets and then they would be taken off to the (railway) station. ”

Memories of Veronica Marshall

“Both my father and my mother were bowlers and played in the pub teams. Most pubs had bowling greens in those days. At the Kingstanding the green was off to one side, near the King’s Road. The men’s and women’s team were separated unlike today when they are mostly mixed. They played crown bowls. I remember summer evenings spent at the green. At one end were a range of brick buildings which I assumed was an equipment store. Level with the top was a flat grassy area where we children used to play whilst our parents were busy on the green. I remember one occasion when several of us children ventured round the side to the back of the pub where there was access to the living quarters above, but we were chased away by the landlord.

My parents were not rich, but we had a comfortable home, and I never felt deprived.  I don’t think special clothes were worn for crown bowls, people would not have been able to afford them, but there must have been a room where the bowls were kept, and footwear would have been important on the green, as it is now, but perhaps ordinary flat shoes were worn. In the photograph my father and his partner are wearing ordinary clothes, and it looks like lace-up shoes.  You can see the small round mat under his back foot!”

Copyright Ron Jameson.

The Kingstanding public house in 1965Memories of Alan Hitchman

I remember as a kid during the summer we used to ride our bikes to the Kingstanding pub which was not very far from home and scrounge chewing gum and candy (as they called sweets) from the American soldiers that used to sit on the grass in-front of the pub having a drink, we were always more successful if they had a girl friend with them.

The Kingstanding pub in 2011



  1. My parents were in the bowls teams of the Kingstanding Pub, and I remember summer evenings at the green playing with my cousins, while our parents were busy on the green! I thought it was a great pity when the old building was knocked down and replaced with an inferior modern one.

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  3. I remember as a child my grandad Frank Jew who was a local plumber and decorater, taking me there on my bike, he would have a quiet pint of beer whilst i wizzed round on the slabbed paths.The Kingstanding Pub looked so big to me…. Happy days….

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