Kingstanding Billiard Hall

Memories of the  billiard hall adjacent to the police station

Billiard hall today

Memories of Ken Shelley



  1. this where aldi is now it was a great meeting place

    • I remember the billiard hall well,my uncle Richard (Dick) Taylor was a star player there late 40s & the 50s, he also played crown green bowls with his step-dad Frank Hall at the Crossways pub and I think my uncle played for Warwickshire.

  2. […] Ken Shelley recalls Kingstanding Billiard hall. Read more… […]

  3. I remember one of my Dads closest friends used the billiard hall for many years.He was a character name Billie Grouttidge ! does anyone know or remember him, also had a son name derek who also used the hall.
    Sadly he passed away some years ago now but someone must remember him.

  4. Spent many a good hour in the billiard hall, especially when i was about 14, lied about our age so we could get in during school hours, for the wag man never looked in. later became a member and also the billiard hall on the hawthorne road

  5. my dad Ray Burke was part of the furniture, grew up in the place and can remember going in there as a kid and it was so dark and smelly, (fags) but my dad god love him, loved the place

    • I remember ray very well wonderful man and a great snooker player. I used to play with him on table 1 he loved the game and made a great cuppa too god bless my old friend rest in peace.

  6. My mother Jean Brown worked at the hall for a few years before going to the snooker hall down at hawthorn road, We had a pro snooker player staying at our house on kings road as a lodger, Graham Miles, he won the Pot Black championship a couple of times I think, I remember that he use to have a burger van that he parked in the center of the road just outside the hall, I use to work on the van selling the hot dogs and coffee, every so often Graham use to pop out from his practice session to get some of the takings to fund his practice sessions, he was a very dedicated player, I use to sell my own orange juice on the side to earn a bit of extra money as working on the van was almost for free. That was very naughty of me I know, but we had to survive one way or another in those days.
    My farther Jack Brown was a pro player and was friends with Ray Reardon and the Davis brothers, I have a treasured photo of him that was published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, This was in the days before there was money in the sport, my elder brother John was also a great player and almost made it to playing on TV but his nerves meant he could not play in front of cameras so he packed it in. My main memory of the snooker hall was the incredible large fresh crusty wedge cheese and onion sandwiches that they served at the desk. I was no snooker player but i did enjoy the great atmosphere of the place.

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