Kingstanding Day Nursey



  1. I used to go to Kingsvale? nursery in the late 1960s, (where Iceland now stands) opposite Cardinal Wiseman. I believe this was the original village school before the estate was built. After the school closed a Photograpy company worked from the building for a while.

  2. I remember the Nursery fondly, it was a place where kids from different backgrounds mixed. The headmistress was Miss Hill while i was at the school, pretty sure she died while still in charge, & at a young age. After lunch every day, we would lie on camp beds and they would play music while you had a nap. The Nursery would have been knocked down in the late 80s / early 90s.

  3. I went there too before I went to the school nursery at Peckham rd around 1949, I dont think I was at kingsvale very long because I was only four when I then went to the schools nursery,At the time there was a government campaign to get mothers back into the workforce after the War and nursery places were more accessable,I seem to remember a Miss Boot But that may have been Peckham rd, BUT i DO remember the little beds and the naps too during my time there too

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