King Charles Pub

Located on Kings Rd & Hartley Rd, Kingstanding.

King Charles pub Kingstanding. Copyright Keith Wright

Memories of Ron Jameson



  1. I played the piano in the bar for about 12 months.Friendly old pub.We only lived a short walk away in Bendall rd.

  2. my family the Nevins used this pub & they loved it.they lived on the kings road.

    • you must have known the browns then ?

      • Do you mean Jack and Jean Brown from 219 kings road, if so I am one of the sons, Philip, together with my brothers John, Ronnie, Tony, and sisters Pat and Julie, I use to stand outside the King Charles pub as a kid waiting for my father to come out with a vimto and a packet of crisps, later when I was older I use to put on film shows in the big room at the end of the pub, I use to love being from Kingstanding, in those days, (1960’s) everyone looked out for each other, I remember the great neighbors that came around to the house, sadly all passed on now. I was a member of the cine club at the circle community hall, I ended up working on a few films in Hollywood, who ever would of thought that it would inspire me enough to end up working in the film industry for over 30 years.I also have some great memories Kings Rise school and especially of the music Teacher Mr Taylor who helped me play an instrument and I ended up playing for the royal family regularly in a the British Army Band playing saxophone for 7 years. so I have a lot to thank the people of kingstanding.

      • Is that Antony and Ronnies mom and dad??

      • yes I have seen Ronny quite a few times but I think Antony passed away, I only just found this site again sorry for such a long wait for a reply. lol

  3. My aunt lived in Longford Road which was at the back of the King Charles, we often spent happy times in the grounds of the pub when summers were long and hot!

    • I spent many an hour in the late sixties and early seventies playing outside the charlie as we new it, and later when I looked 18 enjoying my firsts tastes of the nectar they served scol lager. I was there the night when the young lad of the Bricknell family from hornsey rd was killed by a ford zepper, I remeber his sister kept saying where are his glasses ?, and I spotted them hanging off the telephone wire about 20 feet in the air, I always remember the papers saying they operated for 28 hours to try and save the young lad but he did not survive. Such a sad loss for the family.

      • Hi Pierre,The Charlie wasn’t a pub I frequented, but my dad was in the darts team during the late 50s- 60s.
        I remember that accident, as shortly afterwards i started to date one of the Bricknall girls.Yes a sad loss that scarred the family deeply
        Do you remember Jackie Ganlon/ley, not sure of surname, lived on the corner of Twickenham & Parkeston. I think she had an older sister.

        Steve ‘Alfie’ Howell

      • Hi Pierre do you have a bro Phillip Vaughn, I am JohnBullock I lived in hornsey rd by the school which I went to.

        John Bullock

      • Hi John, Philip had lung cancer and passed away 10 years ago aged 58.

    • Hi Barbara, just saw your comment about your aunt living in Longford road which was at the back of the king charles pub. My name is Michael Arblaster and I also lived in Longford road and have many happy memories of playing in the road, at hopscotch,hide and Seek,kick the can,Polly on the Mopstick,May we cross your coloured water and many more. You could play for hours and hours and never see a car.

  4. I remember the big party they had when Di and Charles married…however it was a formidable place to walk past as a teen

  5. no i do not know Jackie but just over the road on twickenham lived the Exall family, and further down by the school was a dear friend from my class Christine Twells who sadly lost her life to cancer when only 28 years old.

    • my sister inlaw and brother inlaw are exalls

  6. My mother worked at the Charlie for many years – her name Nell Murphy and my dad was the other side of the bar Bill Murphy this was in the 60’s and 70’s, I have fond memories of a vimto and packet of crisps outside – Mr & Mrs Lawley use to run the pub, I also remember George the glass collector, he was very bad on his feet, anyone remember my parents? My name is Pauline.

    • My Dad used to use the Charlie a lot. His name was Bill Nicholls and his Mother and Father lived in Finchley Road where they ran a bookmaking business from the front room. My Aunt Rene was a barmaid at the Charlie during the early war years. Does anyone remember them?

      • I remember your dad we lived next door to his brother Steve Nicholls in Longford Rd.I used to have to take a bet to Finchley Rd most days for my dad on my way to school!!

      • Hi Carole, I lived next door to a Bill Nicholls who had a brother Steven and a sister Anne but it was in Longford Rd and I know their relatives were in the bookmaking business.We used to play in each others back gardens when we were kids.Their mom and dads name was Steve and Elsie Nicholls.Remember taking a bet down to Finchley Rd every day on my way to school for my dad.Used to go down to see Elsie Nicholls right up until she passed away and I believe that Steve the youngest son still lives in that house.

    • I also lived in Longford road and I remember the bookmakers in Finchley road where punters used to furtively slip their bets to someone standing there.

  7. my sister was was with Phil vaugan she has two lads glen and Wayne phill past away not so long back if its the right familey

  8. yes Philip was my brother you must be peggy’s sister

    • Sorry mate but I’m nobody’s sister, I’m a man, (well I was last time I looked). you may have clicked on the wrong name! By the way my name is Michael Arblaster and I used to live at 69 Longford road (back of the Charlie) I used to go to Peckham road School.

      • I was answering a ? by Joe whiston who I assumed was a women lol

  9. i used to sing in the king charles and dance and i used to sit with the irish in the bar. i also used to drink in the college ams i lived between them in ensdon grove off ellerton rd

  10. I grew up listening to the music from the King Charles on a saturday night my dad lived in there!!!!used to love going down with my parents occasionally and having a pop and a bag of crisps sitting in the grounds at the back.I have a scar on my leg that I got from jumping over the iron railing that were round the Charlie with skates on!!!!!

  11. I was just looking up something and came across this 2 find * I currently live at 69 Longford, I am an Exall (my mother is Karen and my nan an granddad are bob n Sylvia “hi Ian” n then my dad lives where the pub used 2 be in the flats it currently is now :).

  12. Hi All.My dad Harry Floyd used to drink in here in the 50s so did most of my family anyone remember them.The FLOYD,LAGOE,KIRTON Familys x

  13. Hi Phil Brown I remember you very well and your Dad also he worked at crowder and Brown in Lozells. Hope you are well.

  14. Hi you lot! You;ll know me well.
    Keith Wild of Sidcup. Pierre I knew your brother well Alan and John your daughter I think was Jackie! You’d know my dad from the Charlie!

  15. Keith Wild? I knew Michael Wild, he lived at 79 Sidcup

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