Christ the King, Warren farm Rd

Memories of Christ the King Junior and infants school

Memories of Steve talking about his father who was evacuated during WW2. I think  they attended Christ The King; not sure though. One of the brothers are still alive the other died  some years back.They stayed with a couple and the woman accused my  uncles of stealing the jam which they denied and quickly made their escape back  to Birmingham. On his death-bed the older brother told the younger  brother that he needed to get something off his mind and confessed to stealing  the jam.I checked with my father and it was Nottingham (shire)  that they were evacuated to.

The families name was Godwin and they lived in  Caversham road, and my moms family in Carshalton road, they were Williams a very  big family and attended Peckam Road school.


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