William Dargue’s web site, ‘A history of Birmingham Places and Names’ provides an interesting insight into the development of the estate. He wrote

‘The extensive housing estates of Kingstanding were built after 1928 on land previously under the control of Perry Barr District Council. The estate is centred on the junction of Kingstanding Road and Kings Road.

At the time the Kettlehouse estate with over 4000 houses was the biggest municipal housing project in Europe. Warren Farm and Kingsvale Farm were also bought for housing bringing the total up to some 6700 houses.’


This project will focus on the Kettlehouse farm estate and the Warren Farm (Kingstanding) estate since its construction beginning close to 1930.

The Kettlehouse farm Estate

When defining the estates, we have to turn to council plans. Estate plans held by Birmingham central library show the estate bounded by Queslett Road, Cookes lane, Kingstanding Road, and Kings Road, with a small portion north of Cookes Lane. The estate also included land from the Messuage farm estate.

Reference to the Kettlehouse estate can be found on a picture from Brandywood Road from 1933 http://www.search.digitalhandsworth.org.uk/engine/resource/default.asp?theme=39&originator=/engine/theme/default.asp&page=&records=&direction=&pointer=1608&text=0&resource=1265

The Warren Farm Estate

A picture of Warren Farm can be found at


A map of the Kingstanding estate from 1930 shows the ‘Kingstanding estate falling within an area bordered by Hawthorne Rd, College Rd cutting across to Kings Road including Gainford Rd but not Elizabeth Rd, and from Kings Rd to Rough Rd including Bendall Rd and Hartley Rd. The map can be found at Birmingham Central Library no 425364 map draw 135. Use the interactive map for a view of the estate.

The word ‘Warren Farm Estate’ can be used interchangeably with the Kingstanding estate and the term Warren farm estate is used in minutes of the Public works and Town and Country Planning Committees of Birmingham City Council.

The condition of the estate is best described by an account given in Nutrition and the Family Size, prepared by the Birmingham Social Survey Committee in 1939.

‘The Kingstanding Estate is situated about five miles from the centre of Birmingham, just within the northern boundary. It was built in 1929-1930 and although at the beginning the amenities were few, at the time of survey it was well served with shops, public houses, schools, and cinemas. There are a public swimming bath and several communal playgrounds on the estate. No provision was made in the plan for factories and the estate is entirely residential, workers travelling each day to other parts of the city.’

Soutar, Wilins, & Sargant Florence 1939 Nutrition and size of family: Report on a new housing estate 1939. Prepared for the Birmingham Social Survey Committee George Allen and Unwin Ltd London page 10-11

The report goes on to estimate that the estate had around 5300 houses on it.



  1. I was born in Dulwich Road in the heart of the Kingstanding Estate in 1939. I would play with friends in the streets, attended the local school and mix in the local community.

    Does anybody remember this period of time?

    • hi john,,,I was born in 1942 and I lived at Halsbury Grove…I used to go to WArren Farm Road school…..you would only be a couple of years older than me….I would love to find anyone who knew me…..

      • hi Geoffrey my name is Bob Cooper I was born no.1 Ellswick grove went to dullwich rd school my cousin Sandra Lee lived Halsbury grove. so did Geoffrey Evans,John Fletcher,& lots of other friends.I left B,ham 1955 to live in London I was 13 years old. joined the merchant navey at 17,then in 1970 migrated to Adlelaide Austrailia. I was born in 1942 had lots of mates round Elleswick grove Stephen Stanton, John Davis, & brothers Tony,Michael,& sisters Megan and Laraine.John Matty lived in our grove.I remember the mayfair, the birchfield Sutton park, and of course elleton park where we played until dark.the swimming baths, great times the OXO next door.I do remember all the teachers and who remembers the PIMPLE Roy Scofield lived close to the pimple.at 72 years old now maybe someone will remember me. Regards Bob.


  3. The Wharwood family lived in Cooksey Lane, Kingstanding from 1931. Joseph and Ethel Wharwood, (nee Freeman) were thrilled with their brand new house, which took them out of very poor housing in Aston. They had three children; Josie, Mary and Joe. All grew up in Cooksey Lane and attended the local school in Kingsland Road. Eventually they married and moved to Streetly.

    When my parents married Josie Wharwood – David Booth, they remained at Cooksey Lane, saving to buy their own house, and I lived there too, and also attended Kingsland Road School.

    We all have happy memories of our life in Kingstanding, shopping at The Circle, going to the park, playing on the green opposite our house. (71) The family left Kingstanding in about 1969.

    My Grandmother worked at the Co-op in The Circle, and my mother worked for a time at Favours, (Hawthorn Road?) We both worked at Littlewoods in Hawthorn Road too for a time.

    Neighbours became friends, and I particularly remember the Skerrit family. Josie and Peter, and their children, Jaqueline, Joan, Peter and Paul. I remember Mrs Canadine and Uncle Tom. There were twins, Peter and Jackie Cook, and their grandmother, Mrs Cook.

    • Hello Paula, My family, lived up Cooksey Lane on the corner of Esher Rd. We moved there in 1938. We were the Beech family. I knew the Wharwoods and the 3 children. I know they used to play on the green opposite there house, and they knew my wifes family who lived on the green called the Cashmores. I married Kathleen Cashmore and in 1953 we moved to the USA and now live in California. On one of our visits back to England we went to visit Mrs wharwood who I believe at the time was living with relatives.

      Have a nice day, George Beech.

    • Hi Paula, It was lovely to read your comments, I believe I went to school with Josephine and became friends with her. I lived in Keston Road and attended Kingsland Road School and then Peckham Road School. Would love to hear from Josephine.


      Doreen nee Yeomans

  4. Hi, I’m Pat Burton and was born in 1942 in Ellerton Road. I went to Dulwich Road School till 1957. My father was Mr Burton the local chimney sweep. I had three brothers, George, Charlie and Lawrence who used to play the organ and piano with a band at various pubs in the area. We had great times at the ‘Free and Easies’ which formed a big part of the pub scene in those days when people get up to sing a number with the band. I remember Clemmy Watts being a big contributor on some of those occasions! Nice to see you on here Clem.

    Bonfire nights were great then, with all the groves off our road – Ensdon, Eltham, Clapton and Mitcham, competing to make the biggest and best – with Guy Fawkes the guest of honour! I used knew practically everybody’s name in the road (unlike today when most people don’t even know their neighbour), There was Norah and Bernard Allsopp. the Dockerills, the O’Toole’s (Pat and Dorothy), Maurice Busby, Ivy Thompson, the Hansons….etc., etc., Great days in Kingstanding!!

    • I remember Mr Burton the sweep! He came to our house in Cranbourne road until we had a gas fire fitted in 1963. I was about 5 /6
      Mr Burton wore a flat cap and overalls and I would pester him while he masked off the grate. He told me about jacket potato’s being cooked in the fire and then send me outside to see when the brush came out of the chimney pot. I would giggle.my head off shouting “it’s up”. If I remember rightly Mr Burton had a small 3 wheeler car. He also liked a cuppa.

    • Hello Pat. My family and I lived at 66 Ellerton Road on the corner of the grove that Clemmy Watts lived in.My mum was a little Scottish lady and my sisters were kathy.Margaret and Janet Capewell.
      Clemmy used to sit me on his knee and sing “Oh you beautiful doll” to me. His family were great neighbours.

  5. My grandparents moved from Nechells into cranbourne rd, and then moved to no 52 Danesbury Crescent in the 1930,s Their surname is Bennett. Their childrens names were Alice,Cathy,Arthur Jack Alfred Hazel Connie & Olive
    they went to Dulich Rd School. I went to cranbourne Rd in 1945 – 1951,my name was Maureen Warner, does anyone remember our famaily.

  6. kingstanding, historical Interest or folklore, I was taught as a child that the king was hunting in what later became Sutton Park,Was that a KING CHARLES, well who knows,It seems that the King was in danger of being attacked by his prey which could have been a wild boar, and a local peasant came to the kings defence and saved his life, Hence Sutton Park was given over to the people of Sutton for their enjoyment, HENCE,,The king is standing, The king charles pub AND the boars head, and KINGSTANDINGITES, as I am also one So please dont choke, THE ROYAL BOROUGH OF SUTTON COLDFIELD, any comments

  7. Hello. Does anyone out there remember Harold Rogers and Jean Lester who lived with their families in Warren Farm Road and Hartley Road? They met at British Timpkin, my Mum (Jean) was in a concert party and they also worked at Monitor Brake I think. They celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this Thursday (25th) and I would love to hear from anyone who went to their wedding or who remembers them and would like to get in touch. Particularly relatives and Mum’s cousin Joan Lester who may no longer be alive. Do please email me if you have any information or would like to contact them. E: sallyrogers143@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks!

  8. can anyone tell me what color uniform it is at kings rise primary thank you

  9. Hi, does anyone remember my Dad Stanley Fazakarley & his family who lived on Dormington Road. He then moved with his new wife to Sidcup Road in !955 to live with her family the Timmins


  11. Hello to you all I lived in kingstanding on hurlingham rd with the sir name of Sheldon I was just looking throu some was going on about the ocean picture house our family went to saturday show cost our mom 6pence they were the days .is there anybody out there that remember Peggy and bill rochales the butchers I can just smell his scratchings cooking

  12. hi i was born in bandywood crescent in 1949 and went to kingsland road school and the headmasters office was a small wooden hut in the playground i think his name was mr harding all my brothers went there to and peckom road school when i went there it was kings rise school then lovely memorys

  13. We lived at No. 74 Cooksey Lane around the ‘green’ that is mentioned. I remember Mrs Wharwood and when I was sent on an ‘errand’ to the Co-op I was told by mom to wait for Mrs Wharwood to serve me as she would always throw in an extra potato, carrot or onion for us. My parents Elsie & Vince Hughes had six of us, Vince, Reg, Margaret, Ron, Valerie and me Joan. Mom finally left the house in Cooksey in the late 90’s after living there for 65 years.

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