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kingstanding millenium project

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  1. After leaving Cranborne road primary school i went to Dulwich road Secondary Modern School until i left to start work as an apprentice Electrician with the MEB about 1950.
    Several of the teachers i remember were the headmaster was Mr Dolphin, Woodwork was Mr Yeomans and Mr Wood, History Mr Harrington (Happy Harry) Science Mr Porter, art was Mr Howe and Mr Norris ( looked a little like Ronny Corbet) PE was Mr Gardener (He was Stick Happy or in the Gym The Plimsoll), probably the most unpleasant was Mr Vicarage (Old Vic) and one of the nicest was Mr Jackson.
    Myself and Fred Pearce were milk monitors for quite a while
    It was a good walk to school each day rain Hail or shine from Atlantic Road, no car rides in those days

    • I was at Dulwich Road School between 1944 and 1954, and I remember Mr Dolphin, Mr Yeomans and Mr Porter. My main problem with the DRS teachers was that they never impressed me as good at their jobs.
      But there was plenty of good times, particularly, play times. My walk to school was very short as I lived in Dulwich Road itself.

      • hi john im clemmy watts from 1950 till 1954 my last teacher was mr porter 4th year do you remember barry watts david groutage richard black raymnd busby and collin fellows and lots of others and big louis humpfris

      • hi john ive just come to think im sure a knew you at school

      • i used to be david groutage’s side kick i was his best mate we went out every where together with our mates mayfair picture house oriont odeons birhfield plaza we used to do the rounds david used to live oppisit dr simons corner of ailsbury rd david marraid my sister and now is devorsed he lives at the top of hurlingham rd now

      • hi john im sure you was in my class can you phone me and we can meet if you are still around bham 0121 748 4825

      • hai john My name is john hall.If you lived in dulwich rd you must have known david bourne .He lived on the corner just accross from the boys gate.I was on the gate I was a prefect dave was always late getting in I never did take his name.Do you remember sombody in dulwich rd running off to gretna green ?

    • Hi Don’t you mean Baldy Vic, he used to be the Art Teach, i remember him throwing one of the multi cake trays which used to hold powered paint.
      i can’t remember who it was intend for but we all got a bit of it.

      Another teachers name that hasn’t been mention was cromedome Mr.
      Crickley he lived down Hawthorne Rd by the ATC place

  2. Hello everyone I came across this site as my mum is a past pupil she moved away from Kingstanding when she was 18 to Liverpool where she has been since. She left behind her family and i have never met them so i’m a little intrigued to say the least.

    IF anyone has any information on how i may gain information on them now that would be very helpful. I was going to email the school and see if they had any info that i could have but as i now know it is no longer a school.

    Thank You

    • Hi Georgina, I suggest you enter your Mothers Christen name and her maiden name and possibly her old address if known, also the approx year she was there would help

    • try birmingham city libary

    • try the liverpool papers try to advertize in them

  3. I suppose some information would help 🙂

    She is still alive, her name is Sandra her maiden name was Chantler and she lived on (i think) Warren Farm Road.


    • Hi Georgina, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that name, I have checked it out on “Friends Reunited” and also come up with nothing but perhaps one of the girls on there can help. wish you luck in the future……Al.

    • what year was she at what school i was from 1948 untill 1950 in the juniors then 1950 untill 1954 in the seniors

  4. To me Dulwich Road Secondary Modern School was an excellent place of learning and life experience, especially during the latter part of World War II. My time spent at the school was 1944 to December 1948. I was in the first batch of pupils to stay on until the age fifteen. The Headmistress at the time was Miss Ward and she had a brother who offered two pupils an office job at “Wolsely Sheep Shearing” in Witton each school leaving time. My friend Jean Oldbury and I were lucky enough to be selected in December 1948 and so began our working life.

    I mentioned the war years and I vividly remember once a month on a Friday, we took grocery items into school, i.e. a tin of peas, 1/2lb of margarine, packet of tea or sugar etc for a bring and buy sale to raise funds for the school.

    Lessons were good. I enjoyed history, geography, maths but mostly English and reading where my favourite teacher introduced us to Anne of Green Gables, which I have never forgotten and still watch the video of it or read my lovely copy of the book which came from Canada, where the authoress was born.

    Cokery and house-wifery were quite important too in those days. I recall making scones and bread in the school kitchens and later at “The House” on Kings Road, Kingstanding, we cleaned, polished, scrubbed cellar steps and also prepared meals for the three teachers who lived there.

    There were school trips such as to Kingstanding Odeon to see Henry V (super!) and also to Birmingham Town Hall to hear the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra also wonderful.

    After the end of the war in Japan, the fifth year pupils were treated to a girls school camp in Headington, nr Oxford, a special, happy time and often recalled even now, by my many friends in Birmingham who were there.

    Following on from that I was lucky enough to gain a place on a trip to Paris, staying at “Hotel Moderne” Rue de la Pompe, Paris. We saw all the famous sights. One of my most vivid memories of the trip was having to take tins of condensed milk for our coffee. The Eifel Tower was partially camouflaged from the war and the American Troops were still in Paris. I still hope to go back to see the building where we stayed. I’ve checked and its still there

    My school days were amongst the happiest of my life and I still benefit from what I learned and also was delighted to attend a 50 year’s reunion in March 2000, along with my friend and former netball captain Margaret Wright. I earned myself 1 netball medal for Dulwich Road in 1946 but Margaret won quite a few more and carried on her netball career by umpiring, reaching County Level. We are still in touch and I have a copy of a letter I wrote to her when she left Dulwich Road in 1947.

    Head Mistress Miss Ward, Teachers Miss Hobbs, Miss Mansell, Miss Brosnen, Miss Smith, Miss Sugden, Miss Hitchen, Miss Coombes, and Miss Poole all helped in giving me and others a good education, despite gas-masks, air-raid shelters, rationing and lack of calculators and computers. Dulwich Road was great!!

    By Shirley Bartram

    • i used to like the trips from school and the one to eden valley wales

      • Are you Clement Watts who lived in a grove off of Ellerton Road ?

  5. I remember Mr. Dolphin. He retired whilst I was there and was replaced by Mr. Eynon as Headmaster. I left in 1961 and my last teacher was Mr. Frankham. Before that, I was also at the Infants and Junior Schools from the age of 4 (started 1950). Who remembers Mr. Bourne, Mr. Bond, Mr. Kay, Mr. Yeomans, Mr. Dodd, Mr Howe, Mr. Porter, Mr Williams or the scissor throwing Mr.Evans in the seniors. In the juniors Mr. Dugarde (Headmaster) Miss Cooling, Miss Dyer, Miss Lark (Headmistress for the Infants) and Miss Goodhall. Fell in love with one teacher at the age of 7, she married and became Mrs. Seargent (broke my heart). I can remember so many of the childrens names and I’d love to hear of some of them. See what they did with their lives and compare experiences. My name is Frank Burton and I used to live at Halsbury Grove. Just around the corner from the School. Happy days!

    • yes i knew most of those teachers they are people you dont want to forget they are our idols where would we be now without thier strict teaching i wish i was with them at school again ive forgot a lot of what they tought us im 73 now in june and my memory needs training again i have to think how to spell words now did you do gardening on the pimple up clapton grove ellerton rd

      • Hi Clement.I see that you Knew a Alan & Maude Turner.Did they live in Dulwich Road just below the girls school?If so then I knew there older brother who was a great pal of mine and we served together in boys service of the army.His name was Harry and they were a large family.My wife Kathy Thomas lived opposite the Turner family.Regards.

    • hi frank i”m shirley bartram at dulwich rd 4 to 5 yrs before you left dec 48 i did however know aylesbury grove well my lifelong friends ron graves and sid fletcher lived there.would love to hear more from you

    • Hi Frank, this is your cousin Pat Allan (nee Burton). I see this is rather an old post and don’t know whether you’ll get to see my reply. How is everyone in the family? Last time I spoke to Sheila was ages ago and of course you lose touch over time. Are you on Facebook at all. You know about Lawrence i think. Shirley still lives in Aldridge. Would like to hear from you. xxx

  6. Hi Everybody from Warren Farm (Dulwich Road School)
    My name is Frank Burton and I went to the above schools from 1950 to 1961.
    I’d love to hear off any classmates who remember me so that we could discuss lifetimes to date.
    I have fond memories of my schooldays and was amazed to see my picture on the 1956 photo sent in by Andrew Guck on the site.
    I remember so many children on that photo and would love to talk further about old times (thats me, second right at the back about aged 10)
    Hope to hear from as many folk as possible from that time.
    Best regards
    Frank Burton

    • hi frank…I cannot place your name…but I lived at 11 halsbury grove and I remember Geoffrey Evans,Graham Stevens,John Flether,Alan Brookshaw,Alan Turner,Bernice Room…..do you remember any of these Frank?

      • hi i know allan turner i used to drink in the same pub as him in chelmslywood i was in the same class as maurd turner his sister in the infance at warrenfarm

  7. Hi Alan.I also went to Cranborne Road & Dulwich Road which I left in April 1949 to start work at Fort Dunlop.I lived in the bungalow next door to the Hare & Hounds pub.As you say a long walk to school.I married a girl,Kathleen Thomas in 1961 who lived a few doors down from the girls school in Dulwich Road.I still meet up with my old school pal Len Cotterill who lived by the caretakers house.None of us had much during the war years but we had happy times.By the way we always called Mr Vicaridge baldy Vic.Please feel free to contact me.Charlie

    • i was in the juniors then mr wallace i think then in 1950i went into the seniors that is at warrnfarm

    • G.day Charlie,
      I don’t remember any of the names you mentioned , in fact i cant remember any of the other student names on here. but a lot of the old teachers names i will never forget. you mentioned Len Cotterill i wonder if he was related to Barry Coterill, who i vaguely remember. you must have lived on the right hand side of the H&H Pub if i remember right because on the left hand side there were those old cottages where July Curtis and her brother lived, if i remember right the Coopers lived not far from you a bit further down the hill,also a blond haired kid called Tom.
      My Newspaper round was from The post office to Hotspure Road and the back the other way to Harringay Rd and Streatham Grove.
      Fred Pearce was a good mate of mine he lived in Cranborne Road Opposite the school gate and Harry Gibbons who lived in Kettlehouse Road but still went to Dulwich Road Sec Mod, now that was a long way to go each day, I still keep in touch with him and will probably meet up when i visit the Uk later this year also Ron Parks who went to Cranborne Road and Less Wainwright.

      • Hi Alan.I also delivered papers from Hotspur Road up to the top of Kingstanding Rd.What years did you have your round Alan and Bobby Cooper were my mates.The Tom you mention was probably Tommy Allen.Yes I did live on the right side of the Pub

      • Hi Charlie, I cant remember if that blond headed kid was called Tom Allen but think he lived on the opposite side of the Kingstanding Road to you, you asked what year i did my paper round, well i was born in 1936 so i would have been 15 in 1951 and i think that was when we left school so i would guess i was doing that round from about 1949 t0 1951. …. my god it seems like history.

      • Hi Alan.I finished my paper round when I left school in April 1949 so it looks as if you might have taken over from me.

      • Hi I’m Doug. Ricketts, I went to Dulwhich Road for two years 1953/55, rember the teachers mentioned but not recognised any other names yet except Fred Pearce he is my older cousin and lives in Whittingham now

  8. I was at Warren Farm Rd School from 1948 onwards and would love to try to find anyone who was there then,.I am now 70yrs old this year….My old mates were Graham Stevens,David Belshaw,Johnny Hunt.Geoffrey Clark…if anyone can help me,please let me know….

    • did you know allen whiston robert shorter colin smith colin fellows bruce parker

      • Hi Clement…no I don’t recognise those names…..I really hope that I do manage to contact anyone of my mates…..

      • hi geoffrey they was about 2 yrs younger than me im 73 in june did u know the red hed barry watts no relative of mine . richard black maurace busby. brian. david. and john walker raymond tooth names are coming to me slowely

  9. you are right it was the best school ever i loved it and all my teachers my years was 1948 untill 1954 boys school my name clemmy watts

  10. im clem watts does anyone rember me between 1950 till 1954 at dulwich road school

    • Clem, I think that we might have been neighbours.We lived at 66 Ellerton Road and I seem to remember that you lived in the grove.Do you remember my little Scottish mum ? Poor little lady had to raise 4 girls all by herself but she was the best mum in the world.

      • dorothy my darling i use to get down on one knew and sit you on the other knee and sing OH YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL your mother was not only one of the best mothers in the world but next to my mother one of the best ladies in the world i loved your mother as if she was my second mother oh how i miss her can we meet and i would love to look through yours family photos how is cathy is she still around A BIG YES DOROTHY ITS MWE CLEM WATTS you all was like a family to me and i still feel this way plz give me a a ring on

      • 0121 748 4825 anytime xxx clem

      • ive forgot your other 2 sisters names i will love to meet you all again as i do miss all of you xxx

      • im also on facebook my email is whatson39@hotmail.com

      • Clem, I remember so well how you used to sing to me and now I know why, throughout the years, whenever I heard that song, I got very tearful.You played such a big part in my younger years and my mum loved you and your family xx

      • My sister, Kathy lives in Sutton Coldfield and Janet lives in Kingstanding. Margaret passed away 5 years ago.


      • plz keep in touch ive not heard from you lately dorothy

      • hi dorothy could you send me your email plz so i can give it to jean mullins


  11. i didnt know them i was from1954 to 1958 a lot had short lives

  12. im mean 1950 untill 54

  13. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the potato picking trips that you could volunteer for during the last two years at school, a ride out early morning in the truck and then a back breaking day trying to keep up with the tractor who would tell you to get a move on if you hadn’t cleared the patch that was marked out for each of you, by the end of the day you wondered why you had volunteered, but it was a different story when you had our pay in your pocket ( the one without the whole) at the end of the week and you knew you would put your name down next year.

  14. i wagged it from school one day and walked up to the dears leap and then up doe lane is it then i went on the farm spud picking it brock my back almost lol then the tractor came round and ran over my bucket i got 5 shilling thou

  15. I cant remember what we were paid when we went with the school, i know i was pretty knackerd when we finished , i then had to go and do my paper round. for old Miss Ryan from the Post Office on Kingstanding road.

    • those where the days i had a paper round on the ring by the swimming baths warrenfarm rd i remember who you meen i used to go with my mom to the post office

    • I als did potato picking three years running.I think the farm was somewhere along the Chester Rd

  16. remember happy harry who was it with the black tape all the way down his cane. was mr willis the music teacher my last teacher was mr porter

    • Hi Clem, Mr porter was the Science teacher when i was there, did you ever notice the size of his feet, they were about a size 15.

      • yes i know lol what about his long legs i dont know why he left us on our own but he used to go up stairs and we could hear him coming back thump thump thump on the ceiling so we all sat there nose in our work like good boys lol lol lol

      • mr drew was my science teacher what rd did u live in i lived in ensdon grove off ellerton rd

      • I Lived in Atlantic Road, it ran from Dyas Road to Old Oscot Hill, it cut through Tresham road, There used to be a field next to our house that was known as the Dip

      • Hi alan I was in Porters class .My name is John Hall also in my class Fred hall. When the register was called it was j hall then F Hall I can still hear the class laughs now.I had the cane of porter afew times.But we never told our parents did we?.Does anyone remember our house names ?

  17. hi Clement…none of those names ring a bell at the moment….you are 3yrs older than me….but its so nice to be hearing from people who were there….

    • clemmy….do you know where Alan Turner is now?

      • no but i will try and find out where alan is he like free and easys like at the jag club chester rd i will go to the bromford club erdington next sat he might be there its the rd where the big church is

  18. dennis hillman. franklin grifiths. prices in endsdon grove.billy taylor homerton rd.i will try and think of some more

    • thanks Clem…be great if you could find out where Alan Turner is….be great to contact him…before its too late!!!!

  19. To Geoffrey Elliker
    Hi Geoff I was 4 or 5 years younger than you, which was like a different generation almost in those days. I remember you, you lived close to the Smiths who made the toffee apples. I lived at number 43 next to Bruckshaws at the bottom of the grove. Geoffrey Evans is the older brother of Chris, who was my mate during childhood. Around your age must be Geoffrey Clark. Johnny Fletcher. Bobby Batchelor. Ann Graves. Linda Morton. Mary Cantillion and my dear late sister Freda Burton.
    You were one of the few families that left the grove during my childhood days. Along with the Parkers (do you remember Jimmy Parker and his sister Joy? )
    Well. we are at the other end of our life now Geoff. Its been a great journey and those early days will always be held fondly in my memory. Full of good folk, who were the salt of the Earth.
    Great to hear of a familiar name from those days Geoff and I hope you are keeping well
    Kind regards
    Frank Burton

    • Hi Frank..so good to hear from you….oh my goodness I remember now the Smiths and the toffee apples…I can now place where you lived and it would be close to Johnny Fletcher…I can’t place Bobby Batchelor or Mary Cantillion…I can vaguely remember your sister…sorry to hear that she is no longer with us….I suppose a few have not made it to our ages….I don’t remember Jimmy Parker or Joy….I do remember at the top of the grove was Graham Stevens and round the corner was the Suttons…do you remember them? everyone was as you say…the salt of the earth…didn’t have much but all of us were like one big family.My sisters Pauline Elliker and Audrey Elliker…Pauline was an albeno…do you remember them Frank?

      • Really good to hear from you Frank…what did you do after you left school?.I moved away as you said to Lincolnshire..had my family..I now live in Bulgaria…nice and easy life…I had a triple heart bypass oooh over 12yrs ago…how about yourself?…If there is anything else you can remember from those days let me know.Have you been back to Halsbury Grove?…are the houses still there?…Keep in touch…Geoff

      • Hi Geoff,
        Found you and your sister on the Coronation Picture 1953. See if you can spot yourself (and Pauline).
        Its under Cornation Day 1953!

        Frank Burton

    • Frank, I think I remember you. Weren’t you tall with a thick mop of black hair.

      • Avril,
        Tall yes, if you call black medium brown and yes quite a lot of it, then thats me. My memory is quite good and although I think that we were in the same classes, we didn’t get to know each other that well.
        Avril is not the most common of names and if someone asked me if I knew someone named Avril, I think I would say immediately, “Only a girl named Jarvis, when I was a kid at school”
        For a better idea of how I looked in 1956, see Andrew Guck’s class picture on this site. I’m at the back, second from the right. I remember most of those children on that picture. Hope to hear off more of them.
        Do they still have nice days in the USA, if so, have one yourself!
        All the best
        Frank Burton

  20. charlie did harry gibbons have a brother johny gibbons as i saw johnyabout 1997 in a club i think you would find a lot goes or did go to the jag club chester rd

  21. Harry Gibbon had no brothers that i know off,

    • I remember Mr Porter….I really didnt him…one of the teacher always used to hit us with the slipper….does anyone remember who that was?

      • i will try my best try and remember someone else

      • im haveing a chap name chris hillcox coming to mine next wed he wants school info to put in the centrol libary his number is 378 0528 GIVE HIM A RING heneeds info

      • yes it was wilco my music teacher little chubby one and mr marshal he use the gym shoe i called a pump

    • i thought i ask lets keep tryiong

  22. you will remember the clinic to check us for lice before shady lane lol had a tooth out there too

    • hi clem….my memory isn’t too good but I do remember going to a clinic
      for my TB jab ect….

      • thats ok my memories dont hold for long is the teacher name wilkins or marshall they both used the slipper

      • My name is john hall 1950 1955 mr porters class

  23. Ok ladies, Avril Jarvis here. Left school 1961. Remember our teachers: Head was Miss Green, Miss Ford,Sports – Mrs Hume, Art -Miss Smith, music – Miss Williams, domestic Science, Miss Harper, Science, Mrs Light,Religious Instruction. Miss Smallwood.
    Junior school- Mr Buckley, Mr Collis, Miss Cooling, Mrs Norcliffe, Mr Walsh
    Infant school-Miss Dyer, Miss Ward.

  24. Forgot, Mr Dugarde, he passed suddenly( heart attack). I remember it vividly. Miss Lark, or was it Slark. Miss Goodall. Oh! junior school Mrs Snoxall. She lost her son in a bicycle accident. Mr Collis, a great man.

    • i remember you i was in mr collis class and miss goodall i remember miss lark and miss snoxall do you remember maud turner we was in the huts you remember more teachers than me i was only 9 yrs old when i went to warrenfarm

    • oh yes my buckley too

    • i just noticed i left the seniors in 1954 i was in the infance from 1948 untill 1950 then i went in to the seniors it was 6 years before you that i was there. but i know of your name do you have someone older in your family cuz as well im 73 in june


      • Hi clem Its john hall yes Iremember john rowley .Clem Im having trouble sending the photo of the 1955 prefects

  25. I remember the huts. Mrs Norcliffe was in one and I think her name was Miss Austin in the other. Do you remember my brother Neil. Also, when I was in Miss Dyers class we made plaster of Paris gnomes and painted them. I still have mine I’ll have to post it. Miss Dyer lived well into he nineties

    • wow i remember her too i was in the right hand hut im not being big headed but the girls liked me they always used to chase me around the play ground trying to kiss me. did you know irene criddle and the kid name Mc something he played for villa he was in training with them and i think one of the criddles

    • oh and pat lett and the smiths in plumsted its all coming to me slowly

      • Hi clem john hall I remember the smiths they were at the bottom of my rd .you mentioned pat lett did she have abrother bob lett I think they lived in a grove opposite the mafair gully.Bob was in our year

  26. Not sure if you received the last reply. My sister Pat Jarvis is your age. Also, the 1956 photo I am 2nd from the left front row. The only one who didn’t cross her legs properly. I’ve been a non conformist ever since :):)

    • lol should not say that about your sister ha ha yes i remember her she also was kind to me when i was in the seniors i realy thought a lot of her when i left school i saw her on the corner of hominton and twickenham road and we had a nice chat she was very kind that day too is there any chance i could come and say hello

      • Clement, I was talking about me not my sister in the photo being the non conformist. 😁. It would be nice to come over and chat but I’m afraid I live Virginia, USA and my sister Pat lives in Minnesota, USA so having a cup of pg tips might be out the question 😢however, I will let her know about the site.

  27. Don’t really remember Criddel. I think it was a bit before my time.

    • yes as i say a bit before your time your pat will know the criddles

    • my email is whatson39@hotmail.com send up to date photos of you and pat and when she left school also send me your email and pats if she has one plz

    • that is a shame but never mind we can carry on this wayi also have a facebook account we can be friends on that too i dont go on it much to chat….i did understand that you ment your sister in the photo bye for now catch u later

  28. Hi Clement, do you go on friends reunited at all? This is the best site though. Someone has put in a lot of hours to get this going.

  29. i did do i will join again

  30. Jarvis is my maiden name. Purvis is
    my married name. Know one would know me as Purvis.

  31. oh my god plz forgive me i didnt know that you was a lady.. now i know do you have cuz family who lived close by.i kew a purvis at school would your husband have a brother at the same age of pat.r u and pat on facebook

  32. I’m on Facebook pat isn’t

    • hi avril this is david mitchell i used to live facing you on college road your sister pat and brother neil i remember well i am on facebook be nice to hear off you

  33. im sign in on facebook as clement watts ive got a clear face dont look my age i wear glassessilver and brown mixed hair try and find me add as friend i will try and find you ## this man came to see me today wed he is putting my memories in the birmingham libiary he want to contact you to

  34. Its john hall class 4a 1955 in my year hers a few name fred ward danny higgins bob carrolin david bourne george welch kieth gibbs peter short

    • hi john t let had a brother named bob i used to talk to him at school and talked to pat lett as a friend i walked her home a few times

  35. john hall.David Bourne and I ice skated on the boy play ground .Thats when winters were winters. Does anyone remember the metal work class where we all had the slipper.Ive got a photo of all the prefects I Wasne

    • we made a little shovel for our parents and a flint gas lighter my email is whatson39@hotmail.com can you send the pictures to me and i will send them to a friend and have them enterd in to the birmingham library or send me copies to mr clem watts 4 rushwick croft shardend birmingham b34 7hj my phone number is 0121 748 4825 ### i remember haveing that long iced slide from the air raid shelter in the seniors going down the play ground. there was smaller slides too

    • hi there john this is david mitchell have not seen you for about 40 years when i worked at the golden hine

      • Hi dave its john hall have seen the photo I sent ? you are on it Im on the top row

  36. hi there this is david mitchelli remember clemmy watts john hall danny higgins peter short and avril jarvis(purvis) you lived oppersite me on the college road also pat and neil my phone nuber is 01216052797

    • hi david i will give you a call did u know howerd jarvis

  37. hi clement…any news on Alan Turner?…

    • still havent gone out yet im with a bug

  38. […] of Clement Watts. Clement recalls his time at Warren’s farm school and Dulwich Road school. Click to read more … Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  39. O’s Alan Turner the brother of Colin Turner?

  40. Hi David, did you get my last reply?

    • im going to phone david up on saturday i will let you know what he says

    • no avril this is the first off you nice to see you are doing ok ,the last time i can remember seeing you was about 1963 long time ago i am on face book tried to find you hows pat and how is neil x

  41. allens sister is name maud

  42. David, there are about 50 David Mitchell’s on Facebook. Which one are you?

    • hi avril try finding me with email dale.tripleh@blueyonder.co.uk i can only remember you as a girl 18

      • what does your picture look like on facebook when you sign in

      • my facebook address is david.mitchell.94043 is ok avril

      • Hi dave john hall Saw the porter photo in our class You are next to fred ward he was head prefect the one at the back is carrolin dont know who is on the left Off on my hols on tuesday 19 june for 2 weeks take care mate

      • hi dave you must remember me being late a lot of times danny higgings used to let me off he was a friend at twickenham too i used to go to his hse after school and in the back yard there was a corner by the back gate and he used to put paillings across the corner and i would stand on them and danny used to kick them away so that i would fall it was a great laugh

  43. Thanks

  44. Clem, I just tried to email you but it came back as “deamon mail”. I did clementeatts@hotmail.com. I’ll try again

  45. Look for Avril Purvis and I’ll respond. Neil is fine and living in Sutton. Lost his wife 2 yrs ago to cancer so he’s had a very tough time. He has 2 boys and one girl. Lisa is married to a policeman and has 2 children Stewart is married and has 2 boys. Both he and his wife are school teachers. They live in Bury st Edmunds and Ian is an actor and screen writer and lives in London. You can see see him on TV in a commercial with Joan Collins. He has also written a series called “Job Lot” which has been picked up by ATV and should start 2013. Pat lost her husband in 1965 and never remarried. She lives by her 2 girls in Minnesota. I live in Virginia.

    • this is the sad part of life hearing of ones friends we love so much drift away from us

  46. Hi dave mitchell yes I remember that day.I was a bar fitter.lots have happend to us all.I have lived in poole in dorset for 20 yrs,right by the sea .I retied3 yrs ago .tell you more later take good all my old school mates john hall

  47. Ok when I have a moment I will

  48. hi i’m ann yeomans, i was at warren farm from 1962-1966, i remember shirley parker jennifer kettley jennifer pettitt linda slack jacqueline hatthaway, yvonne day pat dodd, and the boys were, robert page raymond holford, paul smith(fuggy) tony melon, and tony palin, it would be nice to hear from people who went to the same school!

    • hi ann my years was from 1949 untill 1954 in my time kenny pettitt was at warrenfarm he was jennifer pettitts father or uncle..you may meet sometime others who went the same time as u good luck on your search….clem watts

    • what was your maiden name as i knew a jones he may be related i think it was bernard as if they know me

  49. hi clement, my maiden name was yeomans, my moms maiden name was jones, and she had a brother called bernard, my mom dad and family went to dulwich road school, so you might well remember them!

    • hi ann it was your uncle bernard and his wife i knew i loved them both like a brother and sister mention clement watts and janet watts twickenham rd janets maiden name was mullins to them plz….my email is whatson39@hotmail.com

      • can anyone help me to upload photos to this web page please if you can ring david mitchell on 01216052797 thank you

      • Clem, did Janet Mullins have a sister,Jean and another named Mary?

  50. Hi, I,m looking for anyone who was at Dulwich Road Girls School 1966-1971. ie Jeanette Spriggs, Mavis Scott, Sue Wainwright. Bye the way I’m Lynn Gwilliam.

    • hi lynn its clem did you know elsie wiston beryl price margaret grifthis thet went to warrenfarm around your time and christine watts she is 70 in september

  51. r you len gwilliam’s sister or relative i worked with a len gwilliam at falcon sausepans as his assistant storeman oppisit harris’s the cleaners in perry barr…is he still with us…clem watts 0121 748 4825

  52. Sorry Clem I’m no relation to Len Gwilliam. Hope you find more old friends through this site.

  53. Hi Dorothy. Are you Maureen Somerfields mum and did you live in Bexley Road?

    • Hi, I used to date Maureen from my Merchant Navy days, we met on board a passenger Liner in the 70s, we were both at sea for long time, we had nice time together. Mo went on to the USA to work on other vessels , last I heard she living in Devon . Robbie ( I used to visit Kingstanding , lots. )

  54. i know dorothy too her maiden name is capewell we lived by each other

  55. Sorry Clem. I don’t know any of the people you mentioned. Thanks for asking anyway.

  56. No Lynn, I lived in Parkeston Crescent.

    • hi dorothy its clem again yes janet mullins has sisters jean and mary

    • to dorothy capewell if you lived in parkinson crescent did you know pat jones number 183 Im john hall

      • Yes John, I did know Pat Jones. I lived at number 11 but my best friend, Margaret Gaughn, lived at the top of the crescent and my paper round was all of Twickenham Road, Parkeston Crescent and Rivington Crescent so as well as knowing Pat from school I sometimes saw my friends when I was doing my round as well.
        Where did you live?

    • hi dorothy Its john hall I lived in epping grove .I got married to pat in 1960 got divorced 67.,She now lives in spain. I now live in poole in dorset [3RD] marrage .I do love wedding cake.Pat and I had a ladies clothes shop the beggers bush amodelling agency we did ok for council house kids you take good care be happy john hall

  57. hi dorothy if answerd your messeges its good to hear from you we must keep it up as you your family and i was the closest friends out of all our neighbours as i said we was like family and i hope we r still the same as it is the way i feel towards you all and will always feel this way. plz ease my heart and let us all meet again xxx clem

  58. Frank great to hear from you. I have that picture of us sitting on the tv. We were 10 yrs old. You did recognize me front second from left legs not crossed didn’t you. Next to Gillian Gilford. I remember most of the names in our class if you need help remembering. Such wonderful innocent days. Yes we still have great days here, humid, hot but great. You have one also. Looking forward to hearing from you. Avril

  59. Clem, Jean Mullins was one of my best friends from school.We used to walk to school together every day.She had beautiful red hair, was an excellent runner.Where is she now? I’ve tried to find her over the years but no success.
    By the way, your mum delivered my little sister,Janet :O)

    • Hi dorothy iits john hall.I see you mentioned jean mullins did she have a brother john .We had a john mullins in our class he lived in four oaks last time I heard .Did you know a girl called gillian Ashmore Judith ray ,They lived in my grove ,Qpposite me was Mick Pinder MOODY BLUES.Thats one up for the school

      • Hello John, Jean Mullins had sisters Mary and Janet but I can’t remember her brothers names.Clem Watts will know though.
        I remember Judith Ray.

  60. Clem, I would dearly love to see you again but I live in the USA.If we can stay in touch we could get together when I make a visit home to see my sisters.I’ll give you plenty of warning before I arrive.In the meantime,I’ll look out some family pics and email them to you. xx

  61. Hello Clem, I work full time so don’t usually get online every day. How are you? I heard you talking on Voices of Kingstanding about your school days and when I heard your voice it really was a blast from the past (even though you had a cold I knew it was you).

    Do you ever remember playing ghosts with your mum’s beautiful, white sheets? We used to throw them up in the air and let them fall down on top of us.

    Do you know how I can contact Jean Mullins? I’ll try to send yoou some pics today. xx

    • i will ask my daughter now about jean she contacts her offten xxx

  62. John, Do you know me at all?If you knew Dorothy you might. I lived on College Road by the College Arms pub, I have a brother Neil. I too like wedding cake, three of them also:) Third times a charm.

  63. Avril and John! All that cake! :O)
    John, was the shop part of the row of shops close to the Monastery at the top of College road or further along Chester Road? Why do so many Brits end up in Spain ? (some in my own family too)

    • Hi dorothy our shop was on the corner of kings rd and chester rd The shop was called Tricia Fashions.I dont rember you [shame] . on me.

      • Don’t worry John, I suspect that there are many things/people that we have all forgotten. Do you remember any of the females from school?

      • hello dave mitchell here do you remember ann wall i married ann in 1960 and we are both going strong

      • Hi im Shirley was looking at the site! well stumbled on it by mistake. i went to warren farm and kingsthorne junior school back in the seventies left warren in 82`. I remember the shop at the juction of chester rd and kings rd by the charlie pub(not there now) I remember Trisha Fashions. Anyone remember me please reply, as facebook unsucessful in finding anyone from both schools. x

  64. where is everyone is there anymore friends we knew from warren farm rd school where has our co-op milkman with his horse and cart and rowling breadman

  65. Hello Clem,

    I do remember the milkman, the breadman, the rag and bone man, the pig bin man and I especially have vivid memories of the laundry van bringing our clean sheets tied up in brown paper (I wonder how mum could aford that?)

    • did you have that small drum in the back yard for your scraps for the pigs

      • Yes we did and by the end of the week it smelled awful!

  66. have you gave cathy my phone number as im going on holiday 2nd june for 2 weeks to cornwall polperro

    • I LOVE Cornwall.I’ll call Kathy and give her your number.

  67. it was harrises cleaners i think the rag and bone man gave us gifs for our rags them days gold fish tortises chicks ballons ect but not today they just take it away for nothing some times dont say ty

  68. its 22-57 pm now im hungery its 4-57pm where u r now c u soon xxx

  69. That’s right, it was Harrises.I think sometimes my mum gave the rag and bone man her own personal stuff just so we could have a treat.Nowadays we give our old stuff to the charity shops-my sister,Janet is the manager of one in Brum.

  70. We used to take our sheets to Phillips net to the fish and chip shop. Used to get them back in brown paper tied up with string.

  71. I remember Phillips. Their buyer had a similar taste in clothes to me so I bought several dresses there. Happy Memorial Day ,Avril :O)

  72. You too Dorothy

  73. Btw remember Phillips was run by two sisters. One was blonde the other gray haired. The grey haired one could never say Pair it was always. A per”

  74. I remember those sisters.The one who said ‘per’ probably thought she was a kitten :O) Sounds like they were from Liverpool though.

  75. Oh, I once had a date with one of the Phillips’ sales reps-big mistake!

  76. I think the sheets cost 2/11 to wash. A bargain compared to today!!!

    • I still don’t know how our mothers were able to afford that service-we NEVER had any money (lots of boiled egg dinners).

  77. Oh why was it a mistake pray tell?

  78. Roman hands :O)

  79. What anerve.

    • Young men the world over-I was more offended that he thought I was that kind of girl!

  80. A nerve

  81. Bit we were happy and didn’t know we were poor.

  82. Too true-I just felt so bad for my poor little mum.


    • dorothy i remember now the pig man was name mr bradly or brabury his pig farm was some where in the black country do you remember the mayfair satuday films i loved the mayfair picture house better than the odeon i used to go to the birchfield in perry bar and the oriont six ways aston ive got a photo of six ways before it was built on it was a cottage with loverly trees if you go to google and enter sixways aston it may show you that how i got it i took a photo of it with my moble phone the pimple up clapton grove is all built on and the allotments king charles knocked down and built on i love sutton park my daughter and her daughters and me was passing powels pool going home and we was passing these cows my daughter complaining her legs ache and a cow looked at her and lifted her head up as in disgraced and looked away then stated to walk away just like a humanlol lol

      • the cow lifted her head up as if to sat tut tut its a shame for you lol lol

      • Hi clem John hall.You mentioned the mafair,Do you remember .Look at the old front.to the right there was the gully next to that was a building what was built for people that had got very bad diseases.It was never used and they burnt it to the ground.Some thing else I could never understand why all the roads were named after london places

  83. as if to say tut tut

    • Clem, I loved the Mayfair-it was an escape and a magical few hours.The manager-tall, white haired man with a stick, once caught me trying to sneak Janet in under my coat so that we could use her ticket money for sweets.He said “How long have you had 4 feet’? “Go home and tell your mum what you’ve done”.Spoil sport!
      I spent manu happy hours at Sutton Park and loved the bluebell woods there-Kathy lives quite close to there.

      • hi dorothy im back home from holiday in cornwall did you tell cathy about me i dont know if she phoned as i been away for 2 weeks tell her im home plz

  84. i remember bradfords the baker, and the co-op milkman, and all the co-op numbers for the divvy written on the wall by the front door, so the milkman read it when he came for his money on a friday, i remember tommy clayton the local window cleaner for cranbourne road, tansley etc, and all the families were big in those days, mine was the yeoman’s, i remember the swains, tunacliffes, cocharans, sheldons, and the bardsleys on the tansley road, oh those were the days!

  85. was that johny bardsley family who used the colledge arms i remember the swains and the window cleaners family also the bradfords baker

  86. Ann are you talking about Wendy Sheldon? My mothers co-op number was 212362 How come I remember that is beyond me. Telephone Erd1079.

  87. 22c was the post code

  88. no i only remember graham sheldon, and brian, they lived in hurlingham road, i had good days in sutton park, those days you had to pay to get in, but we used to sneak over the fence, and try and hide from thr park keeper, those were the days!

  89. i only remember june, and maurice bardsley, they lived in tansley road, but there was about 12 in the family!

  90. hi john was you in a C class mr porter as i was. try my email to send the photos whatson39@hotmail.com i hope you can send it this way. clem watts

    • hi clem john hall Iwas in class 4a Did you get the photo ?

      • yes ty i got the photo

      • hi john i think the clinic hospital next to the mayfair gully was run by a london govenment company thats why it had london names i think

  91. i ran off to gretna green too i marraid janet mullins in 1961

    • Hi clem john hall.glad you got the photo could you put it on this page for all to see.By the way did you get all the names.Hope you enjoyed your holiday.I go to Tenerefe for 2 weeks the 19 june Be in touch after then.

      • hi john ive just got back today 16th june from polperro cornwall after 2 weeks fresh sea air my wife and i had a good time shows every night at the seaview holiday village holiday camp where we stayed it was the 7th year we had been there….next to the gully by the mayfair was the isolation hospital where people had caught most diseases i caught scabbies from the boy next door he had caught them from a residents home for hard learning children the clinic bathed me in a kind of disafectant and scrubed me down with a scrubbing brush it did hurt i was cured very fast though thank the clinic

  92. Hello John, I remember the Isolation hospital, it was for smallpox originally and my friends and I used to dare each other to climb up onto the wall and sit there to the count of 20.We felt sure that we would get smallpox if we stayed any longer!

  93. Dorothy, I was told it was the isolation hospital for TB or consumption as they called it.

  94. i remember the isolation hospital, when we passed it we would walk on the other side of the road because we thought we would catch diptheria or smallpox, how sad were we in those days, i remember the mayfair, my mum was an usherette there when she was younger!

  95. ok john i wont risk flying has ive got 3 blocked artries and had 4 bypasses

  96. have a good time on holiday john

    • Hi clem glad you had a good holiday.Those london rds.chingford epping grove dulwich wimpole aylesbury sidcup plumstead and ofcourse the mayfair speak when i get back john hall

  97. hi john i thought you ment the clinic next to mayfair .. i think birmingham was trying to tell london that we too can have names like thiers lol lol .. realy i think its because the king came to birmingham and he stood on the hill and saw our city thats why its called kingstanding

  98. i say hello everyone

  99. Hello Clem, I told Kathy and Janet that I’ve been in touch with you.Janet was too young to remember you but Kathy certainly does although she lost her husband two years ago and her son rwo months ago so she will get around to contacting you once she is feeling more sociable.
    How was your holiday? Wish I could live in Cornwall, it’s so beautiful and laid back.
    Any contact details for Jean Mullins yet? Do you remember Smithy Dunn who lived across from us on Ellerton Road?
    Hope you’re doing well, love, Dorothy xx

  100. yes i do remember colin smithy dunn his brothers david and brian and brender his sister.### i left a messege with jeans daughter she said she will tell jean for u.##i had a great time on holiday ty for asking it will be great to be in touch with cathy i will keep trying to get jean to contact us keep well xxx clem” p/s have you found me to add as a friend on facebook

    • Hi clem john hall .what was the name of the boy who had a false metal leg ?.Sometimes he would sit next to me and wacme with his false leg .God did it hurt.Does any of the boys remember playing pirots in the gym,and polly on the mopstick in the playground


  101. […] Dulwich Road Secondary modern […]

  102. hi clem, glad to hear of smeone at last, do you remember the 610 club on kingstanding road, and old mr blamire the man in charge, many memories there at the youth club, does anyone else remember the good times there, i was going to go there to do a bit of voluntary work, might look it up, hope you are well bye for now.

    ann jones(yeomans)

  103. hi ann i do remember it i did not go there as my friends always stuck around our grove we was jumping on and off the buses for a laugh and going to sutton park and finchley rd park im 73 now and still bright like a youth in my ways always joking about i knew some joneses off twickenham rd any relation to you and up our grove.## i like to chat but no one seems very interested now i will check later and tomorrow for a answer lets start the ball rolling let us be the leaders of the pack and keep this page going ive got lots to chat about….your new pal clem

  104. hi clem,sorry no relation to me sorry,my name was yeomans, i married a jones, but my mum’s maiden name was jones, remember the park keepers at sutton park,I used toavoid them when i went over the fence to get in, in those days you had to pay to get in sutton park, bye ann!

  105. my friends and i used to too sneak in the park and the odeon and mayfair my sister marrain dennis weaver bck off odeon off kettle house i lived in ensdon grove off ellerton rd

  106. does nyone remember the lake in finchley park, used to spend my childlhood in there, especially in the summer, used to think it was a holiday, splashing around in the water.

    • yes i knew the pool in finchley park i was nearly drowned in it my neighbour next door to me pulled me out i was floating on top face down

  107. My little sister,Janet,almost drowned there too but she floated back up to the top and we waded in to help her out.I remember that water being dirty -children would be banned from wading in it today but it didn’t do us any harm.

    • yes after a few years they filled the pond in …the park is like a rubbish dump now i had wonderful time there when i was a child there was swings ..roundabout rocking horse , and a large round about shapped like a pine tree … and a high helterscelter it was a long steep slide its a shame now how it has gone to ruin no parkeepers there now

    • dorothy it was john hillman up the grove who saved me .he lives in pelsel wallsal he is still alive. there was dennis ronny and joan hillman the three died not so long ago

      • Hi clem john hall.the boy with the false leg .not sure but was he donald povey.I remember him playing football at our sports field.Well Im back from tenererife with the worste flu Ive ever had.could do with another holiday got to wait till xmas going to jamacia for 2 weeks.hope you are keeping well

  108. donald povey was the 3 foot tall lad in my class ### glad you enjoyed holiday im going for 3 weeks in sept in cornwall again and and a week in october misses wont go anywhere else. she likes 2 or 3 weeks in june . 3 weeks in sept and 1 week in oct

  109. im keeping well too got to these days ## take a hot bath drink a hot cup of oxo with pepper and get in a warm bed an electric blanket if you can it works for me every night. when im well i have a hot cup of milk and a banana to go to bed with it helps one to sleep

  110. Clem, who ever would have guessed that a kid from Kingstanding would be able to have one holiday, never mind two or three a year! I understand why you go back to Cornwall over and over though.I’d like to live there if I wasn’t married to an American who also loves Cornwall but loves America more :O)

    • it is hard for one to leave thier land of birth it takes a lot of courage cornwall is beautiful you can visit lots of places in 2 weeks and still have lots to cover # i was surprised to find out that you from kingstanding my home district is living miles away in usa ive often wished i could bump into you all around birmingham but i gave up as i didnt know who to ask. it was lucky that we both joined voices of kingstanding, in whitch i just typed in kingstanding and warrenfarm school i never knew about this club of reunited school friends . # it proves hope can com to pass for the good xxx

    • if no one chats send me a messege i will always answer it have to scrolled to the beggining and under the picture of the odeon in white letters and grey back ground with words like ABOUT…AMENTITIES …COPYRIGHT… COUNTRYSIDE ….ECT ECT IF U CLICK ON THEM YOU WILL FIND PEOPLE HAS CHATTED IN THEM IT WANTS SOMEONE TO START THE BALL ROLLING AGAIN FOR ITXXX

  111. hi dorothy I remember you from warren farm, my name was ann yeomans then, be nice to hear from you, I remember you working in the shop down the road from me in hurlingham, working at shop and save, but it was called lindens then!

  112. Hello Ann, What a good memory you have! I do remember you.It was sad to have to leave such a great school early but my mum needed the money so I felt that I needed to take a job wherever I could get one.Fortunately, the rest of my career was very much more satisfying :O) I live in the USA now-been here since 1972-but I took an 11 year break from 1997-2008 and was the event manager at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland (my mum was from Edinburgh).
    Let me know what you’ve been up to.So far on this site I’ve only made contact with Clemmie Watts who used to sing to me when I was a little girl and Avril Jarvis who lived on College Road and also lives in the USA.
    Be good to hear from you.


      • HI its john hall does anyone ever go to a caravan holiday park in dorset called sandford holiday park I use it as my local pub .Great averyone is always happy

      • Hi everyone Its john hall again.I left in july 55 and started work like most of us in aug .What I most remember in the first year was the fog .It came down big time you had to work till 6 .I worked on broad st .And had to walk home trying to rememeber the no 7 bus back to the crossways pup it took me till 10 to get home .And they talk about your carbon footprint

  113. hi dorothy, i’m married with 2 boys 41, and 37, 3 grandchildren, 21, 19, and 1,I was a nursery nurse for many years, now i work for childline as a counselor, and also a school governor,i know i was a little rogue at school, but i did love the school and all my mates, do you remember jennifer pettit, jennifer kettley, and shirley parker,remmber miss green,the battle axe, and miss snoxel the deputy head, and all the disco’s we had in the hall on a friday dinner time, how i miss all those times,if only we could turn the clock back, keep in touch dorothy, it’s nice to hear from you! xxx

  114. hi everyone i also left school in 1955 and worked at a place that made hose pipe clips in elma st sixways aston then i worked at m.m.liley making wooden cases for matchets then took them over the road to the crockadile works in elma st liles was on the corner af summer lane and sinemon rd the mog was thick when it came down we waited for a 33 bus for ages one night we had to walk home it was faster when i got to perry bar bridge i bumped into kenny evans who lived by me we use to go and hang out together with the rest of our mates he worked at the factory on perry bar bridge

  115. John, I remember vividly being on the 107 bus from town to College Road and the bus conductor had to walk in front of the bus with a torch because the fog was so thick that the driver couldn’t see a thing.I miss fog so much, it had a special comforting feel to it.

  116. Hello Ann, I remember all of those girls and teachers-I have to admit that Miss Green tried so hard to help me to stay on at school but my mum needed the money so, short of supplying that, there wasn’t much that Miss Green could do.
    I loved the Friday disco’s, I also had a great respect for MIss Robinson (domestic science) and went to her wedding where I cried like a baby.Girls!
    I have a daughter 43, a son, 42 and a son 31 plus grandchildren aged 21,18,7 and 5.We’ve lived in various countries but now live in the USA although I’d give anything in the world to return home.I know it’s changed a lot-I returned here 4 years ago after 11 years in Scotland and England so I know that things are not as great as they used to be in some respects but it’s still home and my sisters are there. :O)

  117. Dorothy I agree I miss the fog too. I had to walk from Aston to College Rd in 4″ heels as you could not see a hand in front of you. There was a wonderful stillness in the fog.

  118. I think I’m right where you are Dorothy. Home is home. Good or bad there are worse places to live.

    • Are we too old to go home Avril ? I actually hope to make a visit next summer but wish I could have been there for the Olympics this year.I think the UK is doing a wonderful job.

      • Hi dot its john hall .Im so lucky .just by the sailing in dorset-I near sand banks. Just look at google earth.Really enjoying the games.The torch past just past our home Got penty of photos.[just on my 3rd whisky ] Not bottles] mmmmm I

  119. Hi john i remember the fog having to walk home from town.
    I went to brooklyn college when it came down foggy they sent you home early then it was down the crossways to the dance i used to there after monday night collegeanyway always nice to a bit ealiersee you soon dave

  120. I’m not sure if we are too old Dorothy. It would certainly be an adjustment. Perhaps 6 months in each country. I go back and forth. My bucket list is to live on a beach somewhere. Where is the problem. GB is doing great I am so proud of them. I think we were robbed in the men’s gymnastics though we deserved that Silver.

  121. We certainly did.
    I like your beach idea-we have an amazing coast line here in Oregon.Google Cannon Beach and you’ll see what I mean.
    I only know one kind of girl that would have been in Aston in 4 inch heels! :O)

  122. Dorothy the big 66 will be here on the 4th. Cannot believe it.

  123. I bet you don’t look a day over 40.I’ll send you a birthday message on FB.
    My son and his family will be in their new home in Virginia in a couple of weeks-I’ll let you know where so that you can explain to me what kind of area they are in if you know it.
    Bet you never thought that we’d get to be the same age as our mothers!

  124. I just try to remember that 66 is the new 39 :):):). In my mind anyway. At least we are ton he “right side of the dirt”. Keep me apprised of where your son will be. Ft Eustis is only 18 miles from here.

  125. hi dorothy, miss green tried to get me to stay on too, but like you i had family committments, we all did in those days especially being the eldest of 7, and my dad being ill for a while, i remember mrs lardener as the domestic science teacher, and i loved miss bannon the art teacher, and miss rigby the music teacher, my form teacher in the 4th year was miss collis, she was always sending me out of the class for giggling too much, i was always the class clown, do you remember going to cadburys for your leaving trip? speak soon bye ann! xx

  126. Dorothy/Avril ~ Our voices from America,

    Hi Ladies, Its quite fascinating that you two hold these private conversations on the “Voices of Kingstanding site”. Do I detect a little home sickness from you folk?
    Well, let me test your memories of your old home.
    You mention the Olympics.
    Just think of the Jubilee, The Last Night at the Proms, The FA Cup Final and a Royal Wedding, all rolled into one and thats what its felt like here over the last couple of weeks
    Everything that is the best of British has risen to the top and shown its face for all the World to see.
    It doesn’t happen so much these days, but for once, the nation has swelled out its chest with happiness and pride.
    I went to the White Water Canoeing last week (quite a minority event). The Union Jacks were everywhere and the roaring crowds saw our boys to both the gold and bronze medal positions. Everyone sang the national anthem heartily and it was so, so,…… well British. Just like we used to be when we were the ultimate proud nation.
    It gave us the Glory and it certainly gave me the Hope!
    So, “Rule Brittania” from us and & “God Bless America” to you.

    From Englands Green and Pleasant Land
    Frank Burton

  127. Hello Frank, I’ve watched the Olympics every single day and am so proud of team GB.We are having a very good showing in the medals and my only regret is that I’m not at home to take part in the puffed out with pride chest event.
    Even after 30 plus years in the USA I have no intention of becoming an American citizen-it’s not who I am.Who I am is a girl (63 years old) from Kingstanding who returns there every chance I get.I have days when I am content here and days when I’m so homesick that I just want to get on a ‘plane.I’m very happily married though and my adult children and grandchildren are all here so home will have to be a place to visit.
    I watched the Royal wedding and the Jubilee celebrations on TV and some years back I was lucky enough to attend the funeral of the Queen mum.I belong to a group called ‘The Daughters of The British Empire’ so you can tell that I am still a patriotic Brit who is more than proud to posess a British passport.RULE BRITTANIA indeed !! Happy memories to you Frank :O)

    • Dorothy,
      Many thanks for your reply to my “Olympic Feelings”.
      Being as you are just a slip of a girl, our paths may not have crossed at school. I was more Avril’s age (see Andrew Guck’s school picture of 1956 at the age of 10. I’m on the back row, second from right).
      I lived in Halsbury Grove, which is just off Aylesbury Crescent (where the Dulwich Primary School was).
      Unfortunately, I only recall Avril by her unusual name, but I guess that we went through Primary School together.
      There are many old friends that I recognise from those days on this site and I think it is such a wonderful idea that we can contact people that we knew only as children.
      It’s been 45 years now since I left Kingstanding but I have so many happy memories of those early years. Most of all the truly wonderful family to which I feel so blessed to have been a part of. Sadly, all gone now
      I have visited America and Canada more times than I can remember as well as many other countries. It’s always exciting to visit, but the best place for me, by far, is here.
      Its good to hear that you still love your roots. Hope you always will.
      All the very best

      • hi frank dorothy capewell might have got you mixed up with your cousins in ellerton road as she lived higher up by ensdon grove… did you know the lad who got burned to death with his mates on the motorway going to london about when you was born they hit the back of a lorry and there was a fuel can with petrol in the back.. they wanted me to take them in my van but the wife said no we drank in the colledge arms pub … ive forgot his name he lived in your grove i think on the right…thinking back now larry did tell me he had famiy in aylesbury crescent i think im 6 years older than you im 73 born in 1939 bye for now catch you later


  128. Dorothy, Dsighters IV the British Empire. Is that on Viginia too?

  129. hi shirley the king charles pub was not by the chester road …it was on the corner of hartley road and kings road oppisit finchley rd about a qtr of a mile away i think they built something for the o.a.p’s to live in when they knocked it down i used to sing there alot and dance there..i was working on the building site that used to be a allotments some few yards from hartley rd

    • hi clem its john hall.that boy with the false leg his name has been bugging me .was it radford?.you go on hols soon dont you which part of cornwall do you go to.anyway have a good one

  130. hi john could it be brian radford as it ring a bell im going to seaview holiday village it is a holliday camp 1 mile before polperro on the left hand side coming from looe about 3and a half miles from looe good to hear from you

  131. Hi John Dave Mitchell here his namr.was radford he lived in parkeston cresent his sisters names.was jean.and sheilor al the best

    • yes i remember him too can you remember his christian name was it brian?

  132. Hello everyone, awaiting the hurricane coming up from Cuba. It’s absolute torrential rain here. How is the weather in Brum?

    • sometimes hot and sunny- sometimes warm and cloudy -and sometimes rain -and sometimes rain with thunder and lightning.ty for thinking of us here in the uk lol

  133. Sounds like typical English weather. Wish I was there, fed up of this hot sticky stuff. Of course as I mentioned, it’s not hot and sticky at the moment. Still bucketing it down.

    • that is one of the reasons that i dont concider living abroad. ide be hot and misserable and missing all my family too.and i love england as much as i love my family and that is heaven of a lot of love anyone can give. im very happy here in the uk and will be much happier living in cornwall ty for your thoughts

  134. I remember Mr Bourne, He always wore white pumps.

  135. Hello Pat Allan (nee Burton)
    How lovely to hear from you. My last recollection of you was when you went to live in America, donkeys years ago.
    Great to hear that you are still around. Do you live over here now?
    Firstly, the family, not good news I’m afraid. Mom (Aunty Doll) passed away in 1997 aged 93.
    The eldest Dorothy is widowed but still going at 85
    Sister Sylv passed away April 2011 aged 81. Her husband Dennis died in 2006
    Sheila passed away in 1999 aged 65. Her husband Ken is still alive.
    Freda passed away in 1990 aged 48. Her husband Dave died in 1996.
    You may remember that I was married to Sylvia, who passed away in 1994 aged 46. Our only daughter Debbie lives in Shrewsbury, married with two children Bradley and Lauren.
    I re-married in 1995 to Margaret and we have a daughter Danielle who is just 15. We live in Telford.
    I am now 66 and still working (well you have to with a 15 year old kid).
    I loved my family very much and miss them all greatly. Still have Dot and we went to the theatre together only last week.
    I am happily married and I see Debs regularly. We go to the football together.
    Pat, its been so long ago that I used to pop up Ellerton to Uncle George and Aunty Ivy, I don’t even know how old I was the last time I saw you. You were about Freda’s age so you must be around 70 now.
    Yes, I came across Laurence when he played in his group at the Masonic in Aldridge. We used to help out sister Sylv on bar duties there when she used to run it, back in the 80’s.
    We’ve travelled quite a bit and despite the sad look of the previous few paragraphs, life is pretty good and (touch wood) we’re all healthy and happy.
    You too came from a large family. Bet you miss them.
    Let me know about you life, Bet it was exciting in the States. Where are you, or where did you live whilst in America?
    It’s nice to know I still have a cousin.

    Thanks for getting in touch

    • Hello Frank,
      It’s so nice to hear from you, and thanks for all the news about the family, although I’m so sorry to hear about Sheila and Sylvia. But it’s nice to know Dot’s still around, and keeping active, by the sound of it! I remember Aunt Dot like it was yesterday and visiting the house when all the family were there…..you were only a tot then I believe (haha). Do you remember Jean Clutterbuck by the way. I believe she lived in your grove. I remember when Uncle Frank died and how upset Dad was at the loss of his brother. Freda and I were in the same class at school (Miss Smith and then Miss Clarke) and I have many happy memories of her. Somebody once commented in class how alike we were and it was strange we even had the same surname! (they didn’t realise we were cousins, haha). I couldn’t believe it when I heard she’d passed away. Do you ever hear from her daughter, Haley. I have a lovely picture of a cricket team in which every player was a ‘Burton’ including Grandad Burton. They came from Rugby I believe. She’d gone to an awful lot of trouble to get it and she made me a copy..

      Yes, I went to live in New York when I was just 19 in 1961 to work as an au pair in Long Island where I looked after 3 small children. I used to go with the family to their holiday home in the Adirondacks in up-state New York when the weather was very hot, and loved it. I then shared an apartment with a girlfriend and got a job as a legal secretary in John Street, around the corner from Wall Street, I got married to Frankie Boyle in 1964 and mom and dad came to stay with us for 6 weeks during the Football World cup in 1966. I thought it was very brave of them as they’d never left England before, and travelled on a prop jet which took about 12 hours I think. I have a lot of happy memories of the good old US and wouldn’t have missed it for the world, but there’s always that little something at the back of your mind calling you back home……well me, anyway! I came home in 1968 and, after my divorce, I eventually married Derek. We have one son Gary.

      I see you’ve done a lot of travelling too Frank (must be in the blood eh?) and it’s good to hear you’re happy, healthy and settled after the loss of so many in the family. I always think it’s hard to be the youngest. We usually tend to be the last one left but, like you, I still have one brother (George) who lives in Norton Canes. He’ll be 88 this year so has given up sweeping chimneys and climbing into boilers (lazy thing!)

      It’s nice to know I still have a “Burton” cousin too Frank, although I suppose we have quite a lot roaming around somewhere, since there was Uncle Alf’s children and the rest of the Burton clan. I know Uncle Frank and Dad were two of ten children! I still have a few Drew cousins on my mom’s side who live in Wolverhampton !

      Great to hear from you Frank, and love reading your memories on here. Keep it up!! Lots of love, Pat xxxxxxxxxxxx

      • hi are you pat burton larry’s sister if so this is clemmy watts who use to live by you in kingstanding plz reply so we can chat

  136. Hello Frank. Avril Jarvis here. Do you remember me? I remember you very well we were in the same class in junior school. I too live in the US, Virginia now, but lived in Alaska for 12 years. Interesting reading your comments about your life, I think at this age we could all write a book!! I’m so busy doing volunteer work I don’t have time to bless myself:). I hope you do remember me, take care, Avril

  137. Avril,
    Forgive me, but, isn’t this the third time that you have introduced yourself to me over the past few months.
    Not that I mind of course, but, I keep on thinking that there must be other Frank’s locked in your distant memory. But no, you definitely refer to me every time. Always great to hear from you.
    Alaska?, somewhere I haven’t been but would love to go.
    Should imagine that its a lot more raw than the Canadian Rockies which I have visited. Saw lots of bears, bet you did too.
    Hope your voluntary work is rewarding for you and when you finish, I’ll look out for that book you may write.
    I’m sure that we will speak again.

    All the very best Avril
    Frank Burton

    • hi frank are you related to larry burton and sister pat and brother george from ellerton road kingstanding goerge like his dad wad a chimbney sweeper larry has past away he was a good keyboard player his last address was in aldridge

  138. Hi everyone its john hall.I dont know about you all but Im so glad I was born when I was such great days.I was born In Aylesbury crescent opposite the nursery.My mom told me she ran accross from the baths with me in her arms whena german fighter plane went over .What I remember about the juniers was been slapped on the back of my legs .And a girl that was a contortionist .[silly memorys].Soon be xmas take good care all john hall

  139. hi john i remember bits of the war /// i went to twickenham rd untill i was 9yrs old then went to dulwich thinking back that was the best times in my life i miss the mayfair ect … i wouldnt give a good thought for these days .. only for my family children ect.. if it wasnt for them i would have sneaked a lift on the space ship to the moon. the best place i would like to stay is in cornwall take care john and everyone

  140. are you patrica burton from ellerton road kingstanding

    • Hello Clemmy,
      Yes, it’s me, Pat! Wow, it’s like a ‘blast from the past’ hearing from you! I hope you’re well and happy and still in good voice chick! I love reading all the posts on here, this site is really interesting -. I’m remembering so many things I thought I’d forgot….Finchley Park and the pool, we loved going there in the summer, it was like going on holiday, we even took dripping sandwiches and bottles of water (bet our moms loved getting rid of us) gambolling down the hill by the swings, and splashing about in the pool. Do you remember Percy the Parkee, he would always triy to keep order when things got a bit hairy scary (which didn’t happen often). And the Saturday Matinee at the Mayfair was fantastic. Nearly everybody was given an orange by their mom and the whole cinema smelled of orange, and the kids in the circle would throw orange peel down into the stalls, and shout “He’s Behind ya” at the bad guys, and “BOO” if the projector broke down in the middle of a show. I loved the Three Stooges and the Bowery Boys, Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers, but Flash Gordon was always at death’s door by the end of the episode (about to be decapitated by Emperor Ming probably) but by the next week he’d miraculously moved back about 20 yards from the chain saw, and escaped. What a swizz, lol!

      I remember Beryl Price and the Prices, and Raymond Tooth! Irene Criddle was a friend of mine. Her mom was a barmaid and they lived in Aylesbury Crescent I believe. She had lots of brothers and sisters. Do you remember the Goodfellows and Brenda Robinson. I’d love to know what happened to her. How about bonfire night up the groves, they were fantastic, everybody collecting wood for weeks to make the biggest bonfire, and the air smelled of gunpowder for days after. We had some good nights at the Free and Easies didn’t we, and the entertainment was amazing. Everyone looked forward so much to you singing. Talk about the X factor, it had nothing on those days. :)! Thanks for your kind comments about Lawrence, Clem. We all still miss him. Shirley is fine and still lives in Aldridge . How is Christine and Sheila? Lovely to hear from you Clem. Xxxxx Pat xx

  141. Hi Clem,
    Yes! the people to which you refer are all my cousins.
    Regards Frank Burton

    • hi frank is your cousin pat the one you chat to is she the sister of larry and george burton from ellerton rd kingstanding before they flew the nest

      • Hi Clem, In answer to your latest question. Pat is just how you have said it, their sister.

        Regards Frank

  142. hi frank i was brought up in the same place as your cousins i lived in ensdon grove off ellerton rd larry larry in ellerton being 3 years older was always around with me and my mates if you know if his wife is still alive give her a ring and mention me clemmy watts they all know me, i used to go nearly every where larry playing the piano and organ we was great mates his family loved me and my singing i moved to evesham in 1998 i saw him on the tv news he had the bad flu that was going about ..larry and our friend ray bradbury guitarist and my self didnt have our flu jab like every year and we all three got the bug larry and ray ended up in hospital i stayed in at home and larry having one long died in hospital we all love him he had many friends i still think of him ive got a photo of him playing nesum doma with me he played it very profestionly

  143. Hi Pat,
    Have a look on this site under Coronation 1953. Picture shows Jean Clutterbuck, complete with necklace tiara (very fetching) at the fancy dress party on Coronation Day. (middle row, third from right). I’m in the same picture, front row with ER on my costume, I was was in my 7th year.
    Good to hear George is still with us.
    Yes, Uncle Alf and Auntie Olive had two sons, Desmond and Reggie. Wonder where they are? Uncle Les had Genette, who our Freda used to play with when we went over to see Granny Burton. Uncle Harry married late and didn’t have any kids. I believe Auntie Winnie died a spinster.
    Freda (Fred) and I were very close and her husband Dave was a very good friend. Their daughter Hayley never forgave me for re-marrying after my wife Sylvia passed away. She saw us as the ultimate couple and could not understand that at the then age of 47, that I needed to move on. That was nearly 19 years ago and I haven’t heard off her since. I heard that she used to live quite close to us in Telford, but, I’m not sure where she is now.
    I have seen the family cricket team picture to which you refer and know that discovering it was Hayley’s work. I do hope she is well and happy, after all, she was the daughter of my much beloved sister.
    I visit New York regularly, normally around Christmas. Went ice skating in Central Park on my birthday. It’s a great City.
    Keep in touch Pat. It’s lovely to hear from you.

    God bless

    • Hi Frank,
      Thanks for pointing me to the picture. The years slipped away when I saw Freda, you and Jean Clutterbuck, with Freda looking so beautiful (no wonder she won a prize) it brought a tear to my eye, and you… the proper little gentleman! I’ve put some memories of the Coronation beneath the picture – or else everything will be under the Dulwich Road School page! .

      I visited Aunt Win in hospital shortly before she died and she asked me to try to find Aunt Beattie’s son, Leslie, who lived in London. She loved him very much and I think she knew she hadn’t got long to live, but was very brave. I tried everything but couldn’t contact him. He visited Birmingham years later with his son and son’s girlfriend, and he came with us to see Lawrence play at a club. Leslie was half Chinese as you know and had married a Japanese girl, so our second cousin is ¼ English, ¼ Chinese and ½ Japanese. It’s a bit like the League of Nations – if you can count the Watkins’ from Wales !

      I’m sorry to hear about the rift with Haley, Frank. That’s really sad. In my opinion, it’s up to all of us to make the best we can of our lives and I’m sure Sylvia would have wanted you to be happy, it’s just a pity Haley didn’t give it a bit more thought. I know how much you loved Freda, and you must have been very close to Haley. Losing a brother or sister early is something you never really get over. Our Charlie died when he was 41 and I was 27. I still haven’t got over it so I know how you feel. Life eh!!

      Nice to see you love New York too. My son got married there three years ago and it’s something they’ll never forget !

      So nice to hear from you Frank. Love Pat xxxxx

      • hi pat no body has chatted since 19th dec 2012 i think this get together is on its way out i think we are to old for this as those of our time may not be around who we new or dont have a p.c or dont know of this voices of kingstanding xxxxx clem

    • hi frank ty for letting me know. pat has contacted me and she is very happy to hear from me we are keeping in contact with each other

      • Hello Clemmy,

        How are you ? I havn’t been on here much but will make an attempt to do it more often.I saw one of your notes that said you had posted pics of the Coronation but I can’t find them.
        I think that people tend to hibernate for the winter so maybe the site will perk up when Spring comes.
        I’m thinking of making a trip home this summer and if I do I will contact you so that we can get together and talk about ‘the good old days’.
        Take care,
        Dorothy x

  144. hi pat im glad it is you i wonderd how i could contact you ive often thought of going to larry’s house to see if shirley was still living there i wished i had gone and looked i will go now and visit her let me know your phone number mine is 0121-748-4825 if you still go out i would like to have a drink with you… i remember all the places you mentioned and the things we did and i loved them in thier times our shiela and christine are ok shiela has met up with teddy shorter from our grove and is living with him berl price and arthur are still alive and live close by elsie wiston has swapped with me with my council bungalow in pebworth and ive got her 2 bed hse in shardend peter good feller is still alive and still lives corner hse in ensdon grove…dennis ronney joan and billy hillman has died emily and johny hillman are still alive. lets keep in touch xxxx clem

  145. P.S raymond tooth died … ive met irene criddle’s brother in the lad in the lane bromford lane she lives by me in shard end somewhere…and brenda robinson ive not seen or heard of her since she left ensdon grove xxxx clem

  146. PP.S hi pat im on facebook …clement watts email whatson39@hotmail.com hope to hear from you soon xxxx clem

    • Hi clem Its john hallThe boards gone very quiet.Another year gone mate.What year did you leave.I would like to wish everyone a very happy xmas and a healthy new year.Im going to get some sun xmas in jamaca..Speak next year John Hall

      • hi john merry xmas and happy new year to you too i left school in aug 1954 and enjoy your xmas holiday in the sun

  147. ps mr porters class

  148. Hi John nice to hear you are fine .lucky you off to.jamaca gettin a few rays have a merry.Christmas and a happy.New.year to.you and.any.one else who reads this.i am off to.Scotland for new.year by for now

    • hi Dave long long time no hear.the boad has gone very quiet.Hope you are keeping healthy,We are all getting old now im 74 you must be the same tried to get in touch with clem but no reply..my wife is 70 in june we are off to crete in Greece.take mate john hall

  149. Hi Cousin Pat,
    Thanks for responding to my Coronation Experience, I did pick it up when you originally sent your reply in November. It may be that the mail is repeating itself. Your knowledge on the Burtons (on both of our Dads side) is far superior to mine and I remember Mom talking about the people to which you refer, the Chinese man rings a bell, but, alas, I don’t remember them, if I am honest. Shame on me!
    When I went to see Granny Burton we also often visited Uncle Alf & Auntie Olive, also Uncle Les, who lived close by. Uncle Harry used to come to Grans around 4.00pm (ON HIS BIKE) and Auntie Winnie was often there when we arrived. Could be that Harry and Winnie were still living at home at the time.
    Tell me more about Aunt Maud (fish shop) and Auntie Beattie.
    Did you ever meet Dolly Jordan? She had some fabulous stories about all the famous actors & actresses at the Rep (as did Gran). There is no doubt about it, they were very interesting people. Long time ago now.
    I do apologise for not responding to your response. Did not mean to be rude.

    Kind regards
    Cousin Frank


    • Hi Cem and friends .Happy new year all.Well back from Jamaca what a dissapointment .Such a load of theivs.Stayed at a 5star hotel.all the staff .fhad pass keys to all rooms.They were going through our drawers and wardrobes.My wife had her clarks shoes taken out of the wardrobe.had to check our room every hr.So if anyone is thinking of going be aware clarke shoes are like gold..Just had a laugh it does nt snow very much here in poole in dorset.The 20 year old boys over the rd were trying to make a snowman they did nt even know how to roll a sow ball .This was the first fall weve had in 20yrs all of one inch ,WOW.should have lived in Brum.Just read what ive wrote forgot the N in snow GETTING OLD.Take care all John Hall

      • hi john what rotten luck on your holiday im going to cornwall to seaview holiday village it is nice there plenty of coasts to visit… the snow by me in shardend is 7 inches in places and lots of snowmen making and sledging i wished i had saved my old sledge from when i was a boy lol

  151. Hi clem .Long time no hear.I watched a program today about the Moody Blues .Did anyone remember MikePinder he went to Warren farm,He lived over the road from me in Chingford rd.I bet you will soon be going down to Cornwall .Take care all John Hall

  152. yes i remember mike pinder i have been a fan of the moody blues for some time now,almost 40yrs, and i’m going to see them in june and the LG arena.aqll the good singer and bands come from the birmingham area!

  153. By the I had a couple of dates with Denny Lane when he was with the Diplomats. We were about 17 yrs old and we took the 107 to the pub on College Rd by the library. Can’t remember the name of the pub I think it was the something Cross?.

  154. It was the Crossways,Avril.It’s apartments now.
    How are things in Virginia?

  155. Hi Dorothy great to hear from you. It’s hotting up hear in Virginia 90 degrees with high humidity I can’t stand it. How about where you are?

  156. Just lovely and sunny but not unbearable (I don’t like the heat either).
    I’m hoping to visit my son in Woodbridge,VA this summer.

    • Dorothy, we are only 2 hours from Woodbridge perhaps we can have a quick visit. It’s only been 52 years :):)

      • That would be fun! I’ll give you plenty of warning :O)

        Not sure how it could have been 52 years when I’m only 29 :O)

  157. it was called the crossways pub,it’s now individual flats, and the college arms is now mc’donalds, the library is still there though.

    • Thanks Ann, I can’t imagine the College Arms becoming a MCDonalds. What a shame

  158. Mathis was not your best subject Dorothy :):):)

  159. Maths

  160. No,but top of my class in English and now I’m a published poet plus I write for the Hallmark Greeting card company-so I ddn’t need that math :O)

  161. Well done Dorothy. English and art were my best subjects. Like you Maths was not my best. We have so much to talk about don’t we?

  162. My best friend used to copy me in English tests and we had been told to write a comment if we didn’t know the answer to a question so that the teacher would know that we hadn’t overlooked the question. I wrote “I don’ t know” to one particular question and my friend wrote “neither do I”. She got in trouble :O)

  163. Who was the teacher

  164. Mr Lane. I loved him.We also had a student teacher,Nigel Seccombe, who introduced me to poetry. Just 4 years ago he mailed me the first poem I ever wrote. He had kept it in perfect condition for for 53 years!

  165. hi john ive just got bk today sat 1st june we had a great 2 weeks could do with another 2 weeks lol … i know alot by faces i forget names … do you know who wants a 2 bed for a 2 bed house swap with me i want to get closer to my kids in pershore worcester would do

  166. Hi Clemmy, Dorothy, Avril and so many more voices of Kingstanding! If I had only been around Dulwich Road school 10 or even 15 years later than I was I may even have known you all personally but from browsing through all your lovely memories I feel I did and do. The mayfair and the isolation hospital; the trees alongside the wall of the hospital had a little wall around the trunks and we used to jump on each one on our way home to Twickenham Road. Dorothy and Avril bring so many memories back (Mrs Phillips where we took our laundry lived next door to me at 95 Twickenham Road) the 107 and 33 buses – names of teachers that we shared, i,e Miss Smith, Miss Ford and Miss Harper, Miss Ward was my head mistress. It’s Sunday and I should be watching Andy Murray at Queens Club but it’s umbrellas allround for the wind and rain – hope to get started soon as the sun is coming out. I was watching the Queen at the trooping of the colour – made me even more nostalgic and I thought about you all and the wonder of the internet (at which I am a complete novice) I really do hope you 2 spring chickens Dorothy and Avril meet up in Virginia and that Clemmy and his “great big beautiful doll” can have that re-union. I am very fortunate I am in close touch with schoolfriends in Kingstanding and will be sharing my 80th with them (alls well) later in the year. The site has put me in touch with people who knew my family, David Mitchell heard my uncle Bernard sing at the British Legion on College Road, and nice messages from Bernie Ryman who now lives in Queensland but for a long time delivered our milk with the co-op milk cart and the lovely shire horse. This is what watching the trooping the colour does to you, it was a beautiful sight, especially with Kate soon to be a mom = when I was 13 I stood outside the Palace all night to see the VE parade – it brought it all back – my mom put up 2 ladies from Battersea during the war, they were working on munitions and that is how I was lucky enough to go to London. Dorothy I am going to Aberdeen in August to visit my friend’s daughter before she moves abroad with her husband ‘s job, have a look on Parkeston site and see if you knew any of where I will be. How lovely writing poetry Dorothy, wish I could read some. I write verses for birthday cards but unless you came from Kingstanding they wouldn’t mean anything to you and most certainly would not be published! Love reading your memories Shirley – Brummie/Geordie

  167. hi shirley im 74 and my sisters are older sheila is about 77 dorothey who has died she would be about 79 edith is about 81 or 82 christine is 71 our sirname is watts from ensdon grove off ellerton rd we all went to twickenham and dulwich rd school it good to here from you

  168. p.s what rd did you live in

    • Hi Clemmy, lovely to hear from you, firstly I have to thank you – I first went on to this site in October 2011 and you with your memories of my schools and my teenage years in Kingstanding have been a joy to read., especially those you share with Avril and Dorothy, I do hope you have a reunion someday soon. I may not be the oldest but I feel I am one of the older ex pupils of Dulwich Road school, and like your sisters I was at Twickenham school , I think Edith would have remembered Miss McGillicuddy, Miss Wilson (Headmistress Juniors) – Miss McGowan (headmistress Junior school) and Mr Hill and Mr Harris who both gave 6 of the best, but only to the boys. I think I have read and re-read everything there is on this site and loved it all , no-one has actually known me but I lived next door to the lady where Dorothy and Avril took their mom’s laundry and someone who heard my uncle sing at the British Legion posted me a message and our co-op milkman who delivered to my mom has shared his memories with me (we lived in Twickenham Road (very handy for going to school). I have cousins who live near to the old dairy (Goodway Road) and schoolfriends who live near to what was The Trees pub and one lives at Bannersgate – sadly all our partners have passed on – my geordie husband who I met in Atlantic Road and my friends husbands who both lived in Aylesbury grove, Ron Graves and Sid Fletcher. Myself and my two schoolfriends all lived in Twickenham Road . I didn’t mean to go on & on but I get carried away and I don’t think there is anyone on this sight that hasn’t brought lots of memories flooding back. bye for now – Shirley – my maiden mame was Bartram, Keep well – p.s. I was very lucky when I was 12 or 13 my mom took me to Newquay, we went to Polperro and Clovelly, I can picture it now. bye again – Shirley

  169. hi shirley i do remember alot i remember miss mcgillicuddy i used to call her miss kiddycuddy i neve got her name right lol i remember mr hill and my harris too. ive been going to polperro for 7 years now some times twice or 3 times a year. i went last may for 2 weeks and im going in sept for 2 weeks and oct for 1 week this year i love it therebye for now ty for your messege xxxx

    • Hi clem john hall long long time no hear.Its been very bad here in dorset .Its also been bad where you go on holiday in devon .lets hope it goes away soon .where I live its a bit higher than the sea thank god ..I went to mexico xmas .My wife is 70 in june we are going to crete.Im 74 in may last year of my tv licence.God where have all those years gone ,SCAREY If its not to late happy new year.to all. john hall

  170. p.s we lived in 14 ensdon grove off ellerton rd

  171. bringing back lot’s of memories, glad to see that you are still in good voice clem, you maybe wont remember me.

  172. I did enjoy reading a lot of comments on this sight, has everyone gone to sleep.i


  173. Good point.
    Hardly anyone responds. I guess you go to google now and put in the name of your school and do it that way. I don’t know where the list of class mates went.

    • There you are again Avril ! I havn’t been on here for ages but I was 65 yesterday and felt a bit nostalgic so it was good to see your comment.I had a wonderful birthday except for the fact that my Medicare card arrived on the same day along with a letter suggesting ‘alternative funeral arrangements’. Cheeky sods! :O)

      • Hi Folks               Its good to hear a few rumblings from the Voices of Kingstanding site after a long period of nothing.               I am still fascinated to know what became of some of my school mates over the last half century.               Hope it all picks up again!

      • Hi Dot, I was on bed having a cup of PH tips when I read your message. I laughed so hard the yea spilled on the sheets. 😂 just remember 65 today is really 55

        Sent from Avril’s iPhone


  174. I was at Dulwich Road 1966-1971 and although no one from that time ever responds to this sight, I really enjoy reading your comments. Hope you’re all well.

  175. ha ha its the same in England as you know rushing us to die. ive had good results from my medical from the doctors.happy birthday dorothy im 75 on the 3rd of june. and i get my free T.V licence lol…i realy do miss you and your sisters and i rearly do miss your mom too.keep in touch…4,RUSHWICK CROFT SHARD END BIRMINGHAM B34 7HJ

  176. hi john yes it has been a long time im 75 in june and get my free T.V licence lol im glad you enjoyed your holidays abroad ..i love G.B to much i always go to polperro 3 times a year. my wife and i love the holiday camp a lot catch you soon

  177. Hi Dorothy, Avril & Clemmy , it’s so good to see you all back in touch – after all it was reading all your stories of our school, Twickenham Road , the Mayfair etc that brought back so many different memories. It seems I was just saying a fond farewell to Miss Ward when you were born Dorothy. I hope all is well in Oregon and for you Avril, Is it Polperro for you thid year Clemmy? if so ENJOY! I was lucky enough to go to Newquay and Clovelly (believe it or not in the late 1940s. Had my 80th birthday at Farmer Johns on Chester Road
    last October with 2 80year old schoolfriends, one from Twickenham Road and the other from Rivington Crescent – I will post a photo of us 3 if I can – not a pretty sight – and to think I was named after Shirley Temple. Anyhow, I shall look for you again from time to time, I have missed you all.

  178. hi john its clem im on 0121 748 4825

  179. hi shirley im of to polperro again the 1st 2 weeks of june it is at seaview holiday village polperro rd cornwall a show every night i love it there it is nine years now since if been going there.al the best to every one catch you all again..im having my 75ft birthday there ..and a free tv licence ha ha

  180. hi shirley im of to polperro again the 1st 2 weeks of june 2014 it is at seaview holiday village polperro rd cornwall a show every night i love it there it is nine years now since if been going there.al the best to every one catch you all again..im having my 75ft birthday there ..and a free tv licence ha ha

  181. im 76 in june and was at warren farm

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